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Musicless Musicvideo / The Prodigy – Firestarter

Via Musicless Musicvideo / The Prodigy – Firestarter.

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  1. This music-less version of “Friestarter” by The Prodigy is actually pretty
    damned smart. The sound design is really well done and thought out. Thanks
    to +Kevin Vaisman for linking me!

  2. *The prodigy Firestarter music video without music *
    I loved the original and even without the music its still fun to watch.

  3. Subscribed.. Simply because I want to see more of these. Fail me and you
    will pay.

    Well… I’ll unsubscribe.. That’ll teach you… Errr… Yeah.

  4. [and that’s how you look when you sing along songs nobody else can hear]

    Musicless Musicvideo / THE PRODIGY – firestarter

  5. I dont know why, but this is just so freaking hilarious. Imagining this is
    the real atmo from the cam makes me rofl all the way xD

  6. Such fantastic work to only have it uploaded at 360P. I mean, I get that
    the original videos weren’t widescreen or anything, but for viewing and
    audio sake, at least go 720… Other than that, phenomenal job!

  7. Best version of Prodigy’z fireatarter, everrrrrrrr. Seriously, My uncle and
    I were Laughing so hard at this cinematic badasserry, my unceasingly
    loving/loved grandMother heard me from the other room and hurried to come
    see if I was ok. Then, I showed her the video…. She laughed even harder
    than I did. I was in awe. Gothdamn- I must say…. Astonished at the
    recurrent trends of finding hilarity in drug use + music video + silence.
    Loooooove my family for their sense of humor. <3 That's three generations,
    laughing so hard we c

  8. So good! Would have been funny to see the angle grinder and the bungie
    strap bit in there too with some jarring odd sounds. :))

  9. it’s so funny. I could imagine depeche mode videos well. (behind the wheel,
    enjoy the silence, never let me down again…)

  10. I really shouldn’t be watching this right before going to bed and only a
    hour after eating. I’m just going to have a interesting dream I won’t

  11. Не знаю, чего вы прётесь – я ещё в юности смотрел клипы без звука чтоб
    Кстати, так я определяю качество клипа – если без звука он не вызывает
    гомерического хохота неадекватностью происходящего, значит сделан хорошо.

  12. *I’M DYIN’ HERE*

    These are *brilliant!* (And the guy has more of them on his channel.)

    Musicless Musicvideo / THE PRODIGY – firestarter

  13. Musicless Music Video version of The Prodigy “Firestarter”, looks like an
    elitist modern art video piece. If you don’t get it, the art snobs will
    turn their nose on you, for being such an uncultured piece of trash. Also,

  14. One of my all time favourite music tracks turned into this…funny as hell
    clip! I loved this. And still laughing so hard it’s hard to type this
    message. I loved the sneeze. This is awesome! 😀 You sir, have earned a

  15. В одном из моментов сей картины, хочется сказать “Будь здоров” )

  16. I was expecting to hear “stand clear of the doors please” in the background
    when the train noises were on.

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