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Dennis Rodman Gets Fiery With CNN

Via Dennis Rodman Gets Fiery With Cnn.

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  1. Classic Rodman.

    For the whole thing. Charles Smith was handling the
    interview just fine, but clearly..the reporter wanted to get at Rodman..and
    I believe.. go the reaction he wanted

  2. Kenneth Bae : Among the list of alleged crimes was setting up bases in
    China for the purpose of “toppling” the North Korean government,
    encouraging North Korean citizens to bring down the government and
    conducting a “malignant smear campaign.”

    America imprisoned hundreds in Guantanamo Bay WITHOUT charge so we have no
    right to point any fingers at North Korea.

  3. The CNN anchor is a piece of crap. I Get It I Get It. You don’t listen or
    hear a word Chris Cuomo. Open up your bias understanding and just take it
    for what it is. Quit trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill you
    crappy anchor person. These basketball stars OWNED YOU. Even after you said
    the words I GET IT – I GET IT you still are stupider than boxed cereal.
    Rodman or any of them are not there for a political advantage as you would
    like to set them into. So leave them be. CNN you work for Obama and never
    tell it as it is. Good Work Rodmen you had every right to get fired up at
    this crap.

  4. Thought I was watching an old school pro-wrestling promo with Hulk Hogan at
    “Let me tell you something, brother!”

  5. LOL Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un Two peas in a pod. Out of mental control.
    Too much drugs.
    8:minuit mark about.

  6. While Rodman and his phony crew are in North Korea America should cancel
    and make null and void his passport/visa to get back. Let him live in North
    Korea forever and feel the same oppression and death their own people

  7. I wonder what Rodman’s IQ is. He can barely talk. What these guys meant to
    say was “North Korea gave us a ton of money”.

  8. I think Dennis got mad because they keep asking him to do something he
    simply can’t do and when he gets back to the U.S people hate him for not
    doing it. He could of said that better though… Right ? Is he capable of
    that? Is it the giant lip ring that makes it hard to talk or..?

  9. Take the abuse? What the fuck is he talking about? I just love how black
    people from later generations act like they were like those who dealt with
    the abuse and segregation during the times before Civil Rights and time
    before MLK came along. I’d LOVE to put them in a room with those who
    protested in the streets, despite the police dogs, the fire hoses being
    turned on them, the arrests and the beatings they had to go through. Just
    put them in the same room, and hopefully those from the earlier generations
    will slap the shit out of them for acting so entitled when they didn’t do a

  10. Sure Rodman is on something. Look at his lips, they’re so pale and who
    would wear sunglasses inside a studio or living area?

  11. I bet if you all was in Dennis rodman position you wouldn’t say shit
    either, you all cling and value your lives to much for that.

  12. Rodman is an idiot. He wasn’t even a good basketball player. He’s obviously
    needing some lime light and create drama so people won’t forget him. Most
    those idiots who are going over to NK couldn’t pass a high school
    equivalency test and they are burnout players. Rodman belongs in NK. He’s
    as crazy as NK’s leader. Who made him basketball ambassador? He and his
    loser pals are over there because he isn’t getting any attention here.
    Hopefully they throw him and his buddies in prison.

  13. They shouldn’t be in N Korea. I feel terrible for the people of that
    country. The leader is a nutcase. The country suffers while the family
    thrive. It’s fucked up. Dennis Rodman is fucked up and that’s a shame

  14. The people who saw the game were most likly on the government payroll. I
    hope his dogs were still full from his uncle. He also killed 80 people who
    had cell phones, movies unaproved by the state, or had bibles. The poor
    people lve in fear and poverty. God bless this mess .

  15. He’s an Athlete people not a fucking Political Figure, so Kim admires our
    Athletes, Our Sport, we should be proud of that. You guys act as if Dennis
    is a the next fucking Stalin. I wouldn’t even bother with these Zionists
    and their stupid propaganda.

  16. So your message is kill all the communists? Why don´t we start that
    philosophy if the communists that are here in OUR FUCKING COUNTRY, not in
    some distant country?

  17. I’mma do one thing! Erryone around the world, I’ll do one thing! One !
    Thing! If you just let me do one thing, around the world people, one thing!
    You are behind the mic, if you’d just do one thing! You just wait…

    I wonder what that one thing is…

  18. Dennis Rodman is an embarrassment to the US and to Korea. He is a complete
    idiot. What language is he speaking? I can’t understand a word he is
    saying. He’d probably be homeless if it wasn’t for basketball. Remove those
    ugly rings from your face. You look like a bull. Why would anyone do that
    to their face? I don’t get it.

  19. OBAMA has killed and oppressed 100x more people than Kim Jong Un!
    Let’s see them make a fuss when Obama gets a ‘Happy Birthday’ message!
    Tyrants and hypocrites.

  20. “lemme do this, lemme do this.” ummmmm “iohfuyfgasojfhdsuof aosifug
    adfoui A uaodfgooauydfgiaDFU, ONE DAY, ONE DAY, this doors gonna open.
    faisuydfg aiufg fiuagdf aF GIU Giafh hiudf.” What an incompetent douche.

  21. The majority of black Americans hate America anyway, so it doesn’t surprise
    me to see an un-patriotic move like this by a group of black men. These men
    are spitting on the graves of 36k Americans that lost their lives in the
    Korean war. But hey, their ancestors were victims of slavery- so it’s OK
    for them to be doing this, right?

  22. The faces on the players in the back, there like “oh shit” what we got our
    selves into! Anyways point is these are basketball players not politicians.
    Trying to get Dennis to speck intelligently about something he truly
    doesn’t know about is crazy on part of the host.

  23. I’ve examined the facts of this case, and Kenneth Bae was rightfully
    convicted of “committing hostile acts against the state.” The U.S. is
    trying to place all of the blame on the North Korean government. The
    practice of religion is unlawful in North Korea, and Mr. Bae was preaching
    Christianity in that country. Although North Korea may be a communist
    nation, visitors must respect the laws of that nation. I must side with
    the basketball players on this issue because they’re not there for any
    political agenda. The U.S. government has no jurisdiction in North Korea
    and no right to demand that Kenneth Bae be freed when he clearly violated
    North Korean law.

  24. Sorry does dennis even know what he’s talking about half the time? All of
    his interviews regarding North Korea make him look like an idiot. Bring on
    your trolling hate comments

  25. oh yeah Kim Jong Un is so bad for executing his uncle, but Obama and Bush
    are obviously saints! I mean, the killing of hundreds of thousands of
    people in Afghanistan, more than one million in Iraq, execution of hundreds
    of prisioners (statistically, quite a few of them probably innocent),
    jailing of people in Gitmo without any charges being presented, all of that
    is just peachy!
    not to mention the tens of jornalists being arrested for doing their job
    (the highest number in any administration).
    wanna boycott some country? start with your own, you zionist shill.

    this is all just to justify invading North Korea, because they are one of
    three nations left on Earth who do not have a private Central Bank owned by
    the zionist cabal. this is not going to fly. an attempt to invade any other
    nation will result in the zionist criminal organization being brought down.
    mark my words. the zionists will be removed from power, and it’s not gonna
    take long. they know it, too, that’s why they’re getting more aggressive
    and trying to push their agenda even more desperatly. but it will not work.
    the people of the world will be rid of this zionist stranglehold. this is a

  26. leave it to us black people to always cool it over with everyone, Dennis
    really wanted to say the truth, his friend was a little scared because he
    didnt want to be shunned and lose his endorsements the ones he has left if
    any, but America does alot of fucked up shit and really tries to bully the
    whole world, more power to you Dennis for being a human and saying fuck
    politics and fuck cnn manipulating puppet asses. he can go anywhere he
    wants he really wants to say he knows how blacks and all other races are
    treated, to me its always a white man questioning and trying to control.

  27. I think I understand where he’s coming from, he wants to articulate his
    ideas but too much drugs has kind of made it difficult for him to express
    himself. Look no one is really the good guy here, America and North Korea.
    We’ve dropped bombs on innocent countries with women and children dying who
    have done absolutely nothing to us, North Korea also has done a lot of bad
    things such as limiting the freedom and creating a one political party
    which repressive there people. Charles spoke the truth, they weren’t trying
    to get into politics, they just want to create a cultural exchange which is
    what it is.

  28. I think it would be funny as shit if Dave Chappelle did a parody of Dennis
    Rodman’s portion of the interview…lol!

  29. Leave it to CNN to hold people that dribble a fucking ball and shoot it
    into a basket accountable. Meanwhile, they give a free pass to our
    worthless politicians who actually control failed policy. The CNN anchor &
    producer who authorized this need to have a psychiatric evaluation IMO & be
    committed to a small padded room for the remainder of their worthless &
    pathetic lives.

  30. The two dudes in the back make the shit! They’re like ‘when you said
    Korea, we thought you meant cool Korea.’ That’s the face you make when you
    friends are hopped on a fight that you know you’re going to lose, but you
    gotta go anyway.

  31. Sad Dennis Rodman is just an incoherent nigger now. Liked him back in the

    I understood about 1/5th of what he said. Fuck him and fuck North Korea.
    Hope we bomb them both off the map soon.

  32. One should be able to just look at Rodman and know that he is not capable
    of any intelligent conversation, He is a buffoon and a retard and he makes
    black athletes look bad as well as all of those sheep behind him and adds
    to making the US look more and more like a joke each month.

  33. politicians want war, the garbage mainstream media wants war, stupid people
    that follow them want war. if u dont get this guys u have become in a
    brainless zombie and your soul will be destroyed.

  34. This is sick. Why point finger at Denis when he’s (anchorman) in his
    comfortable studio in the USA. If he wants to tell something to Kim why
    don’t he himself go to NK and tell him!

  35. It takes a weird kind of person like Rodman to open his friendship to the
    North Korean dictator. His sense of understanding and empathy regarding
    being a social outcast who has nothing more than power and money actually
    broke the walls down in diplomacy. I think Rodman is closer to creating a
    a stronger peace between the nations than the entirety of the US government
    has ever gotten close to.

  36. does he know i was to north korea or bcauz of alcohol he though being on
    vacation to hawaii…please CNN pay attention to serious matter nd not
    stupid story

  37. Rodman might be dumb but he’s one of the hardest working and most honest
    men out there. He deserves more respect than these dumb ass politicians he
    argues with.

  38. why cant rodman present himself in a clear and professional manner like
    that charles guy. he looks and talks like a damn clown

  39. It’s sad that Rodman is still struggling with substance abuse. This
    interview makes it obvious. He seems hung over or even drunk.

  40. Fuck basketball to hell , who cares about this fucking cissy sport anyway?
    `Basketball diplomacy`? Fuck that ridiculous shit. It`s basically wrong for
    any reason to go to or support a country governed by some fucking control
    freak like North Korea is. Fuck control freaks & their fucking bull crap

  41. Dennis sounds like Macho Man Randy Savage!!! Did they interview from N.K .?
    If so, that might be why they pretended to give a slippery shit about those
    shitdiots. They were stuck knee deep in a shit storm and had to say
    nonsensical shit to save their lives! Per Mr. Layhee

  42. Lol love how he refers to himself in third person. 7:00 “People around the
    wurl” need to understand that this guy is gone. He’s been gone. Let him

  43. Dennis Rodman is a humiliation to Americans everywhere. Living in Korea,
    I’m ashamed to see his face in the papers. Is this really the best America
    can offer?

  44. …this sounds like the most uneducated group of people ever!! They realize
    their mistakes but are too stupid or ignorant to publicly accept them.
    There is no denying that. Any American who defends these men are not an
    American in my book

  45. Dennis Rodman is totally bugged out on some really good stuff over there!
    Kim Jong Un has him treated like a king and he gets all of the drugs he
    wants without limit…He is not trying to free anyone over there, this is
    all about him.

  46. I’m so fuckin tired of coons. They don’t even look smart. They look like
    they sit around watching booty bounce videos all day and spread their
    natural born aids (all blacks are born with the aids virus, that’s why we
    don’t permit racial breeding with them).

  47. How can the U.S criticize the brutality of third world dictators especially
    after the effects of it’s sanctions on Iraq that killed half a million
    children and the very fact that the majority of dictators in places like
    South America, North Africa and The Middle East were initially installed
    and actively backed by the Americans. There’s a word for’s called

  48. Honestly, making the cultural connection is probly the most important
    thing. North Koreans are RAISED believing that the rest of the world is
    pure evil and their country is amazing. Making the North Koreans open up
    then the country could disolve into something better easier

  49. What a colossal prick this guy is. If a North Korean soldier was pointing a
    gun at his head telling him to say these stupid things, thats fine, he has
    no choice. But if his views on North Korea are of his own opinion… this
    is fucking retarded

  50. ¡Screw CNN! A bunch of sensationalist self righteous pricks. The worst
    among them is Erin Burnette. Matter of fact, I don’t even know if she still
    has the primetime slot she used to have. I in no way condone the North
    Korean government or its regime. I think that what those people have gone
    through, and what many are living through is a human tragedy, but the
    condescending and divisive media that we have in the U.S (especially CNN),
    in no way helps America’s reputation or efforts for diplomacy around the

  51. Dennis does not want to get in between something he is not on a level to
    accomplish. He plays basketball. He plays his role. People dont know how to
    play they role. Then they find they selves in the middle of china locked up
    somewhere. This is what people try to not believe. There is laws for every
    country. People in United States think they can get what they want. You can
    not ask for peace or whatever the fuck you want. The way the world works is
    not off America Laws. If Julian Assange cant get the same treatment that
    Kenneth Bae is getting then its bullshit. Julian Assange has not done
    anything wrong on America Soil and America wants him so bad. Kenneth Bae
    did something on their soil and America is looking at it like whatever they
    say goes. People do not understand this type of shit. Just like when Obama
    tried to ask for his drone from Iran. People just listen to news and dont
    get it. You cant get your way just because you are American. You have to
    understand the world works different. Fuck Dennis trying to talk about
    something he never had his hands on. He did not tell Kenneth Bae to go over
    there. He didnt ask Kim to lock him up. He is just Dennis the Rebound king.
    Fucking go to sleep and stop worrying about someone else life that has
    nothing to do with you Dennis. Much Love.

  52. It’s hard for the two speakers to understand why what they did was messed
    up. They didn’t even answer any of the questions with a clear answer! They
    kept going off topic. _”

  53. dennis rodman is GEEEEEEEERRRRUNCK ( period ). this dudes lips is pickled
    as hell. God bless his heart. im glad hes gettin paid.

  54. Looks like they support fascists who are far far worse than the USA.
    Atleast the USA dousn’t use starvation as a tool to control people, and
    then send all non party supported people to gulags.

  55. I feel a bit sorry for Rodman. He’s not an eloquent dude. Who suggested to
    him that this was a good idea?

  56. Kim Jong Un is not running that country, his dad’s mates are-even his
    brother doubts his control, and Kim does not look that comfortable in the
    spotlight all the time. If he objects to being shown as leader, they would
    probably kill him as well as the uncle. North Korea needs communication
    with the west to improve, and if Dennis Rodman can get closer than any
    western leader.. that says a lot

  57. Charles Smith looking like a sold out lawyer on the medias side. Let
    Rodmans inarticulate ass speak and say what the real issue is.

  58. All I see on this video is racist people trying to turn the Blacks against
    the Asians, so what if Rodman went to North Korea, he’s an entertainer not
    a politician.

  59. So not to be racist but this is Turing into commie Asians and African
    Americans vs democratic Asians and Americans? Not saying African Americans
    are bad just wouldn’t this help America if this is true. Somehow the
    African Americans could help and somehow there could be peace

  60. The real reason American officials are mad that Rodman was in N.Korea is
    because it hurts our propaganda machine. Ask Denis if he saw thousands of N
    Korean military personnel marching in the streets. That’s 20 year old stock
    LOL! America wasting y fucking time, again.


  62. These are worst than prostitutes, A bunch of broke-azz Nigga scums feeding
    on Hitler Jr.’s money. Fucking do anything for money, they put on a
    scripted propaganda show, in front of a brainwashed crowd. WOW. These
    Niggers are unbelievable!

  63. Trey, Charles Smith may not be the greatest speaker but Rodman makes him
    sound better than Obama. Holy shit Rodman is the last dude you want as a

  64. Dennis Rodman was sent as a spy. The average AmeriKKKan tourist would never
    get to hang out with the leadership in NK.

    Reading these sturmabteilung comments, NO SURPRISE 1 percent control this
    country. Thanks to the few critical thinkers out there.


  65. I see what Dennis is saying opening a door of communication between the us
    and north Korea. if they were playing in a country like Afghanistan which
    america has already controlled militarily in the past the cnn reporters
    attitudes would be different.
    the innocent people of north Korea must know how fucked there country is
    some how some way without war

  66. Interesting. What would happen if on one of Dennis’ trips to visit evil
    dictator Kim, Dennis happens to cause Kim any level of discomfort?

  67. When I was a teenager in the ’80s, any American or European entertainer or
    athlete who played in Apartheid era South Africa would have been shunned by
    their colleagues and fans and blacklisted by the UN. Now these jack asses
    are pimping themselves out to the world’s most oppressive regime for a
    paycheck and a desperation to be in the spotlight again. I don’t think
    Nelson Mandela would have approved!

  68. Lmao omg people are so stupid, rodman is not an ambassador he is a ball
    player and as far as who ever is being held captive its not like americans
    would ever do nothing wrong, every single american is an angel lol, what
    are the charges lol

  69. What Rodman doesn’t understand is that you can’t just make it about
    basketball because to do so ignores the 100,000’s of people that are held
    in concentration camps in N Korea, they are slowly tortured and starved to
    death. Whole families are sent there women are raped and if they fall
    pregnant their babies are murdered in a brutal fashion in front of their
    mothers the second they are born, entire families are executed and tortured
    to death in ways its hard to imagine. Google ‘Yodok prison camp’ to see
    just one of these camps. Befriending Kim is the same as befriending Hitler,
    Kim is a sociopath, he’s not about to ‘open doors’ because Rodman played a
    basketball game

  70. Divide and conquer, theyre trying to divide us all the time, wheter its
    trough skin color, politics, gender preference, life style or whatever. and
    theyre pretty good at it too, just look at the comments, full of ignorant

  71. Chareles Smith is very intelleligent. They knew to fuck with Dennis because
    they know how to push his buttons.

  72. It started with Madonna’s Crack and led to worse and worse addictions.
    That aside,it doesn’t bode well for international politics that people
    around the world think Dennis is Obama’s son.

  73. FUCK CNN…STUPID BRAINWASH CHANNEL….CNN dont care about Black People
    when they’re in trouble.. but on the other side they want the Black Man who
    is a Basketball player and a good Friend with a Powerful Chinese Komunist
    to help with their Political problems…FUCK OFF
    Like Rodman said..hes there for Basketball NOT for POLITICS…


  74. Dennis has good intentions I think… the satanic Talmudic pedophiles
    running ALL MEDIA do not.

    Guess what those “Afghan Security Forces” are doing with your taxes? The
    police commanders are raping little kids right at the police stations! Ask
    our boys about it when they come home… ask them if they like dying so
    pedophiles can gain more power and rape little boys… oh yeah, also ask
    them if they like guarding those Opium fields so the same pedophiles can
    get rich and big pharma can shove SMACK PILLS DOWN YOUR THROAT!

    Ask our boys about it.


  75. CNN want the black to find information from the Korean..CNN don’t give a
    shit if the black died or got locked up that’s not their problem..CNN is
    full of shit!!

  76. We are at odd with Russia. Would this CNN guy ask political questions of
    Olympic Athletes? I know Rodman said some good words about the dictator,
    but he is currently a guest in that country and wants to be welcomed back.
    He is a natural diplomat through the use of a sport—the Olympics operates
    in a similar manner.

  77. loooool ohhhhh shit this nigga!!!!!! am dead i saw the mike epps version
    before this he killed me ahhhhhhhhh i can breath………………

  78. 6:16 from this moment i can’t stop laugh.And at 6:25 the 2 guys behind
    Dennis look at each over and you can hear them think: “What the fu***am i
    doing here with this crackhead !

  79. Stupid fucking reporter trying to get these people killed. Doesn’t this CNN
    fuckface realize that if dennis says shit about Kim Jong un or talks about
    the captured American IN NORTH KOREA, his basketball diplomacy will be over
    and he’ll be killed. And what appalls me is how everyone in the comments
    actually agrees with CNN. Fuck you all. This situation is more important
    than anything else. Dennis may not communicate well and has uncontrollable
    drug habits, but he has good intentions. While our politicians sit there
    with their $300,000 a year salaries, Dennis is trying to open North Korea.
    We can only and wait and see if it works. In the meantime, people have to
    stop trusting the media.

  80. lol if I was Dennis Rodman in that interview I would personally tell the
    CNN reported that I will find out where he lives and murder his own fucking

  81. This reporter is a fucking imbecile, if Dennis says anything negative about
    North Korea or Kim Jung Un, he’ll be fucking killed.

  82. This reporter is a fucking imbecile, if Dennis says anything negative about
    North Korea or Kim Jung Un, he’ll be fucking killed.

  83. I wonder how Rodman would react if he knew that the North Korean leader
    would nuke the whole west coast as soon as he could.

  84. Kim jong un is tyrant but he is poor tyrant everyone hate him for treat his
    people and most of US allied in the bad way but I think he didn’t hate US
    after all North Korea Just hated South Korea they committed terrorist at
    South Korea only and very few crime They said they bombed US cause they
    want to raise people moral if US isn’t RoS allied I think they won’t do it
    but still Kim rule this county with corruption but you must know that Kim
    jong un was born in Kim family he just obey his father he was touch to not
    believe what men from other county said so he grow up with dictator mine
    and get addiction in power. I think he just want people to love him.

  85. I think rodman could be on to something. North Korea isn’t just Kim Jong
    Un, which is what CNN is trying to say. Dennis is not opening the door to a
    sociopathic leader, he’s opening it to a group of oppressed people under
    communist rule. Change begins with the people, and if North Koreans decide
    to wage civil war, we will be obligated to help them emerge victorious and
    ultimately free Korea.

  86. Rodman is probably now working for the CIA as a spy. He must be under
    extreme amounts of pressure to work as an ambassader with North Korea. LOL
    Why dont people get that?

  87. Haha Charles has it all set, then Dennis Rodman kills all of the work by
    exploding for what reason?

  88. Shut the fuck up all you Stupid bitch made manufactured by the government
    all you fuckboys making these bitch made comments DE NNIS ROD MAN is more
    intelligent than all you Manu factured by the government ass DUCKS RIGHT
    NOW and even when yo u bitches DIE you still won’t have the level of
    understand ing that he does of the BIG PICTURE YOU FUCKIN DUCKS makin all
    these bitchmade comments

  89. Just say you did it for the money. No shame in getting paid to play a game.
    I would do it too if I had the ability, unless I was an accomplished
    retired NBA player who cared enough not to tarnish my upstanding career and
    didn’t need to play b-ball like a paid jester because I have an increasing
    bankroll….oh wait I think I just insulted them…

  90. Rodman is dumbass are you serious. He has been a rebound king 7 times while
    being the shorter ones in the NBA that means he’s intelligent. After China
    surpasses the US at GDP (which it will probably happen, or not) the whole
    race is gonna ride on yellow East Asian dongs, which is a natural thing to
    do since all living things obey to “superior”, and the smart man Rodman is
    doing it earlier

  91. Why would you go to such shit hole in the first place while you know the
    whole world will watch and criticize you. Must been a CIA operation or

  92. I think that North Korea isn’t that bad as they use to be, but Dennis is
    right, he is trying to open a door and if he can, North Korea will change
    and one day life in N. Korea will be like S. Korea.

  93. The expression on all the other guys faces while Dennis is ranting tells
    They be like ‘stfu dude! Yo makin us all look like dumbass crack smokin
    – I bet Dennis Rodmans ‘interpreter’ probably just fucking quit!

  94. These news organizations I swear…
    “No it’s not that I have a problem with that you’re doing, it’s just that I
    have a problem with what you’re doing.”
    Even with Dennis Rodman speaking fluent Gibberish, the guy asking them
    questions sounds so stupid!

  95. Their sole duty for that trip was to play friendly basketball. There was
    nothing in their contracts telling them they had to negotiate the release
    of a prisoner in a potentially hostile and dangerous country. So people
    putting the onus on them to negotiate the “more complicated” aspects are
    being completely unfair to these civilian men going there with the sole
    intention of fostering goodwill and relations. What Rodman said was badly
    worded but he has apologized for it. The interviewer is absolutely wrong
    in telling them that these guys have to tell a dangerous dictator to his
    face that what he is doing is wrong. That’s entirely unfair as it could
    put these 10 men many other American staff with them in danger for a
    complex and delicate task that they were NOT hired to do. The American
    people and this interviewer should instead be expecting this of government
    officials, ambassadors, representatives, foreign secretaries, negotiators,
    etc. specifically hired by our tax dollars to be doing such tasks.

  96. Oh course you’re not here to offer common sense……. You’re idiots, you
    are in a country run by a fat little fascist who tortures, strives and
    imprisons his own people.

    Rodman: you call Kim Jong Un “the Marshall”, your friend!!!!! He a
    sadistic, vapid, war mongering monster, and you should be utterly ashamed.

  97. these are ex NBA players who yearn for the spotlight are not educated and
    look very silly trying to explain the fact that as Americans we should not
    have any dialogue with an despot and a terrible leader…………..
    dennis rodman is a mentally ill person……. go to newark NJ play

  98. I been with my girlfriend 4 years. She asked me “when arevwe getting
    married?” i said ” @6:48-6:54″ she said theres a full trash can with 2 bags
    of garbage next to it. When are you taking it out? I said @6:48-6:54

  99. D Rod’s fuckin awesome!!!!! I get his point and his anger, he’s basically
    saying that these guys left their families for an extended period of time
    to use basketball as a means to extend diplomacy to N. Korea so hes pissed
    folks r comin down on them when they’re trying to use the sport as a means
    to do something positive between NK and the USA. This may be a means by
    which we get Kenneth Bay released thru diplomacy. Sometimes it just takes
    one side to extend a hand to his enemy to change things. It probly won’t
    work LOL but hey least its something positive.

  100. “let me do this let me do this, I got this!!!!” “what are you going to do
    brother, when the nature boy comes for you!!!”

  101. You seriously think a basketball player is going to start having political
    debates with Kim Jong Un when he’s chillin in pyongyang having tea with
    him? Are you all mentally challenged? GO america! BREEDING BRAIN WASHED

  102. I have heard about the meeting of the minds, but this is the meeting if the
    mindless. These monkeys are clueless as to how evil N. Korea and it’s
    leaders are.

    Who in there right mind would be buds with dennis rodman, and ever take him
    seriously about anything. He has the right to say or do anything he wants,
    but that still doesn’t stop him from being a complete fool. Rodman will do
    anything to get in the limelight, whether it be common sense or not. I
    wonder why kim jong did not invite rodman to his assassination parties?

  103. You white Peace’s of shit are hilarious you talk so tuff and hard core on
    these little comments but if you came face to face with anyone of those
    niggers as you call em you bitchs wouldn’t say shit!!!!! Lmao! You and your
    race are weak as water!!!! Reds Apple Ale drinking motherfuckers lol!

  104. The black guys in the back are looking nervous and terrified. Probably
    soliders with guns stand right off camera.

  105. I read his autobiography “As Bad As I Wanna Be” …didn’t really make sense
    out of anything he was saying. It seemed like he was contradicting himself
    upon every issue he described in his book; such as players getting paid
    more than him, but yet he said he wanted to kill himself anyway..

  106. So FUKIN FUNNY how all these Americans think that the USA is such a Holy
    place when We are at war right now fighting for what??? OIL??? LMFAO Going
    over seas fighting wars in innocent peoples back yards!!! Innocent by
    standers getting killed every day but no one talks about that Huh

  107. That dude behind Charles is lookin like he is ready to murder Dennis the
    whole time he’s talking. “JUST LOOK AT HIM!”

  108. I never liked Dennis Rodman before, but now I do. These damned liberals,
    like CNN use African-American for their own agenda, even to the destruction
    of many ball players at any cost. I despise Democrats and Liberals for
    their racist agendas.

  109. 6:25 – Dennis reminds me of a pro wrestling interview, almost Ric Flair
    like…The “7 Horsemen”.. He needs the Iron Sheik with him. LMFAO

  110. Even though Dennis was stuttering and his thought seemed to be everywhere.
    I trust what he’s saying him more than the other guys. I dunno why, never
    followed the guy, didn’t even know he was a basketballer, saw one of his
    films once.

  111. That’s not everything you learn in school you learn in school and thats
    what learning is just all you learn in school keep to that im just here

  112. Escaping poverty is an effort its not a deflection to dishonor your family
    and nation when you live in north korea,.. thats only how things work if
    you immigrate away from america escaping “family and nation for freedom”

  113. Rodman couldn’t even answer a simple question or put together a complete
    sentence that made any sense, he sounds illiterate! Does he think that
    screaming is going to promote his cause….whatever that is, it’s hard to
    make sense out of stupid.

  114. What you don’t understand is that now the Americans are released. Dennis
    laid the foundations for that and for sure he had a word with Kim Jong
    about it. That’s a legendary move by Rodman.

  115. Here is a shortened Rodman translation: Wa, wa, Watch this, 10 guys here,
    all around the world, left them damn families. Watch this though. Kenny Bay
    did one thing, do you know what he did in this country? We gonna have to
    Take da abuse. One day, though, one day!

  116. guys are so positive and brave to send a positive message, they should be
    free to travel to any country and be anyone’s guest as long as they are no
    causing any harm to anyone.

  117. You think the reason they’re all talking like that is because there’s a ton
    of guns being pointed at them behind that camera? lol.

  118. The fucking idiot should keep his mouth shut when he’s high as a kite. If
    he’s unable to do that, his PR people should have his jaws wired and put a
    lock on them until he sobers up.

  119. He is not there for politics? Dude he wouldnt say so if Kim were a total
    racist. They are just stupid they dont think they think with their butts
    stupid cockroaches

  120. Charles seems like a bright and articulate guy. He should know better than
    to associate himself with rodman and realize the bigger issues at play.
    These guys had a great opportunity to represent America and failed to do so

  121. A thing I noticed about a lot of people, especially in the United States,
    is their knack to be so easily manipulated into believing something is
    true, or to have their state of mind influenced, that they don’t even know
    they are being influenced. For example, someone can have the generic “Oh,
    America is the bad ones here, do your research, check this website, watch
    this video. Wake up” When really they are being influenced by those who
    felt that way first, and those people could have made up any information
    about whatever happened, and unless it gets national coverage, the U.S.
    government doesn’t even care. Those rumors can float around the internet
    for weeks and months, influencing those whose minds are wide open to any
    information that they don’t even filter out the phony information.
    After these rumors spread enough people begin to mistake them as actual
    facts, and they may use them to support their false logic to their hearts
    content. But in the end it is still false logic, something that seems
    correct due to the vocabulary use and the tone of the piece of information,
    but is based upon a lie that they have created or have come to believe.

    One main topic that I have based most of my views of a place on is
    propaganda, and one thing that I have thought of is how much of what we see
    on a regular basis is fact, and what is fiction. Propaganda is fiction, or
    can just be the truth stretched, sometimes so far that this figurative
    truth snaps and can no longer be considered truth. North Korea is known for
    its outstanding propaganda, or so they say, because in the end most of the
    “propaganda” was either “leaked” to some website or broadcasted on American
    news stations. In which is subject to be put under the category of
    propaganda, disguised as propaganda (propaganception?).

    If we take away any doubt that all of the previously discussed “stuff” is
    true propaganda used by the North Korean government to change their views
    on the U.S. there must have been people who believed this to its full
    extent. So what stops the US from doing the same thing? Or any other
    country for that matter? Don’t say their witty citizens who couldn’t be
    fooled in the least, because those citizens have been fooled many times

    Now, don’t take my observations as insensitivity, because I do believe that
    there are things going on in North Korea, but all information we have
    considering the bad things going on have been spread through the media,
    where it is then subject to all the changes they may want to make, and if
    the U.S. government is a part of that, how do you think they would want a
    possible war enemy to look? Propaganda includes stretching the truth,the
    U.S. government wants to find a way for young men and women to feel
    justified when they go and kill for their country, so why wouldn’t they
    choose that option?

    Anyone can feel free to point out any flaws in my thought process and
    that’s alright. Do whatever…

  122. What a brainless loser. I love how desperately they tried to mask his
    stupidity. The face Charles made when Dennis Fuckface stated rambling.

  123. Go Rodman!!!!! he went there with his team put smilies on the faces of
    children who have to grow up in that crazy place and possibly impacted
    their lives in a positive way, his response however want thought
    through…. very impulsive…. but what would you do if you we’re in his
    shoe as he perceives the man is attacking him or trying to paint him a a
    bad guy….. you’d react the same way because people won’t listen to the
    reason he went their or the little bit of good he did they’ll listen to
    watch CNN or FOX news tells them

  124. Ya know all of those former NBA guys should have gotten high with D .
    Rodman before that interview. That way they wouldn’t have been so
    embarrassed by his display. Or they could’ve laughed every time he spoke
    like I’m doing. Good luck fellas.

  125. The dudes in the background kill me! when the first guy spoke the guys in
    the background were visually in agreeance with him by occasionally nodding
    their heads. When Dennis began speaking they all had the deer in headlights
    look in their eyes. Dennis repeatedly trucked their asses into oblivion
    time and time again during this interview like it was his job!


  127. Fuck this CNN and its reporters what does it had to see? Professional
    Basketball players in politics. Cut it off
    They don’t need to fight that doesn’t belong to them. Because of fucking
    Hitler killed millions we don’t have to visit Germany. Or because the U.S.
    used an atomic bomb in Hiroshima it’s now every U.S. citizen fault.?

  128. I think the Godfather said it best. “Keep your friends close but your
    enemies even closer.” Most of you can’t see the big picture. So busy stuck
    up celebrity asses instead of feeding your mind with wisdom & knowledge.

  129. A bunch of retired basketball players raping the North Korean olympic team
    in front of Kim Jong-Un’s face while the opposition team fawns over their
    skill and thousands of North Koreans watch? What could the USA possibly
    have to lose? They say it’s a concern that this was a birthday present for
    Kim Jong-Un. What day in North Korea is NOT a birthday, a death day, a
    conception day, a first-pube-day or a lost-virginity-day for ONE of the
    former/current leaders of North Korea?

  130. To be frank, the performance of CNN interviewers I saw so far regarding
    international affairs made me think of interrogators who do not interested
    in listening different opinions but try to convince people who interviewed
    that they should accept arguments those interviewers believe. Stances
    opposite to those arguments not fairly concerned. In fact, as far as what
    I’ve concerned, those stances are simply been ignored or skipped in most

  131. I really don’t know what they expected Dennis Rodman to do or say while he
    was still IN North Korea. It’s liek talking shit to someone thats got a gun
    to your head.

  132. Wtf? I’ve heard Ozzy make more sense than what came out of Rodman’s mouth.
    I think he’s lost it. Charles at least made sense when he talked but his
    argument was weak.

  133. basketball players are not diplomats and for Chris Cuomo to
    condescendingly lecture Rodman and his peers on their responsibility to
    help free an american prisoner is not cool.

  134. dennis shouldn’t have spent those years drinking. he could at least be
    playing for the knicks or assistant coaching the sixers!

  135. Uneducated mother fuckers you sure got honeydicked hard basketball not the
    key look at the evidence and facts about North Korea

  136. Were they in North Korea during the interview? They’re probably trying to
    play it cool. Also, the “cultural” exchange part makes plenty of sense.
    Charles is a basketball player not a politician. As corrupt North Korea and
    as bad as Rodman got “honeydicked”

  137. idk much about DR but i think that is a good thing about what the other
    guys are trying to do. money or no money. i really believe that some of
    those guys really just want to help by being part of the game.
    maybe i am too much of a wishful thinker but i believe that some of them
    really want to create ties.

  138. Rodman is not an idiot, trust me. You all think you know how to deal with
    the politics between the USA and North Korea, but Dennis is saying he’s
    actually there, doing something. Asian cultures in general are so much
    about building relationships, to solve things in peaceful manners. North
    Korea and the USA have never built any type of relationship, haven’t got to
    know each other in a face to face way. Just let Dennis and the game of
    basketball build that breach the countries need to help put the North
    Koreans in a better position. It’s not about making enemies, it’s about
    making friends. Dennis and those other guys there seem to be the only ones
    who understand that. Educate yourselves people and don’t criticise the only
    American guy actually making any progress in finding a way to resolve
    things in North Korea, by building relationship, building bridges. You
    can’t hold Dennis responsible for all the problems with North Korea. He’s
    not a politician, obviously. But again, let him form some sort of
    relationship, that’s all.

  139. If Adele was performing in the United States, would anyone question her as
    to why she is performing in a country where cops kill unarmed black
    teenagers? No, they wouldn’t, because she’s an entertainer and not a
    politician. Leave these guys alone.

  140. Dennis Rodman is a fucking joke. If I wanted diplomacy through basketball,
    I’d rather have Michael Jordan go, but at the same time Michael Jordan isnt
    a real fucktard like Dennis Rodman. Honeydicked to the max!

  141. Rodman “Ten guys whove left their country for a sports venture NO NO NO NO
    NO NO look at them! We’re here!!!” Oh my fucking God! This interviewer is

  142. This guy Charles was a translator for whatever the cigar monkey was trying
    to say. Great friend Kim, great friend indeed…

  143. This is all politics.. u guys think, Kim is this horrible guy, but this is
    all about politics.. The political agenda for USA is to weaken all other
    nations supporting either China or Russia.. Those who is not on their side
    will be their enemies.. That’s the whole point.. Americas owes debts to
    China.. This is an amount that is impossible to be paid.. The only way to
    void this debt is rage war against China.. This is what they are pushing
    for.. N.Korea is just an excuse.. This is all politics.. Did anyone
    actually see Kim shooting kids?? It is just all politics. Russia sided
    with China.. 3rd world war is coming.. it is USA, and EU vs Russia and
    China.. All other nations will side.. USA needs to weaken their allies as
    much as possible.

  144. Its just another “Grandstanding Publicity Stunt” to get into the media by
    Dennis Rodman. Unfortunatly Denis Rodman is hurtng the people of North
    Korea in a “Grandstanding” fashion. A pig for fame where “Anything Goes”.
    Disgusting non patriotic ignorant imbesile with some cash. Disgusting. Fuck
    you Rodman and bless the people of North Korea, freedom is coming. Piece of

  145. If he could lose the words “One thing”, and “Guess what?” Dennis would have
    nothing to say.
    Let me add one thing, though, I don’t think Dennis could help one thing
    between our two countries, but guess what???? I don’t think he could hurt
    anything either..

  146. B-Ballers be right on this one. If we can get closer trough sports, then
    there might start a dialog, human rights will follow.

  147. I can’t take him seriously – not with that appearance and the way he talks,
    but that Charles was absolutelly right. They went there to play a game, to
    start (not a friendship), but to do at least one step further, to make a
    future comunication possible. They don’t know anything about politics and
    they don’t have to. In this case is not their bussines. Everyone should be
    glad that they are willing to go there. For Dennis it is something cool…
    I just wonder if the rest of the team is thinking the same.

  148. The US needs to revoke rodman’s US citizenship in the middle of one of his
    “basketball diplomacy” trips. We’ll see how much he loves North Korea

  149. Remember Rodman in Apprentice…he’s a moron. Why is anyone paying
    attention to Rodman. He’s as dumb as Dave Skylark.

  150. He’s right think about it. The moment he gets into talking about anything
    political there will be no more games in Korea. Either that or the get
    executed. They’re basketball players not diplomats. Maybe they can open the
    door a crack maybe not.

  151. Okay a lot of people are here now because of The Interview. But to anyone
    who’s well read, it’s clear that the idea of cultural exchange is like the
    only thing that helps the situation move forward. Right now there’s TV
    shows in S.Korea involving an old N.Korean celebrity, that are being
    smuggled back into N.Korea. The people are going to recognize the old
    celebrity and realize more and more that they’re being repressed. That’s
    the idea, cultural exchange always leads to political change, anybody who
    knows anything knows this. All over the world you see how western culture
    is changing things(not to say it’s all good but still.) China, an ally of
    North Korea, who is also heavily influenced by western culture(which by the
    way is despised of by the North Korean people), is sending tourists over to
    the country and just the fact that they’re now coming in skinny jeans,
    holding iphones, is making the people realize more and more that the
    outside world is so much more advanced and that they’re being oppressed.

    I don’t know if you guys are all just ignorant to this concept, or you’re
    too stupid to know that Chris Cuomo’s question is actually irrelevant. But
    it’s fucking annoying to see that every single top comment is coming from
    people who just finished watching The Interview and don’t know shit.

    Dennis Rodman: Does he know better? Yeah. He probably shouldn’t be
    defending the-leader-of-North-fucking-Korea. But still, the point I’m
    making isn’t about Rodman, it’s the fact that you should read up on shit
    before you speak, and people are actually totally ignorant. All they
    fucking know…. is what they saw from the interview… What insight did
    they have before that? -Jack shit, they still are useless idiots who don’t
    contribute to society at all. I don’t know, all of this is just annoying.
    The Interview did a good job spreading the word, but it has spread the word
    to a bunch of useless idiots. So in that sense, it was pretty much
    worthless. People still ONLY know that the country is bat shit insane, and
    they don’t understand anything else. And that’s annoying: you shouldn’t be
    totally ignorant to serious things like this, and then if you are, and you
    criticize people, even if you’re in the right there, because the fact that
    you’re ignorant, it makes you obnoxious.

    Stupid people, being stupid people, either way.

  152. Dennis Rodman ` I hate North Korea but if Rodzilla can ease the tensions
    between are 2 nations then so be it. The Power of basketball has brought
    these men to Korea to play ball. Well it may make relations between America
    and Korea better. I say give Rodzilla a medal if he can ease the tension
    between our two nations.

  153. Charles Smith actually makes sense. Yeah he (and probably everyone else
    except dumb ass Rodman) is there just to play basketball. The US isn’t
    perfect, but if a bunch of retired NBA players can show to (hand picked as
    they probably are) people living in North Korea, that the Americans don’t
    actually want to invade NK so that they can drop children down wells and
    all the other things that the propaganda machine puts out, it could be a
    tiny positive drop in a giant bucket full of negative. Also, Rodman is full
    retard or a super spy.

  154. lol, he’s acting like he’s a soldier in north korea trying to save the
    country, dude you’re there to play basketball…

  155. Dumb niggers. Can’t ask them complex questions, they aren’t literate enough
    to come up with a grammatically correct sentence.

  156. The hate for this guy is UNBELIEVABLE and SO prejudiced and harsh. It’s
    just fucking crazy.

    I think every fucking one of you in this comment section need to go and
    look up for yourself study the DPRK and study its ideologies, and go find a
    reliable NON fucking westernized source of information about what goes on
    in the country, and then come back and see for yourself. Hell, in fact go
    visit there. It seems people just don’t understand unless they actually go
    to the damn country.

  157. He comes for the free drugs and free bitches, that’s why he’ll never say
    anything bad about North Korea or Supreme leader will never let the baboon
    with piercing come back.

  158. I’ll give Charles points for knowing how to properly speak and make a valid
    argument for himself, Rodman however, is a complete moron and has no idea
    how to defend himself in an argument, instead he just keeps referencing the
    10 people behind as his backup…..

  159. when are we going to get an English Dub with optional English Subtitles for
    when Dennis is talking? Can’t understand a word that he said the entire

  160. the faggot is wearing sun glasses inside, what a faggot! the man doesn’t
    even make make any sense!! shoot that reject along with that nazi loving
    wannabe fat shit leader!!!

  161. ok…this was hilarious… Charles Smith seemed like he was really smart,
    and it seemed like the speaker got defensive when he was talking… And the
    Dennis Rodman started talking, oh man. Ok, I’m pretty sure that there were
    only 7 people in that room. And all he did was scream blatant observations
    haha “There are 10 guys in this room right now, and there all here”

  162. what a dumb ass reporter.. he could have gotten the basketball players
    killed or held as political prisoners… somebody needs to fire that dude

  163. First of all, Rodman was so intoxicated he could hardly form sentences.
    Rodman is way too ignorant to understand that what he did made him look
    like a gigantic asshole. Now that’s not me making excuses for the man,
    that’s saying everyone has to take into consideration that he is too stupid
    to realize that his words and especially his action could very well be
    hurting people on all kinds of levels. This was a huge opportunity for
    North Korea to laugh in our face because they are able to threaten to kill
    us one day and another day we send a team of basketball players to
    entertain him for his birthday. DUMB

  164. doesnt anyone else feel something is fishy about the way the CNN guy was
    speaking? Continually bringing up issue the basketball players are
    emotional about. Not letting the guy finish his sentence when he called the
    CNN guy on the “bait” and overall just trying to paint as negative a
    picture of Kim jong as possible…more than is necessary.

  165. To be fair though, Dennis Rodman would kick arse in the WWE as a manager of
    a wrestler….. Just go back to where he really kicks off and picture him
    in the wrestling ring. It works, right!

  166. Why was this American in North Korea? That is a good point. It sounds like
    what Rodman is hinting at is that this guy did something shameful he
    thought that he could get away with by paying for it with cash American.

  167. I think this guy did some shady shit to some North Korean kids, picked the
    wrong family (one not starving), and found out that North Korea is not the
    Philippines. I think Rodman is not saying exactly that because it may
    actually be illegal in DPRK to even discuss such matters on television. I
    think before the nigger moment he was gonna say that the ten guys with him
    have in no way been arrested or abused.


  169. I would really love to think that this is just a ploy by Dennis Rodman to
    get on Korea’s good side, and thus get all kinds of information from them

  170. Dennis Rodman is hilarious!! He’s so so insanely stupid! Just the way he
    talks sounds stupid, then combine that with what he’s saying, it’s just so
    unreal. Watching this, I feel like he must be an actor and this must be
    fake. I just can’t comprehend how a human can be so hilariously stupid.

  171. the guy behind Dennis is like WTF i am doing here + he is holding his face
    to not laugh when Dennis talk. HAHAHAHAHA Dennis is like: LOOK AT THOSE GUY
    just heard XD

  172. Dennis Rodman is such an embarrassment. He can’t string a fricking sentence
    together and couldn’t answer a simple question. He’s a loser.

  173. hahaha what a fucking moron Rodman is. i think he was struck by lightning
    at some point in his life. the funniest part of this video, aside from
    Rodman’s stream of insanity, is watching how painfully uncomfortable all
    the dudes behind him become.

  174. please go watch that omar epps parody and come back here…you will die

  175. Rodman is trying to talk sense to cnn with poorly organized sentence. But
    cnn just keep bullshitting with arrogance and pretentiousness.

  176. I think Dennis is a really good Man (inside) and when he say this; i
    support absolut what this Guys do. Paranoid USA PRESS !

  177. I remember this whole ridiculous thing. I’d like to see the whole saga in
    order. This trip ended horribly.

  178. Charles smith is right . Fuck that CNN motherfucker baiting these guys into
    politics . They’re basketball players.

  179. Love how the world is fucked and what you ‘know’ is a load of shit you’ve
    been told to believe. To all of the Americans who say that Kim controls his
    country with propaganda, look at your own country.

  180. Everyones a little bit too quick to judge on who’s right/wrong. I mean
    after all we shouldn’t forget how the cia put crack on the streets in the
    ghettos and after all they were involved with the “bay of pigs” incident.
    All i’m saying is he might’ve made an ass out of himself on stage by
    flippin shit which is what everyone is saying or we’re making an ass out of
    ourselves for trusting liars and people that spread crack into
    neighborhoods. Idk i think we’re all quite stupid for trusting someones
    word rather than going out and snooping around looking for answers
    ourselves. But hey we all got 2/3 of our lives occupied by sleep, and work.
    So i guess that last 1/3 can go to either raising a child or spent on
    relaxing and enjoying life. Or maybe we can get busy and take control of
    our lives rather than have a giant company controll it for us. I mean after
    all what do we have without a store? Or an electric company or any other
    company that provides living qualities? We’re left in the dark so from the
    very start we’re left to leech off other peoples improved lives via the
    higher ups selling us that said water or food or heat or electricity or
    shelter. For example if we took water right we let’s say had 4 big fish
    (water companies) left after the smaller fish (water companies) died out
    from all the polluting of the big pond, then the big companies can come
    together and control the prices of water and make them skyrocket. It water
    was 3$ a gallon it would now be 40$ per gallon for each company making
    their profit margins go off the chart and they would all win, and let’s say
    if you wanted to get water of your own…where would you get it from?
    Lakes? Or rivers? Well at this point the big companies would control all
    the bodies of waters and it’d be fenced off and it would be illegal, and
    hell if you say let’s collect rainwater well in some states, if i remember
    correctly, it is illegal to collect rainwater, so you would have to be an
    overworked mule just to get and afford water. Also if you don’t believe
    this scenario can happen with you know companies purchasing bodies of water
    and making it illegal well i can tell you of a similar story that’s
    happening right now. There are companies producing gmo type seeds via seeds
    for corn and such plants, this special type of seed can only be grown once
    and the corn doesn’t give off other seeds to produce more corn. Now that
    means that the corn is controlled by the company making it even harder for
    farmers to make a living when they already have plenty of expenses and not
    to mention their crops are bought at a very cheap price where they already
    suffer financially. Right but the point is now that little trick with
    regrowing corn from one stock of corn is now gone and instead they would
    have to buy their corn from the company every time they want to plant corn
    rather than save money thanks to natural nature, so you ask why not just
    not use the same seeds from the corn that grows seeds? Well you see if
    neighboring farmers buy the said seeds that won’t produce more seeds then
    the corn will mutate the other corn that has natural seeds to produce no
    seeds which makes it so we will never see none gmo type corn in the future
    and that the farmers gotta buy the seeds one way or another which makes
    them basically work like dying mules for the seed companies to turn the
    slightest profit on corn. Via the company gains the exact control just like
    the hypothetical example i gave about the water companies. Get it so we
    don’t have control via freedom. It’s basically made up because others have
    control and to have control is to have freedom and if they have controll
    they get to make our lives easier or harder, depending on the price of
    things. Also that’s another thing i forgot to mention the seed company can
    raise the price however they see fit whenever they see fit, the only other
    thing stopping that company from taking full controll is another seed
    company but eventually once those companies gain experience they’ll realise
    that it would be easier if there we’re only like 3-4 of them left and they
    can hypothetically just as easily raise the prices of seeds up to 40$ a bag
    rather than the original 10$. They would all be making a 300% difference in
    profit rather than going for measly little rises in profits from business
    gimicks such as lowering the price to have basically more of a wholesale
    advantage against the competitors.
    But yea idk i guess i just figured i would share this with you guys just
    because i had this thought goin on just now soooo yea no hate intended or
    anything i guess i just felt like writin all this, good day all!

  181. ok… there is no doubt that rodman has an IQ of a pebble, but why is
    everyone calling Charles Smith a fool? What do you expect him to do? beg
    Kim Jong Un to release bae?

  182. At the beginning, I like how Charles Smith was pointing to Rodman and says,
    “do you really think….” And then thinks better of it and rephrases it and
    says, ” do you really think North Korea is going to listen to any of
    us?”… .lol. Initially, he was going to say, ” do you really think North
    Korea is going to listen to Rodman…

  183. WOW. ..i dont know who’s more retarded. .Rodman and his dopey NBA pals or
    the people praising him here….would Rodman and his stupid friends have
    also said “we’re here just to play basketball” if Hitler invited Rodman to
    If i took all those players brains and put them together, i still wouldn’t
    have 1/4 of a brain


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