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Dennis Rodman Gets Fiery With CNN

Via Dennis Rodman Gets Fiery With Cnn.

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  2. WOW. ..i dont know who’s more retarded. .Rodman and his dopey NBA pals or
    the people praising him here….would Rodman and his stupid friends have
    also said „we’re here just to play basketball“ if Hitler invited Rodman to
    If i took all those players brains and put them together, i still wouldn’t
    have 1/4 of a brain

  3. At the beginning, I like how Charles Smith was pointing to Rodman and says,
    „do you really think….“ And then thinks better of it and rephrases it and
    says, “ do you really think North Korea is going to listen to any of
    us?“… .lol. Initially, he was going to say, “ do you really think North
    Korea is going to listen to Rodman…

  4. ok… there is no doubt that rodman has an IQ of a pebble, but why is
    everyone calling Charles Smith a fool? What do you expect him to do? beg
    Kim Jong Un to release bae?

  5. Everyones a little bit too quick to judge on who’s right/wrong. I mean
    after all we shouldn’t forget how the cia put crack on the streets in the
    ghettos and after all they were involved with the „bay of pigs“ incident.
    All i’m saying is he might’ve made an ass out of himself on stage by
    flippin shit which is what everyone is saying or we’re making an ass out of
    ourselves for trusting liars and people that spread crack into
    neighborhoods. Idk i think we’re all quite stupid for trusting someones
    word rather than going out and snooping around looking for answers
    ourselves. But hey we all got 2/3 of our lives occupied by sleep, and work.
    So i guess that last 1/3 can go to either raising a child or spent on
    relaxing and enjoying life. Or maybe we can get busy and take control of
    our lives rather than have a giant company controll it for us. I mean after
    all what do we have without a store? Or an electric company or any other
    company that provides living qualities? We’re left in the dark so from the
    very start we’re left to leech off other peoples improved lives via the
    higher ups selling us that said water or food or heat or electricity or
    shelter. For example if we took water right we let’s say had 4 big fish
    (water companies) left after the smaller fish (water companies) died out
    from all the polluting of the big pond, then the big companies can come
    together and control the prices of water and make them skyrocket. It water
    was 3$ a gallon it would now be 40$ per gallon for each company making
    their profit margins go off the chart and they would all win, and let’s say
    if you wanted to get water of your own…where would you get it from?
    Lakes? Or rivers? Well at this point the big companies would control all
    the bodies of waters and it’d be fenced off and it would be illegal, and
    hell if you say let’s collect rainwater well in some states, if i remember
    correctly, it is illegal to collect rainwater, so you would have to be an
    overworked mule just to get and afford water. Also if you don’t believe
    this scenario can happen with you know companies purchasing bodies of water
    and making it illegal well i can tell you of a similar story that’s
    happening right now. There are companies producing gmo type seeds via seeds
    for corn and such plants, this special type of seed can only be grown once
    and the corn doesn’t give off other seeds to produce more corn. Now that
    means that the corn is controlled by the company making it even harder for
    farmers to make a living when they already have plenty of expenses and not
    to mention their crops are bought at a very cheap price where they already
    suffer financially. Right but the point is now that little trick with
    regrowing corn from one stock of corn is now gone and instead they would
    have to buy their corn from the company every time they want to plant corn
    rather than save money thanks to natural nature, so you ask why not just
    not use the same seeds from the corn that grows seeds? Well you see if
    neighboring farmers buy the said seeds that won’t produce more seeds then
    the corn will mutate the other corn that has natural seeds to produce no
    seeds which makes it so we will never see none gmo type corn in the future
    and that the farmers gotta buy the seeds one way or another which makes
    them basically work like dying mules for the seed companies to turn the
    slightest profit on corn. Via the company gains the exact control just like
    the hypothetical example i gave about the water companies. Get it so we
    don’t have control via freedom. It’s basically made up because others have
    control and to have control is to have freedom and if they have controll
    they get to make our lives easier or harder, depending on the price of
    things. Also that’s another thing i forgot to mention the seed company can
    raise the price however they see fit whenever they see fit, the only other
    thing stopping that company from taking full controll is another seed
    company but eventually once those companies gain experience they’ll realise
    that it would be easier if there we’re only like 3-4 of them left and they
    can hypothetically just as easily raise the prices of seeds up to 40$ a bag
    rather than the original 10$. They would all be making a 300% difference in
    profit rather than going for measly little rises in profits from business
    gimicks such as lowering the price to have basically more of a wholesale
    advantage against the competitors.
    But yea idk i guess i just figured i would share this with you guys just
    because i had this thought goin on just now soooo yea no hate intended or
    anything i guess i just felt like writin all this, good day all!

  6. Love how the world is fucked and what you ‚know‘ is a load of shit you’ve
    been told to believe. To all of the Americans who say that Kim controls his
    country with propaganda, look at your own country.

  7. Charles smith is right . Fuck that CNN motherfucker baiting these guys into
    politics . They’re basketball players.

  8. I remember this whole ridiculous thing. I’d like to see the whole saga in
    order. This trip ended horribly.

  9. I think Dennis is a really good Man (inside) and when he say this; i
    support absolut what this Guys do. Paranoid USA PRESS !

  10. Rodman is trying to talk sense to cnn with poorly organized sentence. But
    cnn just keep bullshitting with arrogance and pretentiousness.

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