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iPhone 6 Design Idea – Amazing Features

Via Iphone 6 – Amazing Features.

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  1. Okey this is the most Possible relevant Concept around to what apple would
    take into consideration of a design, look, and size of screen! This is
    perfect it is totally what apple would do! ~Best Concept to be Plausible
    and extremely Possible!!!

  2. I really hope this is not the concept. If so I will officially stop
    purchasing apple products. It’s just a newer version of the same phones in
    previous years. Has any ever thought of retiring this old concept while
    taking a step in a new direction?! Just a thought, apple needs to switch it
    up or it will soon be over powered by the competition

  3. What the fuck is this shit?
    The design is shit (You can’t just “design” unbreakable screen and better
    camera in there), the video is shit (half a second for text? Are you
    This is the shittiest concept video I have seen so far, and I have to say
    all of them are mostly utter and complete shit. Why do people do these
    designs is beyond me. Apple won’t use them, because you need more then just
    outside look to make a phone. You need the insides to fit (Bigger camera
    but fits inside a phone… Why don’t I make a concept of iPhone with a
    microwave, that miraculously fits into the SIM card slot?)

    TLDR The video is utter shit and you should kill yourself faggot.

  4. I think this is very close to what they are going to make. But not the
    camera I think it’s not going to be in the middle

  5. I think what Apple needs to focus on is not new design but better battery,
    they claim that their battery life is 10 to 40 hours but mine only lasts
    about 2. I don’t use it for much, just the occasional call and using
    safari. They really need to focus on making a bigger screen so that they
    can make a bigger battery. At this point I don’t think that thinness is an
    issue. iPhones and all of the other smart phones out there are thin, we
    don’t want a cellphone that will fallout of your hand because it is to
    thin. So they really need to focus on making the screen bigger so that they
    can fit in a bigger better battery. Respond to me on your agreements and
    disagreements please.

  6. The only problem with this video is the fact that the text flashes too
    quick. You can barley read it, except on pause. That’s really annoying.

  7. I hate this round shapes at the corner, other than that its wonder within.
    I would love to see bigger screen at least 5″, camera , thinner edge but of
    the same shape as 5S and again 64b chip set , retina display, 3D video
    recording, 12MP camera, battery of around 2660mah, 64 and 128GB of
    capacities, no home screen button and 1080p display with corner touch.

  8. It’s like the design concept of the iPad Air, I like more the version of
    the bigger screen cause, apple you need to change man.. good for you of the
    iOS 7 but, but is the same fucking iOS 6 design

  9. That looks just like the 5th gen ipod touch I have but with touch id wow
    not very creative I cam bet you they arent that stupid to make thr phone
    that thin either because I hate how thin my touch is.

  10. Can’t wait! I has the galaxy note 3 but it got old and the camera sucked..
    I felt like the color was disported and wasn’t portraying what was really
    there.. Plus having a huge phone like that looked stupid. It’s not
    necessary and I don’t want to ruin my good eye sight. And this iphone 6 is
    gonna have the scanner like the 5s. Can’t wait!!!!!

  11. okay.i have had enough of this crap.The new iphone 6 is coming out in
    october this year.So can every one just plz wait instead of making videos
    of what they think the iphone will look like.Nobody knows,except apple.When
    the new iphone comes out all these videos will be deleted.Please just wait
    until it comes out.

  12. this video is fucking annoying
    it says something for 1/100th of a second and i have to pause to see

  13. If Apple plans to bump the screen up to 4.4 inches instead of 4 I am going
    to buy the SamSung Galaxy S5. And Apple should seriously consider keeping
    their camera and flash to the side instead of in the middle, only SamSung
    can make that look good. Also, Apple needs to consider that SamSung put a
    16 megapixel camera in their new S5. Plus a heart rate sensor(cool but
    useless), 16 megapixel camera, 5.1 inch display, and a finger-print
    sensor(nothing we haven’t seen before). I really hope Apple is reading my
    comment. Because lately I’ve been thinking of going to SamSung for my next
    phone. I just want to wait to see what the iPhone 6 will be like. The only
    thing that is holding me back is the new user interface. I have no
    experience will Android so it’ll be a little weird using a different
    interface. But seriously now that Steve Jobs died Apple has been going down
    hill since the iPhone 5.

  14. it looks good i hope that idea is true or similar i love the 5Mega pixels
    full hd front facing camera

  15. Hate it, why don’t u just use the galaxy design? ur close anyways… i want
    iphone 6 to have the 4s design …

  16. it looks like an iPod touch 5th generation but with a different home button
    and camera but its still pretty cool

  17. I wish they made it after this concept – a shrunken iPad Air. Alas, they
    went for that fugly Samsung-like design with horrific antenna strips at the
    back. Well… better luck next time.

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