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Incredibly Awkward Montage Of C.u.n.t.s

Here Photos on Parties were not just being taken but it was videoed! 🙂 Look at this weirdness!

Via Incredibly Awkward Montage Of C.u.n.t.s.

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  1. I never really liked staged photographs, and this is part of the reason
    why. Generally you force yourself to look like an ass for a few seconds to
    preserve a memory that isn’t even real.

    If we’re just going out to a pub for the night then maybe we can chill it
    with the pictures. I mean, you’re no Robert fucking Capa, among other

  2. Club Organizers for the C U Next Tuesday Club in Dublin, Ireland had a
    great, though unoriginal idea. They asked club-goers to pose for a photo,
    but instead of capturing a single shot, the photographer took video of the
    young people strategically posing. The embarrassing footage was then pieced
    together into a montage set to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” And yeah,
    some of these very attractive fuckers are real vain.

    In their defense, no one looks good trying to pose for pictures. However,
    people who regularly pose for pictures like this deserve to be publicly
    shamed. This unstoppable need to constantly pose for the camera is a major
    part of why “selfie” was declared word of the year for 2013 on Tuesday.

    – gawker

  3. Posing for still photos (you can see the flashes)
    when it’s actually video.
    *Funny in an incredibly uncomfortable way*.

    Incredibly awkward montage of C.U.N.T.s

  4. “Bravo to Dublin club C U Next Tuesday (no, we won’t write the acronym –
    this is a family blog!), who tricked their hipster attendees into posing
    for photos when they are actually posing for video.

    It’s so good it’s almost painful . . . classic.”

  5. Ah, Dublin… so painfully painfully funny. Video from the club C U Next
    Tuesday where people think they are posing for pics but are actually being

  6. As #society becomes more and more that of #staged #events , places and
    people you can’t blame the common folks to re-enact the world around them,
    a world derived from screens and the tabloids day in – day out.

    That said, these video-shots of people who think they are being
    photographed have a revealing feel to them while at the same time being
    quite #disturbing to watch. To me it seems as if some invisible force
    pressed a button in their minds and – snap – they would switch to
    pause-mode and look like a living wax-figure.

  7. Pretty hilarious…however they should probably cut out a few of them…the
    people at 1:00 were just posing for a picture. Nothing douchy about that.
    There were a few other normal people who got trapped pictures with douches
    too haha

    overall it was a great video though

  8. Well at least someone has figured that it’s video at the end and what’s up
    with all the opened mouthes? How don’t the know, when it’s flashing, it’s
    photo and constant light is most likely a video recording – that’s an easy
    way for drunks and brain damaged to remember how to see the difference. ))

  9. what’s with all the mouth open as if caught yelling something poses
    “i sooo wasnt expecting you to take the photo then! i was totally in the
    middle of shouting something awesom cos this place is so cool”

  10. Wenn Ihr heute Abend ausgeht, dann hütet Euch vor Party-Fotografen. Denn
    nicht immer wird nur ein Foto geschossen, manchmal wird auch heimlich
    gefilmt – und wer will schon entlarvt werden, wie man seine beste Foto-Pose
    versucht? Schönen Abend!

  11. Of course it’s going to be awkward when people don’t know that they aren’t
    posing for pictures and that the person is actually filming them. It
    doesn’t make them “hipsters” or “cunts.” If anything, the person filming
    this is a cunt because they didn’t tell these poor people that they were
    being filmed, rather than having their pictures taken.

  12. i literally laughed out loud, and that doesn’t happen to me very often. on
    the other hand, i think i would’ve done the exact same thing as these

  13. While this is an interesting perspective on the way modern youth culture
    pose for pictures, what people in these comments don’t realize is you could
    really do this with any demographic and everyone would look douchey. All
    you people bashing hipsters are kinda pathetic.. making fun of people you
    don’t know based on the way they look.. does that not make you a “hipster”
    News flash, everyone looks like a fucking weirdo when they pose for
    pictures, even you.. yes you.
    Before you go all keyboard warrior and start typing away insults, just keep
    in mind that you could have easily been one of the people in this video.

  14. Even my grandmother looks weird when I film her and she’s thinking I’m
    shooting a picture. But it’s always fun to bash hipsters, right?

  15. Awkward montage of people in clubs who were filmed instead of having their
    pictures taken. I find it very difficult to watch….

    Incredibly awkward montage of C.U.N.T.s

  16. yeah that was stupid, alot of those people were jut normal, and were posing
    in normal ways, of course some were definitely hipsters, but still

  17. It’s funny when “ironic” hipsters think they’re posing for photos when
    they’re secretly being videotaped. Now I know. Thank you for your help.

  18. I suddenly feel great compassion for un-beautiful young people with fake
    smiles, pass me a machine gun someone.

  19. I think we can all agree that the guy on the right at 0:17 has probably the
    weirdest beard growth of human kind.

  20. Gotta b honest. I don’t get why people are talking crap about the people in
    the video. I think its funny to watch but I don’t get how u can judge
    someone from a video of them posing for a picture, especially when they r
    most likely intoxicated. I’m usually the first 1 to talk crap if someone
    acts a fool or is ignorant and arrogant but this video proves nothing about
    these peeps.

  21. Obviously not a rave crowd. You never get fake, material hipster wannabees
    like this in the 90s. I can tell you it was about friendship and happiness.

    Im also pretty sure, this promotion was in Cardiff, Wales as well.
    And this is the reason I don’t go out anymore.

    Where there’s a bad vibe, you get these recession kids taking it out on
    generations just below them because life is sooooo unfair and ego
    materialism gives them slight power over those who don’t.

    Sex and drugs, but no rock and roll.
    I mean even pillheads in the 90s were switched on and meaningful than the
    hipsters who fake their lives so much that they don’t have a moral
    And the real problem is, because their so different they cant remember the
    last logical event that happened in their life. THEIR FUCKED 🙁

    I want to fucking go out again to parties and raves, but these fuckers with
    their doubled standards and cynicism completely annihilate anything that
    involves fun mechanisms. Mingling and offers mean jack shit to these
    people, probably because they might get their 80s hairstyles messed up or
    crease their tank top and scarf.


    Let us live again. And let the new generation love life without faking it.

    Ciao people <3

  22. The guy with the hello kitty hat looks like he has just motor boated a
    group of fat and sweaty middle-aged women’s vaginas

  23. I get what the videographer was trying to do by posting this mocking them,
    but everyone looks retarded when posing for a picture. This is an
    incredible fail at making people who are just trying to have fun with their
    friends at a club look stupid.

    I could have gone around with a camera all day to create something like
    this in public or at the bar or at your grandparents place (how would that
    make you feel if I did this with a bunch of grandparents at a old folks

    Anyways, sorry about the rant but I guess what I’m trying to say is – dont
    be so quick to hate and do something better with your life.

  24. If there were no hipsters how would I know what hate is? Thank you hipster
    for widening my human experience.

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