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Incredibly Awkward Montage Of C.u.n.t.s

Here Photos on Parties were not just being taken but it was videoed! 🙂 Look at this weirdness!

Via Incredibly Awkward Montage Of C.u.n.t.s.

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  1. If there were no hipsters how would I know what hate is? Thank you hipster
    for widening my human experience.

  2. I get what the videographer was trying to do by posting this mocking them,
    but everyone looks retarded when posing for a picture. This is an
    incredible fail at making people who are just trying to have fun with their
    friends at a club look stupid.

    I could have gone around with a camera all day to create something like
    this in public or at the bar or at your grandparents place (how would that
    make you feel if I did this with a bunch of grandparents at a old folks

    Anyways, sorry about the rant but I guess what I’m trying to say is – dont
    be so quick to hate and do something better with your life.

  3. The guy with the hello kitty hat looks like he has just motor boated a
    group of fat and sweaty middle-aged women’s vaginas

  4. Obviously not a rave crowd. You never get fake, material hipster wannabees
    like this in the 90s. I can tell you it was about friendship and happiness.

    Im also pretty sure, this promotion was in Cardiff, Wales as well.
    And this is the reason I don’t go out anymore.

    Where there’s a bad vibe, you get these recession kids taking it out on
    generations just below them because life is sooooo unfair and ego
    materialism gives them slight power over those who don’t.

    Sex and drugs, but no rock and roll.
    I mean even pillheads in the 90s were switched on and meaningful than the
    hipsters who fake their lives so much that they don’t have a moral
    And the real problem is, because their so different they cant remember the
    last logical event that happened in their life. THEIR FUCKED 🙁

    I want to fucking go out again to parties and raves, but these fuckers with
    their doubled standards and cynicism completely annihilate anything that
    involves fun mechanisms. Mingling and offers mean jack shit to these
    people, probably because they might get their 80s hairstyles messed up or
    crease their tank top and scarf.


    Let us live again. And let the new generation love life without faking it.

    Ciao people <3

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