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What Happens When You Pour 1200G Molten Aluminum Into An Anthill?

Via What Happens When You Pour 1200f Molten Aluminum Into An Anthill?.

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  1. What happens when you pour 1200F molten aluminum into an anthill? (by

    Have you ever dreamed of shrinking yourself so you could go inside an ant
    colony and see exactly what they do in there?
    It just seemed especially unfair to wipe out an entire colony all at once.
    but then I remembered E.O. Wilson’s remark that “If ants had nuclear
    weapons, they would probably end the world in a week” and thought ok, pour
    some molten aluminum in there and let’s see what’s going on.

  2. What happens when you pour molten aluminium down an ant hole. Really cool,
    not gratuitous killing, scientific research. I feel sorry for the ants

  3. Oh no, not a single colony of mindless, drone creatures that are present in
    massive numbers all over, how will the ecosystem ever deal with this loss?!?

  4. XXXX at 3:49 not edited this is not good .i think whom ever edited this
    video show redo it cause the girl in the classroom has her legs spread and
    the cameras point pass her crotch…..stop at 3:49

  5. I’m mixed about this one. On one hand, being able to see the colony
    architecture is amazing and inspiring, but on the other hand he destroyed a
    hole colony for that. There’s got to be another way to do it and until he
    gets it he doesn’t have my approval.

  6. All I said was you haven’t read many youtube comments… Chill out dude I
    didn’t mean to get you all worked up. Go smoke yourself a nice big bowl and
    get over it, they’re ants ffs, if you really feel badly and want to make a
    diffrerence go stop the people that torture pigs before they kill them,
    because pigs actually have pain receptors and have the IQ of a 2 -3 year
    old human; Ants don’t and thats why the battle your fighting here is

  7. Seriously? You’re okay with god killing millions of people, but when some
    guys kill a few ants for research purposes you freak out?

  8. And guyonfire87, you realize the humor in what I have said, and I
    appreciate that greatly. You are not like most scum in this planet.

  9. Am I the only one terribly annoyed at all the idiotic comments, pretty much
    saying: “Hurhur, we should pour molten (Silver/Lead) into his house.”. Do
    you have any idea how much that would cost? And what would we possibly
    learn from that?!

  10. It’s the same concept as how the pyramids were built. An autocratic system,
    where people work to death, are replaced, and they die. The hard, selfless
    work achieves great work. I wonder which is better: one massive community
    able to achieve without limit, or the liberty of self, family, and of small

  11. I feel bad for the ants, but hey you got to do what you got to do. If you
    like killing them or doing something creative to ants be my guess.

  12. I must admit, i’m mostly here for the comments. lol
    “They are committing genocide omg”
    “God’s creatures blah blah blah”

  13. One year, summer came early and there was a huge number of ants in my yard.
    I got the propane torch out and fried about 1000 of them in 1 minute. I
    also kill about 20 spiders every summer since there are too many in my
    house and am I tired of cleaning spider webs.

  14. You’re all fucking idiots
    2000 ANTS
    even though there are billions upon billions upon billions of ants on this

  15. You know, I get people complaing about bigger animals like horses and

    but there are literally people crying about the death of ants?

    Why do I even bother having hope in logic.

  16. Are people really going to cry about ants? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!!
    Shit, like you walk down the street scanning the sidewalk for ants as if
    ants have jobs, PhD’s and a fucking internet connection.

  17. Do you think the life of an ant is less worth than from a human? This is al
    aboud the higher lessons of life.A human is not more worth than an ant
    just because it has a much bigger boddy en is more developed.You have to
    realize that theres life in the universe that doesnt even has a body.How
    aboud that.?

  18. now imagine alien pour melted aluminum to the whole city so they can see
    how are we live on earth… how do u feel now???

  19. You’re all cry over ants? Ants? So what if a 10,000 (I don’t now, it’s a
    random number…) were killed. Do you know how many fucking ants there are
    on this planet? And besides, would it help you unwad your panties if I said
    that at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit they all died instantly?

  20. Intelligent people of the world. Scientists of the world. Biologists of the
    world. Don’t scroll down, it will kill your brain cells.

  21. What happens? I’m going to give a wild guess.. They burn up and die right?
    Haha, but for real, this is a really interesting and scientific. Thumbs up
    to this video!

  22. This reminds me of that exhibition called ‘Bodies’ where they preserved
    human cadavers by injecting them with acetone and silicon. This is arguably
    more ethical though, considering ants are routinely exterminated by pest
    control anyway, and the source of the cadavers in the aforementioned
    exhibition belonged to executed Chinese prisoners (which is terrible
    enough, without taking into consideration the corrupt legal system and the
    lax observation of human rights in China).

  23. “You could use this in a bar-room fight”…guy has his priorities straight.
    Also, those casts are fascinating. Ants rule.

  24. Wow, that cast is really a beautiful thing. Shame the ants died for it but
    I’ve been attacked by ants before so I don’t feel *too* bad.

  25. The title of the video is a little misleading. I assumed it was for fun,
    like a prank or something ( which isn’t nice) I know now that it isn’t, it
    is in fact for scientific research, but maybe change the title. It could
    offend nature lovers.

  26. wait, we are allowed to kill ants for research (that is totally useless in
    my opinion), but it is not allowed to conduct research on a HUMAN that *ALLOWED
    IT* ? not to forget that the research on a human rather then animals, could
    be extremely helpful ? for example, researching a “living” human brain, to
    learn more about it, and the cause of dementia etc ? lol, this world is
    kinda fucked up.

    and no, i am not a greenpeace member who wants to save the poor ants, i am
    an university student who wants to research the human brain! >:D

  27. red ants are bad and attack with no purpose in my opinion its good that
    they killed them leave the black ants they are not assfucks like the red

  28. People, you’re acting as if they’re purging all ants from an entire
    country, they used probably a few anthills, slow your roll.

  29. I find this sick… You shouldn’t be sacrificing thousands of ants like
    this. And before people bitch at me saying “They’re just ants! Get over
    it!”, how would you like it if I filled your entire house with molten
    aluminum while you and your family were in it? The lives of ants are just
    as important as ours. Just because we’re more intelligent doesn’t give us
    the right to play “God”.


    At least this was in the name of science. There’s people that do this shit
    for art. THAT’S truly sick. I see the reason for doing this for science…
    It provides possibly important research that’s otherwise impossible. But to
    do this for art’s sake is even more sickening. This isn’t to say that
    killing all those ants in the name of science is right, though. It’s very
    much wrong.

  30. No ants were harmed in the making of this video. Well, maybe a couple
    hundred thousand or so. No biggie. There’s plenty more where they came

  31. What the fuck is wrong with you people? They’re ants. Have you ever had
    fucking fire ants in your yard? Can’t even go outside without wearing
    goddamn boots unless you want horrible stinging bites that turn into nasty
    puss-filled little blisters? Fuck ants.

  32. You guys are taking this too hard. They’re ants! There are no more than 8
    billion people on earth, but there are probably trillions of ants. Killing
    one little hive isn’t gonna do crap, but ants are pretty cool I’ll give ’em

  33. did you know the insect to human ratio is 200 million to 1? So shut up
    about the whole “oh the poor little ants. waa waa waa.” They’re are
    probably billions and billions of those ants everywhere.

  34. So let me get this straight. As human beings we feed, sleep, shit and piss,
    we also kill each other, we also have jobs to survive or don’t have jobs
    but still know how to survive. We create life, learn, teach, care, hate,
    fight etc, we also have special groups like gangs and religion, we fight
    for land by way of war or steal. Here we have another life source which are
    ants that feed, sleep, shit and piss as well kill each other, also have
    jobs to survive or don’t but still know how to survive. Ants create life
    called larva, they learn, teach, care and hate they also fight and have
    special tight groups they respect and fight for land by way of war and also
    steal. Now these human beings just completely wipe out a whole life source,
    a sophisticated network of intelligence. See this is our problem and the
    main reason why a lot believe we are alone in this universe because who of
    any other life source would want to try to make a living with us humans,
    shit we do all types of cruel shit to each other out of fucking curiosity
    and got the nerve to feel superior over any other living creature that
    exist, our life is just far to important and the rest are just a mindless,
    soulless vesicle. Oh these creatures don’t feel pain..ok, but i’m pretty
    sure they fear death, i’m sure they know life is ending, why do you think
    they try to escape capture “fish” or bugs that run from being step on etc,
    LOL man we are crazy.

  35. Why not pour warm liquid Plexiglas or resin inside? I mean aluminum just
    shows how the nest looks like, a transparent amber thingy, once properly
    polished would show you what’s inside as well.

    And please don’t give that BS about the poor ants & inhumanity. You eat
    pork chops every day and nobody gives a sh..t, suddenly someone poors
    aluminum into an anthill and everybody goes nuts… hypocrites.

  36. i can only imagine what those ants were thinking HOLY SHIT WTF MY ANCESTORS

  37. the army of the 12 monkeys will capture them and pour melted aluminium up
    their asses, the structure of their digestive system manifested into metal
    will be beautifull.

  38. Lets do a life long torture of millions of chickens, pigs and cows
    worldwide everyday for efficient food business and then kill them, but “OMG

  39. Oh boo fucking hoo to the people crying over dead ants. There’s about 1
    quadrillion of them left. I suppose we shouldn’t wash our hands too because
    it’s inhumane to the bacteria.
    Get a fucking grip.

  40. people need to get over themselfs wait a few months and there will be
    another colony a few feet away from the old one with even more ants

  41. I remember as a kid. Walking around a forested area on the coast near one
    of my friends house. In one place, every large tree within a radius of 25
    meters had enormous anthills build up their sides. These ant hills had
    “paved” highways running between them where the ants had removed all other
    debris and the ground had been stomped flat by the sheer amount of ants
    having passed by. An ant empire.

  42. This is sick and disgusting, it is a sad day when so called “scientists”
    become primitive murderers..

    …just kidding, if the hippies had their way we would have all died off
    from smallpox by now.

  43. Yes i suppose this was kinda inconsiderate toward the ants… but just look
    at where that meat your eating for dinner came from, watch “Food Inc.” on
    netflix or just google it.

  44. Thats just cruel! Poor ants, fucking sciences ass holes. How would you like
    it if someone poor molten aluminum in your home?

  45. time to ban all cartoons depicting speaking animals and BUGS to persons who
    cant process the fact that its fiction. ive prob killed thousands of ants
    trying to get into my house this winter…theyre ants…

  46. Wow, we really must destroy everything in our way with no regards for other
    living things because we are so hungry for knowledge, we really must know
    everything. I don’t see ants pouring metal into your house because they
    want to know how you live. That’s really disrespectful, no matter the

  47. I can only imagine what was the last moments of those ants lives where like
    before being burned alive by molten aluminium.

    Ant Worker 1: So Bob how was the queen last night, I saw she was interested
    in you. :3

    Ant Worker 2: Well she was decent ate royal jelly with her and got under
    the sheets, she was hammered man and made it easy for me to you know. But
    her back end being so big I feared I couldn’t get in her. :I

    Ant Worker 1: Oh No way man you did it? 😮

    Ant Worker 2: Yep and now she’s laying our eggs! I am a father! :’D

    Ant Worker 1: Hey Congrats Man! (Hugs his crying buddy.) ^_^

    Deranged Soldier Ant running down a tunnel frantically: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

    Ant Worker 1: Heh…whats wrong with him? <_

  48. It’s cool to study, but to destroy a complete colony of ants just to know
    how it was dug is rather disgusting.

  49. people kill ants slowly with poison all the time and noone gives a shit but
    when someone kills them by instantly incinerating them everyone freaks the
    fuck out

    pretty sure the poison is crueler…

  50. People need to STFU. They are ants, one of the most abundant species on
    this planet. The would have died anyway. Just be happy about how cool the
    casting was. It is not cruel. They were instantly killed.

  51. Maybe this will make you feel better:
    Ants don’t feel pain
    Animals and insects most likely aren’t conscious and only guided by

  52. People are killed everyday = most people react, but forget about it two
    minutes later
    An ant colony is destroyed for science = The Butthurt Squad forms and raids
    the fucking comment section…..GOOD JOB HUMAN RACE!

  53. Could you post an instructional video on how to do this? Despite the news
    reporters advice I would like to try this.

  54. While this is very cool from a science perspective I can’t help but think
    about the hundreds of ants killed for each “artwork”.

  55. One day an antlike extraterrestrial race comes above the earth to take
    molten cast model of our big cities,burning us to dust in process.They
    think that we will not suffer because we are not like them and we are
    primitive race.

  56. One day an antlike extraterrestrial race comes above the earth to take
    molten cast model of our big cities,burning us to dust in process.They
    think that we will not suffer because we are not like them and we are
    primitive race.

  57. 1:23 “The cast *will* sacrifice the ants.” – Thanks, I was wondering about
    that. :/ Anyhow, could they not create a large hard-gel tank to test this
    instead? (not that I care really LOL)

  58. It’s going to be so ironic the day an alien race stumbles across Earth,
    much superior to humans in every way, and decides that we can be
    “sacrificed” on a whim in the name of science.

  59. i always laugh when i read about people acting as if they are saints. oh no
    guys, they killed some ants! let’s cry about it! i miss them biting me!
    like wat lol

  60. So I live in a desert and every summer, ants start raiding my house. I’m so
    doing this shit. Then I’d brag about my bad ass casting built from the
    corpses of a legion of my fallen enemies.

  61. People need to keep in mind that there are roughly the same number of ants
    as there are humans on the planet at any given time, and that on a global
    scale ants both die and repopulate just as fast, if not faster in some
    areas than humans. As well as ant’s kill roughly 30+ people a year so
    considering their total mass and size with humans, it isn’t that big of a
    difference in deaths. It should also be stated that some spices of ants are
    very aggressive and or just bad pests and need to be controlled. And for
    anyone that responds with “Humans need to be controlled” comments just
    remember, humans kill more humans per year than any animal on the face of
    the earth combined.

  62. To hell with ants…fuck em’. But this behavior might be an indication
    that if Aliens ever do pay us a visit, they’re gonna torture the shit out
    of us in order to satisfy their own curiosity.

  63. Made a carreer of looking down, came to love what he found there, a whole
    world of ants.. Lets pour 1200F Molten Aluminium at it.

  64. Fascinating, but I wish ant aficionados would devise a nondestructive means
    for producing accurate replicas of the interior architecture of anthills.
    Perhaps pair up some Insectologists with some Physicists or Materials
    Scientists and create a sonar-type system. I bet a proposal for such a
    system would easily net military funds. Scale it up and find Taliban
    hideouts in Afghanistan.

  65. its only genocide of an entire colony. the human race tried this once. the
    man heading the project was adolf hitler.

  66. its only genocide of an entire colony. the human race tried this once. the
    man heading the project was adolf hitler.

  67. Well theyve done it now. No need to keep killing all the ants to make these
    metal whatevers. We all can look at this video see what happens ther is no
    more to learn from pouring liquid metal into ant hills

  68. one day, martians will come and poor hot aluminum into our subways and
    marvel at our superb architecture

  69. Looks like the ants were harmed in the making of this film
    quite the opposite of what we usually see eh?

  70. An anthill near your house, getting into your food storage, wrecking your
    house insulation and eating the timber. I think I would want that anthill
    gone. This is a way that both kills the ants and helps science. Double win.
    And if you say you would not kill an entire anthill, you have not had one
    around your house, that is for sure.

  71. Lol Thats funny I can imagine the ants already ” hey what’s that up there
    bill idk Bob but its kind of ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! Oh GOD!!!!! WHY!?!?!!!!!

  72. ANTS DO NOT FEEL PAIN… Pain is a complex system that requires a fair
    number of neurons and an interpretation network…there has to be a place
    in the brain that gets the information from pain sensors, and interprets
    it- There is no reason for an ant to feel pain, since pain is a way of
    warning an animal to stop doing what it is doing, to protect itself- Ants,
    especially, and bees and other social insects, are hard-wired to not be
    concerned with their individual survival in order to protect the colony. A
    sense of pain would be a very damaging thing for the colony as a whole,
    since it would decrease the ability of the ant to fight to the death. So,
    both for reasons of logic based upon ant lifestyle, and because the ant
    brain and nervous system is so simple, it is very unlikely that ants feel

  73. We look at ants, crush them by the millions, pfft- they’re just lowly bugs,
    this is freakishly EXACTLY how aliens or any form of intelligence more
    powerful than a human will look at us. Pftt, they’re just bugs if one of
    them complain the others will laugh. If we’re lucky. Or most likely they’ll
    all just laugh and keep killing humans for fun because whichever species is
    the stronger, ALWAYS they like playing with the weaker

  74. “Have you ever dreamed of shrinking yourself so you could go inside an ant
    colony and see exactly what they do in there?”
    Not anymore that some jerk is going round poring molten metal in ant
    colonies, WTF is the point? It’s not pest control out in the woods, it’s
    just nasty. “Ants make complex tunnels” OK I think we knew that, like Jap
    Whale “reasearch” perhaps science not the top priority.

  75. What if the ants adapted to that molten aluminum, used it to create ant
    armor that was like indestructible, and then rebelled against the world for
    generations of ant genocide #ItsComing

  76. Fuck humans…sadistic creatures…so he wanted to make a museum piece out
    of it for $$$$$$s. To educate humans on life, you have to respect life
    first before you explore it. The simple way would have been to use sound
    waves to reveal the cavities underground and create computer graphics to
    generate a 3D image of the ant colony.

  77. There are quite literally many trillions of ants in the United States
    alone. They cover most of the planet, from rainforest, to desert, to
    sidewalk etc etc. you could never even attempt to get a real number on
    their population.

    Doing this helps us understand them better, and even if you tried you
    couldn’t even make a dent in their population.

    So stop whining, it’s not like they’re killing off puppies and tigers.
    They’re ants. They can repopulate those numbers in an afternoon.

  78. Despicable way to treat other lifeforms for the sake of amusement. Complete
    disregard for the suffering of animals is a key sign of psychopathy.

  79. I can just feel the proprietary technological advancements pouring in from
    killing these ants.
    Did you discover any remorse in the experiment?
    Enjoy your Ornament. Another scientific trophy for your war chest.

  80. Congratulations! Almost all of you have compared a colony of hive-minded
    insects to a sentient and intelligent species! By any logic in these
    comments Ant>Human… Yep.

  81. Jesus at 10 I use to step on ants and burn them with a magnify glass what
    the hell is up with the Ants sensitivity training all of a sudden?

  82. Encouraged by his success, he went on to make the videos “What Happens When
    You Pour Molten Lead All Over Puppies?” and “What Happens When You Pour
    Molten Titanium Down A Baby’s Throat?”

  83. People lost their shit at this…but fail to recognize he’s an expert on

    It’s not like he’s some callous guy who likes torturing bugs. He’s studying
    how they live and work.

  84. Why the fuck are you people flipping your shit?! They did this for science,
    to see how the colonies work. It’s not fucking animal cruelty for 200+ tiny
    ass fucking insects to be killed. I’m sure this fine gentleman will sleep
    fine tonight and instead of thinking of all the fucking ants that died
    he’ll think about the amazing thing he got to see and study that day.
    Fucking hippies…

  85. What if Elephants came along and destroyed our cities just to see how ‘such
    tiny things can be such great architects’

  86. So you just ruin their entire home that probably took forever to build
    murdered like 100 ants for god damn research?!?!!? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

  87. They’re ants. Not humans. There are more ants than humans. Ants are born
    approximately every minute or so. Half of the commenters are retards.
    There, I summed up everything you need to know about this video in one

  88. This is nasty. I often think, this Earth could be like a giant ants nest,
    and some day some strange giants are gonna pour crap into our nest or start
    stomping on us. Maybe in a way, they already are.

  89. why is everyone saying death threats about molten aluminum poured on us? do
    people realized that ants outnumber humans by a whole lot so it’s not gonna
    hurt the ant population by killing 100 of them

  90. I like how people think he’s a psychopath for killing ants but then every
    time they see a spider or a mosquito they go out of their way to kill it.

    Also, those who wish to pour molten aluminum on the guy, not THAT is
    fucking ridiculous and crazy. Think about it. “You are a monster for
    killing insects, I wish you to die a horrible death”. When you see a child
    step on an anthill, do you start stabbing him with a knife?

  91. Wow research. We learned they dig holes!!!!! Wow professor dickhead!!!!
    That is groundbreaking work that will really help us understand exactly how
    ants live. Cause that shits important ya know. Now we can actually tell the
    others. What a complete waste of time and money. Research my ass. More like
    looking for ways to spend educational funds. Morons

  92. Hmmm, I wonder how he would feel if aliens came and poured hot aluminum all
    over earth cause they were fascinated with us and wanted to see how we
    live. Still messed up way to go about it. if you can’t do it without
    harming their environment than don’t touch it.

  93. We’re sacrificing the lives of ants. Such an every day thing to do? Really?
    Oh, yes? Then let me just buy a gun and then I will go to your house and
    kill you. What’s your address again?

  94. Disgraceful behaviour. From a so called academic I would expect better.
    Absolutely no difference between him and a snotty kid with a magnifying

  95. The world has always been the survive of the fittest. And turns out we as a
    species are the fittest.

    If other species were the fittest it would be far worse for us.

  96. to people comparing him making castings of ants nests to “what aliens could
    do”, keep in mind the sheer number of ants nests around the world. the
    number of ants nests he’s making castings of, in proportion, wouldn’t even
    equate to the destruction of a single city by aliens. so if they’re only
    going to make a casting of one city, please be London. Mos people in the UK
    outside of the home counties are getting sick of their shit.

  97. Okay so I’ve been reading your comments, some are cruel, some are retarded
    and some are nothing to do with this video (eg: “14000 likes??? How is that
    possible if we’re 7000 people? Fake accounts?” Seriously, go to school
    dumbasses). But I want to talk about the cruel people. You’re saying “It’s
    just fucking retarded ants!” and I’m saying “You’re just a fucking retarded
    cruel person!”. If killing ants is just not cruel, well ask yourself, would
    it be cool if a billion people including you would burn in burning
    aluminum? I think it would be cool if only you, retarded cruel people,
    would burn in HELL!

  98. Did you know if we put all of the ants and stacked them each on top of each
    other until they reached space that most of them would die?

  99. ants are like *oh my god what the hell is that stuff AHHHHHH HELP IM
    BURNING ALIVE HELP ME AHHHHHHHHHHH* meanwhile that dudes like *heheh.

  100. Just wondering couldn’t there have been some sort of fumigation to have the
    inhabitants evade the structure first and perhaps then apply the aluminum?
    I suppose that was thought of before they had to go with this option, silly

  101. Anybody want to complain about how people are tortured and mass murdered?
    No? Oh yeah, I forgot how much more important the lives of ants are in
    comparison to our own.

  102. 1: It’s actually pretty interesting to look at.
    2: I have never seen anyone go so far off the deep end over ants. Jeepers

  103. fun fact, the wight of ants on this planet is about equal to the weight of
    all the humans in the world. i don’t think that anyone should be concerned
    for the ants.

  104. I love how people sit here and cry over the loss of the ants. But when
    theres one biting you, you have no problem killing it then. If your gonna
    cry over ants, why dont you kindly remove the next one that bites you and
    set it on the ground. Or if you find a colony of carpenter ants in the
    walls of your house relocate them instead of poisoning them. Fire ants are
    also native to South America, and are considered an invasive species in the
    United States. So stop crying over spilled aluminum.

  105. Good! Ants are a pest and need to be wiped out. If not wiped out their
    populations need to at least be contained. I will let ants do what they do,
    but if a colony tried to make home in my yard, it’s game over for the
    little shits.

  106. i HOPE that he doesn’t continue to make the casting and he learned enough
    from the ones he has made.
    The ants did not agree to sacrifice their lives. are you trying to help
    the ants or what exactly with your research?

  107. There are so much ants on this planet that there are probably more ants in
    one colony than people in the whole of Africa. Come on people, these
    suckers reproduce faster than the clock ticks. Their not going to go
    extinct or get wiped out.

  108. People acting like they’ve never killed an ant before. It’s not like these
    ants were killed for no reason, as many are, they actually served a purpose
    for us to see more about their lifestyle and what amazing stuff they make.
    And it clearly states ants were harmed in this video. If you cant handle
    that then gtfo of Youtube. Because I’m pretty sure that you do not give a
    fuck about the many ants killed everyday for no purpose at all.

  109. Ants have rights! Omg omg! Oh the humanity I dont know if I can go on
    anymore after watching the holocaust of all those poor jobless useless non
    contributing ants.

  110. Lmao all these people against this, you are all a bunch of hypocrites, and
    you dont even know it.. cant tell if they are trolls but so fucking stupid.

  111. Proof of the evil in man, just to please his curiosity. So where do we draw
    the line. They might just be ants, but they are still living, and not our
    creation. You had no right!!!! They share this world with us. And in a
    good world system you would be in jail for doing this.

  112. OOOO My GOD! “It will sacrifice the lives of the Ants.” Oh NO! Please don’t
    kill some insects just to learn more about them. That would be way to
    intelligent and it upsets the idiots. Here come the Trolls from ASPCA. Run
    away, Run away! I need to drown some more mice that are stuck in the
    sticky traps. Later!

  113. To me it’s not an issue about the ants but it’s about how people believe
    some douche bag that throws molten metal down a hole … What do you think
    it’s going to happen ??? Takes an expert to figure this out???? Shows how
    stupid people are depending their lives experiences on a “expert ” .

  114. While you were watching this video, 17,3 million bacteries died, killed by
    gastric juices in your gastrointestinal tract. How does this makes you feel?

    Be careful when you reply, there are just as many on your keyboard you
    might accidentally crush with your fingers.

  115. so if there are aliens (wich there probably are) that are smarter then us
    they have the right to kill us just bcause they are smarter?

  116. Ants. Are. Not. Fucking. People. There is no equivalency. They do not
    possess the capacity for sentient, rational thought. Unless you’re a vegan,
    you eat creatures far more advanced than those ants every day of your lives
    (and there are people to whom ants and other insects are a food source.
    They eat them by the hundreds. )

    And I’m willing to bet a large chunk of those here in the comments bleating
    about the poow widdle ants would think nothing of killing an unborn human
    child in the womb. A 3- month old fetus has a far greater capacity to feel
    pain than does a lowly ant drone. So unless you’re going to do something
    about banning abortion and the eating of livestock, then STFU.

  117. alright lets settle down people. I’m sure they made sure it was empty
    before they poured it down. And would it really matter, really? Doesn’t
    stop all these protesters on here from sleeping. I love every single animal
    but it really, really doesn’t matter. Quit sitting and bitching and go out
    and feed some freezing and starving birds in winter time or help a hedgehog
    cross the road. Just stop your bitchin’.

  118. Jesus Christ, you ppl are so stupid and intolerant!
    Those bastard useless animals don’t pay taxes and waste lands and oxygen
    that we could use for our almighty technology and our right to life!
    THey should help us dominate and pollute the whole world, kill them all and
    destroy all forest! But well, they are just animals they can’t know we are
    so much superior to them that they don’t have the right to not be our


  119. It’s quite entertaining and a little bit depressing to see how many people
    think that comparing the lives of ants to those of humans is perfectly
    acceptable. They seem to take no account of the fact that Humans are
    sentient, sapient beings, where as ants have very little brain capacity,
    and run mostly off of instinct. Humans can reason and understand the world
    around them, they have hopes and dreams, where as ants are driven by
    instinct and their lives revolve around tasks preordained to them by their
    species’ evolution. If the ants actually cared, don’t you think they would
    have banded together and waged war upon us by now? Oh right. They are
    mindless drones incapable of that level of thought.

  120. Oh please people. Do you know how many billions of ants are killed every
    year with pesticides? It’s nothing new. At least this method isn’t bad for
    the environment. And we get to have a cool video to watch as a bonus.

  121. Your so called “ant-hill-art” is so stupid that you should be ashamed. You
    do not understand anything about nature and natural systems… shame on you

  122. This reminds me of a scene from Contact

    Ms. President, there is no reason whatsoever to believe their intentions
    are hostile. We pose no threat to them — it would be like us going out of
    our way to destroy microbes on a beach in Africa.

    Interesting analogy. And how guilty would we feel if we happened to
    destroy some microbes on a beach in Africa?

  123. I hope one day aliens drop molten metal on our cities to create a cast of
    our cities then one alien narrator will be explaining in a video ” the cast
    will sacrifice the lives of these creatures but it will also provide useful
    research into their mysterious colonies” . Atleast the survivors will be
    able to relate to this video then.

  124. Now that I got my PHD, I have the knowledge for the ultimate trolling of
    ants. Let’s melt those fuckers with aluminum 🙂

  125. Why the fuck is everyone losing their shit over some ants? Oh and by the
    way, there are 3x as many ants on the planet as there are humans.

  126. Just imagine these mother fuckers are no different from ISIS terrorists
    they kill lives fuck this kind of theory they should be judged n jailed not
    happy man

  127. When housing corporations set out to make homes for you, your families and
    friends and for your future families and friends, do you think that’s
    ethically wrong? Probably not. It’s funny how people only seem to address
    an issue when it’s physically present in front of them. But now that I
    think about it, this is different. We need homes for us to survive as a
    species. We don’t need to do what this video shows. I’m a science student
    and I’m usually all for anything educational or purposeful as long as it’s
    ethical. But this, it’s killing thousands of living things which may or may
    not feel pain (we don’t know), for the purpose of aesthetic appeal and

    Looks awesome. Fascinating for sure. But it’s wrong. For all we know this
    could have been synonymous to a whole city instantly wiped out by a volcano
    that’s Vesuvius’ pimp.

  128. What happens when you pour 1200F molten aluminum into an anthill? You piss
    a lot of hippie loving tree huggers off, and enjoy it.

  129. Pretty useless and destructive experiment,it could have been better
    achieved using technology that does not harm the colony.

  130. I was thinking, “Damn that’s fucked up. Pouring it in just for fun? Yuck.”
    Then they pulled out the mold and I’m like “Worth it.”

  131. To answer the title of this video…They DIE…their entire city wiped
    out…survivor ants will talk about this big unatural unknown event and
    will pass on to generations

  132. How very ingenious to pour molten aluminum into the ant’s passage
    ways,.and come out with this. Fascinating to say the least.

  133. The poor ants, they are just like the rest of us, trying to survive. And
    they’ve been around a LOT longer than man. If what science says is true –
    100 million years – then that means 20,000 times farther back than what we
    consider ancient – the pyramids !! Something to think about. They (the
    ants) have found out that through cooperation things get done and there is
    no room for greed. I can hear John Lennon singing in the background.

  134. You commenters have really opened my primitive human eyes; yes, this is
    truly barbaric and showcases the evil roots of mankind! Bah, this is
    madness, the work of Satan! Ants are people too, imagine if someone poured
    molten silver on YOUR homes! Ants deserve better! Ants should be allowed to
    vote, ants should be allowed to carry fire arms and ride at the front of
    the bus! Ants should be allowed to run for office! We need to allow ants to
    go to school with our children instead of forcing them to dwell in their
    ant mounds! This is heathenistic! Let the ants and humans live together,
    who’s with me?

  135. This is twisted and sick. Why murder thousands of helpful insects just for
    the pleasure of humans. They may be small and seemingly useless, but with
    the food chain, they basically hold our lives along other pollinators and

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however, so think whatever you want
    to think, but remember these insects will always live on.

  136. How did he get it up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit out in the woods? I think I
    see a car battery, but I’d expect a bigger power source than that

  137. Ants… We Love them so much we blast entire colonies out of existence
    with molten aluminum. Well there goes the aeration of the soil… wait a
    min, i forgot… we have machines to do that for us. SMH,,, What is a life

  138. No, I have never dreamed of shrinking myself so I could go inside an ant
    colony and see exactly what they do in there. However this video
    stimulated me to dream of how horrifying it would be If I were in a room
    which was filling with molten aluminum.

  139. Wow ants minding their business and here comes the fucktards of the world
    destroying nature for their own curiosity. Wonder how long it took them to
    build that massive structure?

  140. There is estimates 321,035,624,829,901,000 ants alive on earth. You
    probably don’t even know this number. This does not even make a microscopic
    dent in the ant population.

  141. Seriously killing that many ants for the information gathered is not worth
    it find a different way to gather that info. And people that don’t care
    about weaker living things have bigger problems.

  142. Without “bad” things happening, there are also no “good” things. Otherwise,
    how would you define “good” things then, when there is nothing to compare
    to? What if the definition varies from person to person? Tricky. Do you
    know how insignificant the percentage of ants that were killed here is
    compared to the total ant population of the planet? Yeah, it’s unfortunate
    that some of them died, but let me tell you, there are a LOT of sad things
    in this world. If anything, I work to achieve better quality of life (both
    physically and emotionally/mentally) for humans, and I wish that other
    humans have the same goals as mine. And then, living things come second
    (there are a few exceptions).

    Also, consider this: some ants were sacrificed for the education of people,
    increasing the people’s respect for the ants. Quite a sacrifice, eh? Well,
    considering now that we have the internet, anybody around the world can see
    this video, rather than having to do this themselves, killing more ants.
    Sometimes, it takes a good shove to get the ball rolling.

  143. Oh, and can you answer my other question? What happens when I pour 1200F
    molten aluminium on YOUR HEAD?

    And for the idiots down there(And out there) who are saying “Pft, ants are
    pests, ants are stupid, humans are superior because we think differently,
    ants are nasty creatures why should you care about them kill them all,
    haaaa”, what is wrong with you? If these creatures were our size, they
    would take over the world, because of how strong they are. And who is it,
    might I ask, That is destroying Earth as we speak? Who has nearly melted
    the ice caps completely, wiped out other species who DESERVE to share the
    world with us, ripped a hole in the ozone, has dropped millions of tons of
    waste and oil everywhere, destroyed homes, and relocated animals into an
    environment where they might upset the balance? (I know i’m ranting.)
    Superior beings. We even kill each other, and not like the animals do
    either. Oh hey, guess what? Ants formed their societies before humans.
    Sure, they invade your home, sure, they bite. Who cares? Most animals try
    to make sure their homes are safe from intruders, that’s OK. But doing it
    for sport (Kids with magnifying glasses) or curiousity (Seriously? You know
    what it looks like, you don’t have to destroy an anthill)? You shouldn’t
    kill unnecessarily. Animals deserve to live SIMPLY because they are ALIVE.
    Come on, this isn’t some fantasy world that has nightmarish creatures
    roaming the planet. The animals on earth don’t decide to gravitate towards
    humans JUST to annoy or kill them. And be quiet, i’m not an extreme tree
    hugger, I just don’t believe in taking a life. Humans just don’t understand
    that one life is not different from another based on lifestyle and so
    called intellect. There are so many movies about superior aliens from space
    or a different dimension deciding that humans are stupid animals to be
    hunted for sport, and the humans get offended because they value their
    lives. If you can somehow figure out how to look at an infant in its’
    mothers’ uterus without cutting her open and taking it out, you can figure
    out a way to look at an anthill without disturbing the colony. Eating
    animals? Fine, animals have always done that. Removing animals from your
    home and plants? To hell with the rest of your reasons. If I am curious
    about the cells on a dogs’ nose, I’m not gonna cut a bit off and put under
    my microscope. Ok? Ok. I think I’ve said enough, but just in case, EVERY.

  144. another brilliant science, This guy loves ants and then in the name of
    science kills them just to see how they build their home. Does he get paid
    for doing this type of work? This is madness. I hope ants will invade his
    home just to prove how poorly his home is design lol

  145. I haven’t read the comments yet, but even though this video is about ants,
    I have nagging suspicion that if I do, I will find arguments about topics
    ranging from tenuously relevant to completely non sequiter like religion,
    Obama, the Illuminati, gay marriage, or Justin Bieber. Am I right?

  146. haha, I like you Walter. So one day, wile you sleep, I am going to pore
    molten metal down your chimney so i can lean more of how you once lived. A
    little ironic?

  147. I hope those jerks that build a colony in my lemon tree pot + keep their
    live stock plant lice on the leaves see this!….no I´m kidding…I love
    ants….but why does it always have to be my lemon tree each summer!?!!!

  148. Dip em in chocolate and munch away…The little hordes dive in anyways.
    Anyways, some get all butt hurt being all “Eco-maniacs.” Others are just
    blind to basic facts. Ants have been around longer then we have, along with
    many other pesky bugs. Nature does not take sides for anything. One thing
    is more successful than another, and one thing’s success can also be the
    destruction of many other species; (ants can be as destructive as any human
    population like any living organism). If ants were as big as people, don’t
    think they would give a crap about the “environment” they would destroy to
    support their existence. In fact, in many cases ants are NOT a positive
    factor in an ecosystem, while some are because other creatures learned to
    take advantage of them, just like many species take advantage of human
    creations. That how life really works and it is fundamentally impersonal,
    self serving, and destructive. That;s where the adapt or die thing comes
    into play. Peace.

  149. Anyone else remember that one episode of MacGyver where he had to stop a
    bunch of ants from terrorizing a village, and get revenge on the ants for
    killing a friend of his?

  150. SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT THE ANTS RIGHTS they die in about a week so shut up
    and go back to eating your KFC you fucking hypocrites

  151. Ant #1 “Ok guys I think we found a good food source here. Let’s mark a
    trail back to the nest and tell the others.” Hours Later. Ant
    #3,000,000,000: “Oh crap! Someone took the nest and left a giant hole!”
    Ant# 3,000,000,001:”I told you there were aliens! “FUCKING ALIENS! Oh look
    a bread crumb!”

  152. That is so fucked up! Pouring molten metal into a live ant colony? For
    what? If you want to know what an ant colony looks like, watch a fuckin’
    documentary or raise your own ant colony.

  153. i feel bad for the ants. they may just be ants but they are still living
    breathing creatures it’s sad kill 100s and them for no resone.

  154. 0:02

    Director: “CUT! Goddammit!”

    Dude in suit: “I can do it, I promise!”

    Director: “Alright, but I swear this is your last chance. Take
    one-hundred and eight —- ACTION!”

  155. Fire ants: the scourge of the Southeast United States. I cannot imagine a
    more suitable demise for the little bastards.

  156. Mighty humans, killing in the name of science, in the name of god and in
    the name of good fun… It’s allright, those are just ants, they don’t feel
    pain like we do, let’s pour some hot aluminium over their heads, yeah!..
    Hey, maybe we should do the same with Jews and Blacks, they’re not really
    like us… Uhmm.. Boss.. -What?! – I think someone tried that already…
    Oh, did they?..Shit!.. Ok, let’s go and cut up some frogs arses then!

  157. So many people crying about ants. I don’t think they realize ants don’t
    even have the capacity to feel remorse or anything at all when they kill
    other animals. They’ll eat a baby kitten alive and not even think about
    what they are doing.

  158. What the fuck? If you already knew all that why would you murder all those
    ants you fucking scum dog I hope you die the same way

  159. Omg I can’t believe what I just witnessed! This is genocide and should be
    illegal!!! You should go to JAIL or be shot! I can’t stop thinking of how
    terrible it is that you destroyed their home!! I can only imagine one of
    the ant families in their little ant house as the molten metal came down
    burning their friends alive and they cuddle together for one last moment in
    love and as a family before they get burned and hugging and saying their
    goodbyes 🙁 I’m literally crying, this is so terrible, how could you do
    this!!! Nothing is more terrible, they’re gone forever and all they were
    doing was living life!! Humans are so terrible

  160. ants are incredible creatures who deserve way more respect than this
    douchebag is giving them . but as long has he is getting rich it’s ok. so

  161. This beautiful world was created for ALL life forms and humans job is to
    learn how to coexist with them in peace and respect. Whoever do cruel and
    wrong act , will rake for him or herself same experience that they brought
    about to innocent others. People who do cruelty are asking for heavy
    repayment from the law they cannot escape ; Law of cause and effect to
    teach in hard way those who have no heart, no mercy, no compassion.
    You better wake up from this nightmare of your own creation and
    change your evil ways for the sake of your own soul , when you still can
    breathe. Awake your heart and change you evil ways or you will harvest
    what you sowed .
    So tragic and sad when humans go inhuman and only evil spirits gains when
    people commit act of cruelty.

  162. As a christian, and a fellow scientist and Darwinist (the christians now
    go, “You cant believe in both systems!” I say, “clearly you know nothing
    about evolution!”) I apologize to everyone for the stupidity of my fellow
    christians down below. They get so caught up in ‘god’s creatures’. Yet,
    they have no problem killing trillions of bacterial cells with medicine,
    when they are sick. They are being selective with what ‘god’ deems a
    creature, and thus, their entire arguments are flawed. There is no
    selectiveness, because once you are selective, you are bias. Thus, killing
    ants for research I fully support. Also, fellow christians, educate
    yourself about evolution. Which is more likely? That woman literally came
    from the rib of man (Bible says it, so it MUST be true!), or that man
    slowly and casually evolved from another animal before it, over tens of
    thousands of generations. Hm………….any intelligent person would say
    that us evolving makes the most sense. So, please take your ‘gods
    creatures’ arguments to your extremist church, and keep them off the
    internet where other uneducated christians will bandwagon follow your bias

  163. It is a fascinating insight into how various Ant colonies are structured
    but I am concerned about the ethics of this especially as we live in a
    world full of ground mapping technology that could surely do the same job
    without affecting the Ants and do it better as it would not be simply a
    static snapshot.

  164. It’s quite funny… so if there’s a race outside earth that is so high
    above us we’re basically ants in comparison to them. Would this be
    something that you would understand if they start doing to us? I mean come
    on now.. “we’re just ants” aren’t we?

  165. Hahah…let us hope one day giant Aliens from space don’t decide to find
    out how we live by “casting” our world in molten uranium or some such
    horrible thing. “Who cares if they burn to death pointlessly? They are only

  166. This is absolutely horrific. There are starving anteaters out there in need
    of those ants.
    Be ashamed of yourselves!

  167. Fighting Fire With Fire Baby! Ya-Hayah!…Hey Jim!…What’s that falling
    from the sky?!…AAAAAGHMAAAGAAAAAADDD!!!

  168. Ants shouldn’t be eliminated. They keep other insects numbers from growing
    out of control. Every predator plays a role.

  169. I thought this was very cool. Pour molten aluminum into yellow jacket
    hives. The ones build into the ground of course. And dig it out. Might b
    interesting too:)

  170. The queen was like “hell yeah we just conquered those black ants we will
    soon control the forest and wait what the hell is that oh my sweet ant

  171. Dr. Sauron of the University of Mordor (motto: Unum non simpliciter
    ambulant in Mordor) shows his appreciation for all Eru’s creatures, great
    and small.

  172. Every time the narrator says something, just add “…so he poured molten
    aluminum all over them.”

    I can’t stop laughing.

  173. i would pour molten aluminum into an office building. might be a good
    science project. studying the biggest paratise on earth

  174. the ends certainly justifies the means. and it certainly beats using any
    kinds of poison that will hurt other animals or life.

  175. Basically, those little ant-hills are just the tip of the iceberg

    Seems like you could accidentally put your foot all the way through some of
    these, but I’ve never seen that happen before, so these ants must really
    know their architecture.

  176. Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first
    instinct is to laugh. But then I think, “what if I was an ant, and she fell
    on me. Then it wouldn’t seem quite so funny.” 🙁

  177. Why the heck don’t they just use infrasound modelling to map the nest
    instead of molten metal. I’m sure humans wouldn’t appreciate me pouring
    molten metal into a subway system…

  178. Lol some pricks destroy an entire civilization of ants and people are like
    “who cerres, der ants”. Lol how would you like it if a volcano sealed up
    your home and trapped you until you were melted? Piece of shit pricks.

  179. People who are saying “this doesn’t mean shit to the population” are true,
    but with how much humans overreact on their own deaths is pretty
    egocentric. I’m not saying “ohhh have a funeral” or whatever, but don’t
    laugh about ants dying you pricks.

    Sarcasm, Those ants killed will not dent the ant population AT ALL AS SOON

  181. 1) There is an estimated 10 quadrillion ants living, and counting. Ants
    reproduce at 5x the rate at which they are killed. Killing a colony of ants
    makes almost zero difference. 2) Ant’s live by instinct, and usually are
    hostile towards anything that isn’t them. There is no reasoning, they just
    attack anything that isn’t from their hives. From experience, I’ve actually
    seen fire ants eat people before. Come down to Fort Hood, Texas, and
    witness a hive of ants eat an entire person (bones included) within 48
    hours, and then come back to this video and bitch and complain about how
    “cruel and undeserving” this is, and how it should be illegal. I fucking
    dare you…

  182. awesome video!!! if y’all want to watch some other ways to kill ants check
    out our videos and subscribe!! Many videos to come in the future!

  183. This will be what happens in 2 million years, when futuristic intelligent
    ants will be pouring magma into human colonies to demonstrate the
    sophistication of man-made tunnels, to a class of eager ant students

  184. Estructura de un hormiguero, vertiendo aluminio fundido para obtener una
    réplica de las galerías.

  185. I’m going to make an extermination business that specializes in ant removal
    in this manner. Then sell the metal “statues” that are made. I think
    there’d be demand for these. I’d much rather do this than spray them with
    some chemical. At least they died for something when it comes to the

  186. and how many ants have the tree huggers killed when walking on the side
    walk or bugs on their car windscreen when driving lol

  187. Yeah, I’d be glad to do that, but where the fuck am I gonna find an ant
    “colony”, or whatever, that big? & where am I gonna be able to get 1200F

  188. Lol atheist scientist are sick no value on life they try to pretend god and
    determine who can and can’t live

  189. So of I want a sculpture of your house interior design I should get hot
    boiling aluminum abd just pour it into your house with you and your family
    in side for the mane of science?

  190. This may actually be the the most stupid collection of people complaining
    about ant death that I’ve ever seen. I consider myself way more important
    than an ant. Whether or not that makes me an asshole doesn’t actually
    matter, because those ants aren’t gonna say shit to me. They know their

  191. You guys know according to scientists if we wiped out mosquitoes there
    really wouldnt be a change in the ecosystem fuck ants its mosquitoes with
    their diseases we should be worried about

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