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Everything Wrong With Back To The Future In 8 Minutes Or Less

Via Everything Wrong With Back To The Future In 8 Minutes Or Less.

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  1. Because it opens up a sequel that’s why. You can’t say „sequel in 25 years“
    and make us wait. It would just now be getting made

  2. Hello, Sins guy. I hope you get to see this. How’s about you test out your
    skillz of realz, huh? Do EWW Armageddon. Your target: 120. Apparently NASA
    makes their new entries watch it and come up with as many mistakes as
    possible, although I have no source for that factoid. Try it out.

  3. If Marty did time travel to tell Doc he would get shot, he would have run
    into himself. Not to mention, there would be two of him and only one
    lightning bolt. The two Marty’s would have to drive next to each other to
    hit the lightning bolt and time travel.

  4. I can explain why Marty traveling back in time didn’t cause the machine to
    be icy cold. It’s only when the DeLorean goes into the future that it
    causes its outer shell to be covered in ice, because it remained frozen in
    place to allow time to reach its chosen destination. Sort of like if
    someone ends up cryogenically frozen. You can see the DeLorean icy cold
    once again when Marty gets back to his own timeline at 5:24.

  5. This video forgot to point out the part where Doc makes up his own
    arbitrary measurement of power, which is known as a „JiggaWatt“. Really
    now, what the heck is a jiggawatt?

    In real life we measure watts, kilowatts, megawatts, maybe gigawatts, but
    never jiggawatts.


  6. here’s an easter egg if you see marty running to the mall when meeting doc
    brown the mall name was the twin pines mall but since marty destroyed one
    of the pine in the past, and when he return to save the doc it says lone
    pine mall(without an S) deduct a sin, movie sin tally 54.

  7. marty could just have gone back to 1985 with the lightning, reload
    plutonium take one plutonium with him go back to 1955 stop his first self
    to push his dad, tell his first self what to do and go back to 1985 with
    the second plutonium

  8. also what is wrong is:
    if marty would dissapear, that means he never was born
    not being born means he couldn’t screw up the timeline.
    so if he didnt screw up the timeline that means he was born.
    being born=screwing up=not being born
    being born=not being born.

  9. When I will have a kids, Back To The Future will be the first movie they
    will see, Chuck Berry will be the first musician they will listen to, Mario
    Bros. will be the first video game they will play, Tom&Jerry will be the
    first cartoon that will make them laughing. And I can just hope they will
    have as happy childhood as I had back in time, and as happy future as I
    have now.

  10. Being that time travel is entirely imaginary, there are no rules, all of
    the „sins“ regarding time travel are void. „Why would just his head
    disappear?“ – time travel is imaginary. „Why would Marty start
    disappearing?“ – time travel is imaginary.

    Also, the complaint about his girlfriend turning into Elizabeth Shue and
    his dad not looking the same are not references to this film, but the
    sequel where they recreate the scene with different actors.

  11. in saint row 4 in the nice place mission when your killing cops there’s a
    newspaper box across the street from the gas station which the headline
    reads save the clock tower and across from that a building with a clock in
    it similar to the one in back to the future

  12. Plutonium, huh? Now I’m thinking of all the bullshit about Fukushima
    irradiating California. It’s so dumb, and so many people are convinced it’s

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  13. It was hilarious how they thought that by 2010 we’d have flying cars and
    hover boards and all of that back in 1985. If only.

  14. To the sin at 3:58 where Marty starts to become transparent, I just urge
    one to watch the episode of Fringe where a simple pen caused a fatal crash.

    And seriously, its not just about running into yourself, its about running
    into anyone. I mean, what if you bump into someone and then they stop to
    say „Hey, watch out“ and then they miss the light turning red and walk
    right into the path of a moving car that they would absolutely have avoided
    had they not bumped into Marty. Just saying, you have to be very careful
    with time.

  15. The life-jacket-like-thing that Marty wears is apparently still in style,
    so by next year we should have that and really weird clothing right? xD
    Also you know you’re going to have to do the other two right, especially
    since the second will most likely have continuity errors.

  16. The opening theme from ‚Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure‘ for the opening of ‚Back
    to the Future‘ was pretty awesome.. lol

  17. #16 here’s hoping he didn’t pay at the malt shop with a Kennedy half
    dollar, that would have raised a few eyebrows given sin #17

  18. #8 is possible. the deloreons doors do not extrude very far out from the
    car. the hinges go straight up which means doc brown could get in and out
    while the car is in the trailer. there are videos on youtube of people with
    deloreons opening the doors in trailers.


    2:23 Back in 1955, there so few roads that they all were named after the
    famous people.

    2:38 One cable is audio, the other one is video.

    2:49 George McFly doesn’t need to have children to take a picture.

    2:53 You can watch the waking-up pranks. Even though those people are woken
    up by loud noises, they don’t scream.

    3:04 Biff IS homicidal. This is proven in the second movie, where Marty
    hangs on the car with hoover board and he intentionally drives him into
    woods, walls etc.

    3:16 Actually, locks were easier to pick in 1955.

    4:28 She didn’t say that she’s gonna name his son „Marty.“ Even if she
    thought that, George gets to decide his own child’s name doesn’t he?

    4:54 You can’t name two movies those are shot before 1985 in which car goes
    dead just when you need it.

    6:47 Having a 4×4 is not an excuse for not to worry about your other car.

    7:27 Doc’s one strict rule is; „You can’t share information about the
    future.“ But there is no rule against „showing“ the future. Moreover,
    Jennifer is there. He cannot just say and leave.

  20. People are so critical nowadays. When I first saw this movie I thought it
    was really smart. Now I realise it was full of a zillion holes and not so
    smart at all.

  21. The John F Kennedy thing is nonsense in another far more important sense.
    „Who the hell is John F Kennedy,“ Baldy? Are you serious? Do you not read
    papers or watch the TV or listen to the radio? Not only was Kennedy a
    decorated WW2 hero, and had a world-famous father, he also hit the national
    stage big time in 1952 by beating the supposedly undefeatable Republican
    juggernaut Henry Cabot Lodge for his Senate seat. Becoming in the process
    one of the youngest Senators in US history. Front page news across the
    USA. And this happened three years before the ‚past‘ section of the movie
    is set. Kennedy was in 1955 also in the early stages of running for VICE
    PRESIDENT on Adlai Stevenson’s ticket, so Baldy there is a complete fool.
    It’s like asking who the hell Mitt Romney is in late 2010.

  22. Another movie sin cliche: The woman has ABSOLUTELY no agency and it is
    completely up to the man to make her his girl, etc.

  23. Wait… the HOMELESS GUY was the old Mayor of Hill Valley from 1955? THIS
    MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. I always wondered why Marty referred to him by name
    and I had NO idea who he was supposed to be!

  24. Also, they new that the lightning struck at 10:04, but that means it could
    have struck at 10:04 and 2 seconds, or 10:04 and 54 seconds, which is a big
    difference considering he had to hit the wire at the exact moment that the
    lightning struck, not just sometime within that minute.

  25. That thing with the DeLorean backing out of the trailer is totally legit.

    Even if it was as time consuming and difficult at described, and there was
    no reason to believe that anyone would be around to see it, I would still
    totally do that.

    It looks fucking awesome and that is enough to justify it.

  26. the vertical delorean doors actually take *less* space to operate than
    regular doors and would probably open in the truck.

  27. The reason why Dave starts disappearing before Marty And Linda is because
    he’s the oldest, so naturally he would be the first to be wiped out of
    existence if their parents were never to meet. Most nonsensical video ever
    to be uploaded to youtube.

  28. I’m pretty sure Doc wore body armor instead of changing what the fuel or
    what the location of the demonstration was so Marty would still be sent
    back in time, otherwise there’d be the paradox of Marty not going back in
    time and thus causing Doc to not change the location and so on and so forth
    because Marty sees himself get in the delorean and go back in time, but
    then again as Doc states in the second film, there’s alternate timelines
    and Marty and Doc messing with time is making the timeline move in a
    different direction. Also in the videogame when the present is messed up,
    the new Marty had different experiences from the Marty you’re playing as,
    causing some interesting conversations and people asking Marty what has
    gotten into him, like in the second movie when Marty asks where his dad is
    and his mom says that he’s been dead for years. I think they figured that
    they left parts of the time travel unexplained and decided to explain them
    in the second and third movies.

  29. The one about his life being perfectly identical except for the room
    looking different isn’t really a sin, is it? There’s nothing about that
    scenario that isn’t plausible.

  30. What I consider a sin, would be when Lorraine’s dad finishes setting up the
    TV, and he then says „Now we can watch Jacky Gleeson while we eat“, but
    then later on, one of his sons say „It’s their first TV set“. How could
    they know about the show, if they have never had a TV before to watch it.
    And also TV’s would have been new at the time, so there wouldn’t be a lot
    of gossip going around about the show, nor would they have the Internet
    because of course it didn’t exsist at the time. Let me know if you also
    agree, or have any evidence why you disagree.

  31. Thanks for the Fun ! This was so good, I lost an hour watching 5 of them
    after the first one, Godzilla. BTW, that’s not a good idea. Your sense of
    humour for silliness, or at least mine, wears out after 15 minutes or so.
    Anyway, they’re still very funny, and I think the best part is the
    Narrator. Great voice, clear diction, and can he talk fast ! Highly
    recommended for times when you’re in a really bad mood and need a good
    laugh. Then, just watch a couple.

  32. About the DeLorean’s doors: They actually take less room to open than
    conventional doors, so if there’s a car you could get into and out of in a
    semi-truck, it would be the DeLorean. It’s a stretch, but hey. It also
    bothers me that Doc Brown has this truck, but he never goes back to the
    mall to collect it, instead going straight on into his time adventures.

  33. What about the fact that the DeLorean stays in the same place when it time
    travels. The Earth moves, so Marty would most likely end up in space,
    right? In fact, Einstein should be 1,116.66667 miles in the air and
    16.6666667 miles to the west after his minute-long time travel.

  34. „hey, I’ve just noticed our son looks just like that guy you had a crush on
    who you invited to stay in your room just before we got together! Is there
    something you want to tell me, honey?“

  35. In regards to the Libyan terrorists, they had probably been driving all
    over town for several minutes prior to showing up at the Twin Pines Mall.
    Also, terrorists don’t set a specific time of when to hunt down and kill
    people; they do it when it’s most convenient for them. So, the time that
    they showed up is irrelevant. Plus, the Libyans had to have already been in
    the U.S. for a while in order to know that Doc Brown was living in Hill

  36. There’s one sin that was left out: the note Mcfly wrote to Marty in 1955.
    We clearly see Doc tear up the note in front of Marty and throw it into a
    garbage can. However, when Marty goes back to 1985, Doc shows Marty the
    same note, but somehow it miraculously got pieced back together. WTF?

    Also, remember when young Lorraine said to Marty in the car „Marty, you’re
    acting like I’ve never ‚parked‘ before.“ Shouldn’t that have been rather
    traumatizing for Marty to all of a sudden know that his mom was a
    sex-crazed freak in high school, and that she was minutes away from trying
    to seduce him?

  37. The two Reds are not the same person. The photo of the mayor Red is of the
    Back to the Future set designer, and the actor of the tramp is not that
    person. Michael J Fox ad libbed the name Red for the tramp

  38. there’s something wrong in back to the future III So Marty goes back
    to the future without doc so shouldn’t the time machine disappear scene doc
    wasn’t in the year 1985 to make the time machine because he didn’t go back
    from 1885 with Marty

  39. Do you have a life dude? It seems like you don’t if you take the time to
    watch an entire movie start to finish just to spot mistakes :\

  40. OMFG!! LMFAO!!!!! The end with the „Pee Wee“ music, and the Fatboy Slim,
    and especially the Teen Wolf/keg of beer thing was HIGH FUCKIN LARIOUS!!
    These cinema sins things are great!! „Dave always wears a suit to the
    office but he still lives with his parents? LMFAO“ I admit, Back to the
    Future is one of the best films ever made IMHO, but you definitely have to
    „let go“ of a few time travel rules (just like Terminator). It’s the
    „chicken or the egg“ complex. That being said, every time I see Marty
    climb over Biff’s car and step over the bullies and jump down onto the
    skateboard as they crash into the manure truck, I raise my fist like Judd
    Nelson in the end of Breakfast Club! GREAT movie. (but no movie is

  41. How did a car go to 2013 and then 1885 then to 1985 ? Then a time traveling
    train by the way this is sarcasm WHO FUCKING CARES ITS A SCIENCE FICTION
    MOVIE keyword FICTION . Get a life

  42. Another sin is that they mention that if it wasn’t for biff they wouldn’t
    have got together… the funny family story is the school bully trying
    to rape your mother? Lovely.

  43. Delorian doors actually don’t need much clearance to open. He’d still have
    to wiggle, but the doors need only a few inches.

  44. Spoiler 21 was a cheat. Later in the movie you see Marty and his sister
    also being erased. It’s always depicted in small changes in the films when
    events are skewed and not fully changed. BttF2 and crashing into the Court
    house, vs Bttf3 when Marty gets challenged to the gunfight instead of Doc.
    The picture in the first drastically changes because of the instant
    effect.. where the picture of the headstone slightly changes because the
    events are still unfolding and it hasn’t been totally altered yet.

  45. If anyone likes the Cracked video series After Hours watch the one titled
    „Why Back to the Future Is Secretly Horrifying“ Because it pretty much
    brings up the bulk of the sin in this video,still great video though.

  46. The Goonies, Back to the Future, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Teen Wolf… 1985
    (my birthyear) sure had alot of fun movies. 🙂

  47. How about the fact that in 9 months we need to make rapid advancements in
    the Sky Expressway System, Flying Car technology and MY KID WANTS HER

  48. Well, the Marty at the end of the first film is from a different timeline,
    so he would have his memories. The question is, what about the Marty from
    that „perfect family“ timeline?

  49. I can’t tell if this is valid, if cinema sins already mentioned it in the
    video, but, here’s what I have to say:
    You know how marty was disappearing when his parents at the prom wasn’t
    getting along too well? Well, I was wondering, if they’re in the universe
    where that particular time theory is valid, why would doc brown later take
    marty and his girl friend to the future to see what’s wrong with their kids
    even though the whole prom thing made it look like that if you’re not where
    you are, with, without or whatever with someone, they wouldn’t exist?
    Literally. That is something else that doesn’t make sense.
    Now, again, if this isn’t valid, or cinema sins stated something different
    that talks this thought in another way, I am sorry, but… It maybe a
    excuse, but ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t pay too much attention
    to details. Mkay? Hell, I probably overlooked somethings in this comment as
    well, I don’t want to re-check it to make sure of anything, so, fuck it.

  50. I think it’s a safe bet +CinemaSins hasn’t played BioShock Infinite.

    Constants and variables, my friend.

  51. So if his siblings images were disappearing in the photo at different times
    (instead of all at once) does that mean there was still a chance the
    younger ones would be born? Or at some point his older brother would have
    still been born but without a head?

    Also, if they all disappeared then at some point someone just decided to
    take a picture of a bush? Or would the photo itself disappear too?

  52. Here’s BTTF sins for you!

    There should be 2 cars in the old west, not one. Marty drove to the past to
    save doc. They have two cars to cannibalize into one working one. The whole
    nonsense about the train is stupid.

    Marty told (younger) Doc in Bttf 2 that he was going to get stuck and die
    in the old west. That’s why he went back with the car they had stashed in
    the cave.
    Later in doc’s life, he travels back to the old west and gets stuck. Doc
    should have known all this information already. Just like he knew where and
    when to send the letter. He already did all that. Doc literally helped
    Marty go back and save himself, then in his linear future went back to the
    west and got stuck and sent the letter asking for help.

  53. In BTTF 3 Doc Brown could just use a fast-enough-carrousel or better, a
    circular rail with some kind of rocket attached to the Flux Capacitor.
    D’oh, it’s elemental doc!

  54. please do the other Back to the Future movies. Do a bonus counter for every
    time paradox or change in timeline/events compared to what were supposed to

  55. Backing out the car: Allot of delivery trucks (which that clearly IS) have
    doors from the cab to the storage unit. they even open IN to the cab to
    accomodate cargo. PWN’D.

  56. Nice clip. Picked up a few things I missed myself.

    As for the fading picture and the hand. Spielberg admitted himself that was
    only added to make the move more dramatic.

  57. I never cared about any of these Sins. What always bugged me was that if
    the Delorean started when it was meant too, Marty would have accelerated
    too early. The clock that Doc precisely timed to tell Marty when to go so
    he hit the wire at the precise moment was off by minute or so, that means
    even though Marty presence in the past should not affect the weather, the
    lightning bolt was delayed; that or Doc can’t do V=v+at, he builds a time
    machine but can’t do basic physics.

  58. I gotta say, the thing about the Delorean in the truck, those doors have an
    unbelievable small footprint, even when opening.

    That’s the point of gullwing doors, so you can get in your car when some
    cunt in a SUV parks 3mm away from your car door.

  59. Number 11 doesn’t count, because most dogs see, smell, and hear much much
    better than most and/or all humans.

  60. One other thing I noticed. It wouldn’t have been impossible for Doc to be
    in the Delorean while it was inside the truck. Logically speaking, he could
    have rented the big rig and parked it in the mall parking lot. Then, have a
    friend take him back to his house to pick up the Delorean. Then, he
    probably drove it back to the mall, and used a remote to open the truck so
    that he could park it in there and close the door while waiting for Marty.

    Also, a phone book listing in the current year does prove if someone is
    dead or alive. The only way it’d be the other way around is if a person
    ends up passing away a month before the new phone book directory has been
    published and delivered.

  61. When Marty goes up to his dad as Darth Vader from Vulcan, in the next day
    his dad acts as he’s afraid of Vader. It’s 1955, Vader’s not born (Vulcan
    was though).

  62. When Marty goes up to his dad as Darth Vader from Vulcan, in the next day
    his dad acts as he’s afraid of Vader. It’s 1955, Vader’s not born (Vulcan
    was though).

  63. Yeah I always thought it was strange that they never thought Marty looked
    the same as the guy from the past. heck they even switched actors in the
    second movie to the same character and they didn’t stop to say „Hey you
    guys look a like!“

  64. Everything wrong with Pee Wee Herman’s big adventure (the thing you did
    near the end reminded me of that movie)

  65. 6:18 though its breakfast time as you can telld eu to the teas and cofees
    on the table martys mom is eating meat balls

  66. What happened to the Marty who grew up with the cool parents? He really
    get’s shafted since his life is stolen by loser parent’s Marty!

  67. How about an ‚Everything wrong with YouTube and it’s copyright process‘.
    Oh wait, they’d probably block that too.

  68. Despite movies being made and dozens of sci-fi stories written on the
    subject, you can’t change the present by altering the past.

    Can you guess why?

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