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Rotating Moon

Via Rotating Moon From Lro.

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  1. Good evening my friends

    You never saw our Moon as well: up close, in every detail – and turning! As
    revolves around its own axis, our natural satellite also revolves around
    the Earth and, therefore, always displays the same ‚face‘ for us, keeping
    the hides another – his famous (and wrongly named) ‚dark side ‚. But this
    animation NASA, created with images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance
    Orbiter spacecraft orbiting satellite, allows us to glimpse this full
    motion! Two new missions should exploit it in the near future: one recently
    launched by NASA, examine the thin atmosphere moon from October. Another,
    Chinese, should soon send a robotic vehicle to explore its surface. Ah, the
    initial position of the video portrays our vision here on Earth.

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