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Custom Tron Legacy Themed Nintendo 64

Via Custom Tron Legacy Themed Nintendo 64.

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  1. *An N64 That Looks Like It’s Straight Out of Tron*

    YouTuber: zoxsk8

    #n64 #nintendo #tron #custom

  2. Hello Man! this mod is the best I ever seen in my life. it’s perfect! I’m
    from Argentina. Can you give me some tips to make something like this? I
    will be very grateful. thanks!

  3. Ah. I was wondering how you would’ve gotten the LED’s to shine through
    considering I couldn’t find any clear housings online. That’s awesome
    though, you did a great job. I’m also surprised how bright that paint
    glows. How long does it normally last?

  4. Yeah solid black is the most difficult paint to clean. I don’t have any red
    tron paint jobs planed but red luminous paint does not glow as strong as
    blue,white or green.

  5. I have an N64 can you tron it? how much? this is possibly the most
    awesomeist thing ever! fantastic work :3 I am literally salivating.

  6. How do you get the finish so shiny? I’m a rookie customizer, the only one I
    did so far I only used spray paint, do I need to get a can of clear?

  7. The Tron 64 Console. This Is Just Too Damn Cool! Hands Down The #1 Best
    Custom Gaming Console I’ve Ever Seen. The Super Nintiefighter From
    OCDReproductions Comes Damn Close In 2nd Place. I Wish This Person Can Make
    More So We Can Buy Them. I Hope That In 2015/2016, This Bad Ass Custom
    Console Becomes Available To Purchase. Maybe You Can Do MCP Red & Cluu
    Yellow. This Is The Kind Of Custom Console That’s Just Too Cool To Ignore &
    Far Too Tempting Not To Request It To Purchase. I Truly Hope You Do
    Reconsider To Open Orders For The Tron 64, Because This Is A Must Have For
    Any Retro Gamer.

  8. Hey Zoki, any chance on you making another one and selling? If so what
    cost? I’m only looking for the case, no motherboard or anything 🙂

  9. IMO, your best work. Was it originally a clear case you masked off? The EL
    highlights just look too good to be anything but fully custom, and that
    controller must have taken forever.

  10. +zoki64 Hey OP. Can you post some video showing which paints and lackers
    you use? It would be pretty awesome and currently DIY dudes on YouTube are
    getting many orders through their vids! 😀

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