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Via The Strokes – Welcome to Japan.

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  1. なんだこれw 最初のハトポッポで爆笑したが、後ろに行くほどドンドン過激になっていく。 アメフトの奴、絶対死んでるわ。

  2. I always thought that Finland and Japan had so much in common. I mean eat
    salmon and all :D. And they know Aki Kaurismäki!

  3. #japan #ski #videogames

    OMG…i just cant stop laughing at this.

    スキージャンプ・ペア FIJワールドカップ 2006-2007

  4. Psssh, Japan gets a perfect 20-point sweep for a simple tornado jump? Korea
    obviously got robbed on their flawless eyeglasses formation.

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