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10 Disturbing Child Experiments

Via 10 Disturbing Child Experiments.

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  1. They had to do OPEN heart surgery to find out if a ******* baby is never in
    shock when something bad happens to them! WHO THE **** WANTS TO KNOW THAT!?

  2. Some of this is stupid bullshit. The visual cliff is a safe freaking test.
    Its an ILLUSION. Its a table with a glass top so they can see the floor and
    it looks like a cliff but it ISNT. Good effing greif!

  3. how the fuck do you manage to burn the penis off during a circumcision?
    were they using a freakin blowtorch or something?

  4. This list doesnt have the one where scientists wanted to learn if humans
    have a “default” language. Using orphanage infants caregivers were told to
    not talk to the babies, not play with them or interact in any way except to
    satisfy their basic survival needs (feeding, changing, cleaning). The lack
    of social interaction depressed the babies so much that they started dieing
    for no reason one by one.

  5. A lot of these have been exaggerated and the context ignored. In
    particular the visual cliff experiment was done to see if babies could
    understand and interpret emotional expressions from a very young age. If a
    mother gives a distressed look the baby would not cross over vice a versa
    if it was an approving look. Evidence for emotions being wired into the

  6. Can’t know what not to do if no one has done what you shouldn’t do. You
    don’t know if those red berries are safe to eat until someone tries them,
    and someone eventually will if no one has already done so.

  7. Just think like this, if these messed up fucks hadn’t done this horrible
    stuff to the children nack then which I’m willing to murder over the shit
    that happened then the more fucked up scientists of today would have done

    If that even makes sense…

  8. Once you are born into this world, you can easily be subjective into almost
    any belief; some of those tests proves it. Thank god for the opportunity to
    find the truth.

  9. so i guess all the screaming and crying without the anesthetic was because
    they enjoyed being cut open. I wonder what people had for brains back then

  10. This is nothing compared to what the Nazi “doctors” did in their
    experiments. Not saying all this isn’t bad, but….you know.

  11. how fucking ignorant do you have to be to think that babies can’t feel pain
    in the same way adults can

  12. A few of these aren’t disturbing(Like number 7 and number 5)
    You guys went soft on this one. Plus, there are way more disturbing ones
    out there.

  13. The visual cliff is not disturbing haha, it’s an experiment on the age at
    which depth perception develops in infants and it’s completely ethical.

  14. Number two’s a damn lie. It wasn’t a real freaking clown that the adults
    were shown assaulting, nor that the children beat up by imitation. For
    god’s sake, it was one of those “clown bop bags”, an inflatable dummy
    shaped like a large bowling pin with painted on features that resembled a
    clown. It was called the “Bobo DOLL Experiment” for REASON.

  15. The Third Wave wasn’t questionable, the whole point of that social
    experiment was to demonstrate to students that fascism is very dangerous,
    since it appeals to normal people.

    Regarding extremist ideologies like ‘something that could never happen
    again’ is dangerously naive, and the Third Wave aimed to demonstrate that.

  16. WTF……………….Forget weather the babies go into shock or not
    as justification to not administer anesthetic. How about their admitted
    AGONY? WTF….WTF…..WTF……I mean *WTF*!!!!!!

  17. the visual cliff experiment isn’t really that cruel when you read the
    actual details. it just tested at what approximate age children develop
    depth perception, and the children were never in any danger.

  18. Two “Disturbing Experiments” I had recognized as Psychology experiments.
    And as I correct you on these, i’d like for you to do intensive research on
    what “AllTime10s”s you do, so, without further adieu; 1. The Visual Cliff
    experiment: the Visual Cliff experiment was initially conducted by Eleanor
    J. Gibson and R. D. Walk, In short, this experiment was tested on a great
    my kids in varying ages to determine when the humans Depth Perception
    begins to develop. Tests on infants only a few months old, the mother would
    try and coax the child toward her, the are of the visual cliff was a black
    and white checkered table that drops to form a cliff, glass was then put
    over the cliff and held in place by a specifically carved frame of the
    table. Infants, as said before, at a very young age would simply was over
    the glass in order to get to the parent, and technically, if one seemed as
    a friend to the infant, could easily make the infant crawl to its own doom,
    but infants from the age of about 6-8 months began to understand the danger
    of the cliff whether or not they were to so. Any parent retarded enough to
    place their child at the edge of a cliff to test if it would walk off
    deserves to be shot in the genitals a great many times. and 2. The Little
    Albert experiment: The Little Albert experiment was conducted by John B.
    Watson and his assistant Rosalie Rayner. This experiment was conducted to
    determine the conditioning of small children, Little Albert, it is, was
    given a small white rat, Little Albert was given some time to get
    acquainted with the rat, seemingly becoming friends, then after some time
    the experimenters would bang a metal rod behind Albert every time he
    associated with the white rat. After some time Albert began to fear not
    only the white rat, but anything that was white and fuzzy, as shown in the
    picture of the test of Watson wearing a Santa Claus beard and Albert crying
    out. This experiment could be easily remedied, as Albert, and most small
    children, had not yet developed their long term memory. And the result of
    the experiment was labeled Associated Condition, as Little Albert, again,
    not only feared the white rat, but any white fuzzy things as well.

  19. Is it weird if i cried because i think that those things that the people
    did to the children are horrible and awful? T_T such things should never
    happen to those poor babies TT_TT

  20. If no one gets the anesthetic one it is because the only reason you are
    given anesthetic is because you can go into shock and that is dangerous.
    They thought babies couldn’t go into shock so therefore no anesthetic. They
    did that to save money, because to some people money is more important then

  21. Has anyone heard of the experiment called “kagome kagome”?
    in ww2 Germans experimented on Japanese orphans to try to remove the
    possibility of death from their brains, horribly injuring and killing many
    this is by far crueler than any of these
    Vocaloid even made a song about it c:

  22. Sadly i was also experimented on as a child.. women took turns abusing my
    cock, craving it, using their privates on mines like angry beasts craving
    their next meal and now it’s oversized compared to a normal man and women
    want it even more but oddly enough I don’t want it to be 13 inches of man
    meat and now my life is ruined… I was only a boy of 16 years of age when
    the abuse started… If only things could of been different.. sigh.

  23. OMG THAT LAST ONE!!! I was born in 1984 and was ill right off the bat. Ever
    since, I’ve had a fear of needles and doctors… Now I think I know why.

  24. Even more disturbing is what they do in russia…cut off limbs of under
    developed babies…who knows what they use it for…I saw a video with them
    doing it on some russian website…it was grotesque

  25. Also, the one about Reimer is true, but it wasn’t burned off, the Doctor
    simply cut too much off… Most of these facts can be found in almost any
    Psychology text book…

  26. Sure, barely explain these experiments and condemn them without mentioning
    how useful some of them were.

    Especially the visual cliff one, there wasn’t anything wrong with that
    experiment at all…

  27. Little Albert: The experimenters were researching phobias and conditioned
    stimuli and reactions. They only banged a hammer on a metal pole when a
    little rat was presented to him, he began to fear the rat itself without
    the bang, the rat became the conditioned stimulus. Also he began to fear
    similar objects because of stimulus generalisation, not because all of the
    objects he was presented with afterwards had a bang accompanied with it.

    Bruce Reiner: God, that makes me depressed. I was told in Psychology class
    that he eventually married and adopted two kids.

  28. Anyone know about the children who were given radio active oatmeal? That
    was awful and done to children in a mental institute

  29. The question is why did I decide to disturb myself with these videos just
    before going to sleep…well done brain.

  30. I would have thought the anesthetic one would be that it could have
    damaging effects on developing nerves.

  31. Number 7:
    “…and it was concluded that babies shouldn’t be left near high ledges.”
    What groundbreaking information.

  32. I learned about David remer in my psychology class last week. He had a twin
    and was an infant when he had the sex change. It was years before he knew
    the truth but he always had a feeling.

  33. I am going to be sick for the rest of they day. Hope these bastards go to
    HELL and get tortured by a bunch of babies ~!!!!!
    What right does a human have to do this to another human being, even if the
    said human was just an infant?
    Sick, just SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Number and the one where orphan babies were tested on is sick as hell I
    hope whoever came up with those ideas is tortured in hell.

  35. A lot of these are taken significantly out of context. Number 7, for
    example, was done to see if infants have depth perception despite their
    vision not being 100% developed. Also, the Little Albert experiment,
    although it seems cruel, wasn’t traumatizing in any way because the
    behavior he exhibited from it became extinct after not being reinforced.
    And then the Bobo the Clown experiment wasn’t on a clown but an inflatable
    toy clown. This was done to see if children mimic adult behaviors, which it
    was found that they do.

  36. Did some research on these. Some of them aren’t nearly as bad as this video
    is making them out to be. It’s interesting, I encourage you all to research
    them. Remember, Youtube videos are meant to entertain, not educate. 😛

  37. I’m in AP psychology, and half of these are framed to look bad or over
    exaggerated. The visual cliff experiment didn’t harm a child… it’s main
    goal was to see if babies have depth perception. #5 “Home Economics”
    actually benefited the children. The child’s care was top priority, and
    many arrived with malnutrition but was quickly brought to good health. And
    with the Bobo doll experiment, the clown was a clown DOLL. Nobody was hurt.

  38. I’m in AP psychology, and half of these are framed to look bad or over
    exaggerated. The visual cliff experiment didn’t harm a child… it’s main
    goal was to see if babies have depth perception. #5 “Home Economics”
    actually benefited the children. The child’s care was top priority, and
    many arrived with malnutrition but was quickly brought to good health. And
    with the Bobo doll experiment, the clown was a clown DOLL. Nobody was hurt.

  39. I thought little Albert was conditioned to be scared of furry animals, not
    At least that’s what they taught us on our psychology course…

  40. I thought little Albert was conditioned to be scared of furry animals, not
    At least that’s what they taught us on our psychology course…

  41. Because so many people are interested/horrified by the number one on this
    video, I wanted to provide some context.
    Babies were NEVER given anesthesia before 1986. This wasn’t an experiment,
    it was just common practise. Doctors were under the assumption that babies
    had immature nervous systems and therefore could not feel pain. They were
    given a strong muscle relaxer, but that’s it. Medical professionals thought
    that the pain reactions babies gave were just the baby imitating what they
    saw others do. All the surgeries given to newborn babies, up until one
    year, were life saving. Horrific and ignorant, but still life saving.
    Many people who were operated on as babies go to PTSD groups because they
    feel the after effects of such trauma.

  42. I just watched a documentary on the experiment where they were trying to
    make children stutter thru correcting them in a VERY HARSH way… they did
    this every single time they spoke… all day long for a very long period of
    time…. and NOT ONE of the children went away with a stutter… but they
    did go away with severe emotional trauma… that lasted a life time…. I
    think that there are one or two children from that study that are still

  43. 8 is the meanest I mean you put a bunch of stuff he’s not supposed touch in
    front of him. Then when he touches it you whack him in the head with a
    HAMMER! I mean come people he’s not even 5 and ADULTS that’s right
    responsible adults hit a kid less then 5 with a hammer just because he
    touched something! I mean its not like he broke anything plus even if he
    did that’s not nice to HIT A KID LESS THEN 5 WITH A GOD DAM HAMMER

  44. Little Albert and the Cliff experiment were both simple psychological
    studies. Also Little Albert wasn’t given “various objects”, it was a
    rodent. They conditioned Albert to be scared of rodents. And he would
    have been FINE if the mother would have let psychologists uncondition him.
    As for the Cliff experiment, it was simply proof that children will trust
    their mother’s intuition above their own. Nothing disturbing about that,
    especially since the “cliff” was competely safe.

  45. This is what we do to each other “IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE”. SMH What are
    they doing NOW that we don’t know about.

  46. What about the experiment someone did were they took children and made sure
    they had no interaction with humans to see the effects. I don’t remember
    all of it but i’m pretty sure he did that.

  47. “Sometimes science has to do questionable things to get results”….has to
    do things?…. No… there is no reason for these things…

  48. wheres Shigesato Itoi’s disturbing child hood he saw a movie that scars him
    and made the game earthbound and made the final boss giygas because of the
    movie he saw?

  49. you know what is more disturbing… this video playing by itself when i’m
    alone cleaning my room… that was freaking scary

  50. Some of these are inaccurate or lack a part of the story. I just recently
    learned about the Little Albert experiment in my psychology class around a
    week ago.

  51. The last one isn’t as bad as it might be. Assuming the babies were worked
    on before a certain time after birth, they shouldn’t even be aware of
    themselves. Whether pain is linked to that or not, I can’t even remember
    anything from before I was 5. They’ll get over it. That is my personal,
    uneducated opinion. Feel free to enlighten me on the subject.

  52. What’s wrong with the guilt experiment with the broken toy? It teaches a
    desire to make amends for one’s wrongdoings. People these days are too
    self-entitled, and they don’t give a rat’s hat about other people.

  53. I like to memorize and regurgitate these facts for when I’m at drunken
    gathering… Quiet funny lol… until they call me a liar, that’s when the
    Ultra-violence begins…

  54. You sir, are fucking retarded. Animals should not be experimented on either
    (reply toKiwiNurdee1). Let’s experiment on your bass that sounds like fun.

  55. here’s one that belonged on the list
    in concentration camps in nazi occupied poland and germany, they would do
    experiments on children and twins where they would sew them together and
    see how long they could survive that way.
    ((along with this, many other horrific experiments and testes were done,
    like lampshades and purses out of human skin))

  56. well number 8 is bullshit it was just an inflatable clown doll not an
    actual person dressed as a clown like this implies. But all the others are
    saddeningly legit 🙁

  57. trash videos that just exagerate’s and states so many things incorrectly to
    fool the idiot’s on the internet. Has no sources in the link, complete
    trash videos. Vsauce is the only accurate/legit video maker on youtube.

  58. Understand what Im saying. The only way to learn something is through trial
    and error. The results can be disturbing but if it leads to improving
    ourselves so that we dont make the same mistakes again.

  59. Don’t forget unit 731 by the japs. They would experience on children,
    pregnant women, the elderly etc. They would infect them with various
    diseases. Torture them. RApe them. They would remove children stomach and
    continue feeding them to see what would happen. Read up on it.

  60. I likedf the video overall but disliked some of your information
    manipulation in order to make some of the experiments seem far worse than
    they were

  61. It is sick to see how evil humans can be, all in the name of science!

    we are ruled by sick and evil people this shouldn’t happen.

    I’m sure it still does happen in some countries. Anyway in my country we
    are medicating our children from the time they are born if you let them
    drink the tap water cause its all highly fluoridated, I won’t let my kids
    drink the tap water, its poison.

  62. Some of these experiments seem like terrible excuses to just be cruel.
    Putting a baby next to an object and then creating a loud noise is going to
    scare the child? I thought that could be common sense. Since these
    experiments are documented so we know about their existance, it should be
    obvious that these things have these results. You also don’t need to be a
    genius to understand that babies aren’t mature enough to know the
    consequences of being near a cliff and will walk right off. These aren’t
    experiments with medication or anything, they just seem kind of dumb…


  64. Okay… you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get your facts a little
    straighter. These were dramatized and plain false in most cases.

  65. You’re calling me a hippy? You fucking serious right now?? I’m no hippy, im
    just someone who loves animals and doesn’t like the thought of them
    suffering. It’s not like I go out and hug trees or something

  66. Seven isn’t completely accurate.. The visual cliff experiment was done with
    a sheet of Plexiglas that was placed over a 2 ft drop. This video showed an
    ‘actual’ cliff, somehow insinuating that babies were experimented on in a
    way that would induce fear. The point of the experiment was to see if it
    was instinctual to avoid ledges. It was disproved, as the very young
    infants went over the glass any way. Those over a year old wouldn’t go

    I know it’s not a huge deal, but the way that this was portrayed seems
    dishonest, despite the fact that it’s purely for entertainment value.

  67. Don’t worry, the experiments were performed by professionals in nice,
    clean, white lab coats in the name of ‘science’ so it’s all ok. :\

  68. Seriously F—ed Up people,
    Doesn’t it just show you there is something seriously wrong with
    governments that allowed this?

  69. ugh yea wtf were the scientists thinking ?! ummm maim, your child died
    because we didnt think he could feel pain and we kinda cut his stomach
    open…. so yea, it was all in the name of science?

  70. For number 2 it was a clown doll… This was shown to prove the layman’s
    concept of “monkey see, monkey do” otherwise known as observational
    learning. Oh and in guessing for the first they also didn’t want to kill
    the kids by having them OD on morphine. Besides do you ever really remember
    anything that happened to you beyond the age of three? If you do make sure
    you find Philip Zombardo (crazy bastard that did the Stanford prison study
    and wrote the psych 102 book I’m reading) and tell him to rewrite his book
    in your name

  71. sick,,,, but a lot of these facts are a little off… there was a lot more
    to some of them, but good to get vids like these out to show what the gov
    are capable of

  72. Some of these I can understand. I think there were like 3 that I thought
    shouldve been tested. But certainly not all.

  73. These are very interesting studies (except #1 which seems like a sadistic
    practice). Although cruel in nature, can help humanity better understand
    itself. Some people do terrible things for science, but many more people
    shun it.

    Psychology wouldn’t be where it is if people didn’t practice the perverse
    experiments they did, changing people to their core and in some cases,
    creating monsters. It’s not something I endorse but I understand its

  74. Right now those kids could’ve lived a good life. Maybe one could be a
    celebrity, hero or a Noble price winner 🙁

  75. I find it ironic that there’s people saying “FUCK SCIENCE” when they are
    most likely using a computer or an iphone

  76. Wow, wow, what’s with people blaming Science and Scientists here?
    These people are just sickos, don’t blame it on ALL Scientists.

    Someone even said ‘Scientists have no souls like Nazis’. What the hell?
    Fuck all of you guys. Without these ‘Evil Scientists’ testing things like
    these you’d be dead or in agony unless you were rich or were very resilient
    which I doubt most of these people are.
    Sometimes people have to do inhuman things to help humanity in the long run.

    And no, I’m not saying that the things shown in the video are fine, I’m
    just saying don’t blame all the Scientists for shit like this happening.

  77. These are experiences that was never needed to be done. Like really? Leave
    a kid next to a cliff to see what happens and to see you shouldn’t leave a
    baby unattended next to it? Omg how dumb. And why put a baby through so
    much pain just for experience of heart surgery. Omg that must have really
    hurted. So sad what babies have to go through and still to this day still
    have to go through. Fucking sick.

  78. That #1 experiment, “Anesthetic” was ESPECIALLY disturbing! That
    “experiment” is…..just…..horrid! How can people DO that?!?!?!?!?

  79. Welp, I think I just killed off enough of my soul for one day. Time for
    some kitten videos to restore my faith in something other than humanity

  80. Your #4 is actually misinterpreted. In Psychology “negative reinforcement”
    is not punishment. Negative reinforcement is the act of taking away
    something bad from a child as a reward, while positive reinforcement is
    giving something good to a child as a reward. I mean we know what we’re
    all talking about here, but I thought you might want to know that for the

  81. Ok i know it’s called the BOBO doll experiment, but you should still let
    people know that the clown they beat up was a doll. Not an actual clown.

  82. how come ive only like seen 3 comments so far about the children in the
    holocaust? I mean some children were sterilized by having x-rays directly
    exposed to their genitalia

  83. Aah, I think I’ve heard something about #9. After WWII, a teacher turned
    his class into a Nazi-like group as an experiment. The kids knew it was
    fake all along, but didn’t know who the experiment was modeled after. It
    started with jut calling the teacher “sir”, and the class thought it was
    funny. However, it escalated over a while (the version I knew was one
    month) and by the end of it, they were pretty much practicing Nazism. At
    the end of it all, the teacher realizes how insane it was getting, and
    offers to show the students and their “followers” (the whole thing
    escalated far beyond their class) a recording of their “leader”. The
    teacher then showed a recording of Hitler to show them all just what they
    looked like. In real life, the teacher was expelled and sued.

    There was a short film on it… does anyone know the name?

  84. Number one was just so fucked up! I mean, I can kind of understand that
    happening 100 years ago (still fucked up though.) But until 1985?! What the
    actual fuck? Even if they don’t go into shock you’re still hurting babies
    when you operate on them without anesthetic! It doesn’t take a Doctor to
    figure that out!
    The “practicing different parent methods” one didn’t seem that bad,
    actually. Unless they were beating the shit out of them or otherwise
    abusing them.
    I mean, I would have just examined parents who were already raising kids
    and just examined all the different methods that way, but still.

    The Holocaust children experiments would give you nightmares though. Now
    that was plain fucked up!

  85. Actually, with the little Albert experiment, he was conditioned to fear
    white rats specifically. They didn’t deem it to be all they bad cause he
    was an orphan :/ and with the cliff experiment, they also tested it with
    various newbornish animals, and came to the conclusion that young animals
    and infants know when there is a cliff and that they should stay away from
    it, common results being that they would back away crying, refusing to go
    near it

  86. Number seven is inaccurate. The visual cliff experiment was done by
    psychologist Eleanor J. Gibson in the 20th century to see if babies had
    depth perception. The cliff was AN ILLUSION. Overall it was concluded that
    babies do have depth perception because they wouldn’t walk out from the

  87. the first one was disturbing, and the one where the poor baby was changed

    ..other than that the rest of the experiments were described here out of
    context, and they weren’t exactly done how this video describes it. take
    psy courses and you can understand a little more of why the experiments
    were done and how exactly


  89. Most of these experiments lead to better understanding of children
    development. Cruel but necessary I would say.

  90. The last one is fucked up and totally unjustifiable. I can’t believe it
    happened in 1984, what the fuck humanity!

  91. The cliff one wasn’t exactly disturbing; it wasn’t endangering the child in
    any way and was actually (or most likely) to prove that infants have no
    depth perceptions. Not to point out the obvious point that they shouldn’t
    be left near edges. The list only states points of the experiment that make
    it seem stupid, but even the description doesn’t make it seem disturbing

  92. i do like your videos and i find them pretty interesting but do you spend
    so much time just finding out facts? Well, whether you do or not, your
    videos are pretty cool

  93. Number 10 is blown way out of proportion he made two camps of boys who
    showed to be upstanding good kids but didn’t tell them about each other and
    had them get close through working together.
    He the told them about the other group and had them participate in
    competitions he wasn’t expecting them to become violent.
    He then had both groups work together to see if this interaction could be
    repaired and found having a common goal was a very effective way to bridge
    this divide.

    Compared to how horrible some of these other are it shouldn’t even be on
    the list neither should BoBo he’s like a physiologist mascot it’s not a
    “clown” it’s a inflatable clown doll that sits up when you hit it by a
    weight in the bottom.(which we make as toys for the purpose of being hit)
    The goal of BoBo was to show how much effect actions adults did had on
    kids, which it did proving things like parents fighting each other was very
    negative on the child and a huge leap in child psychology.

  94. Number 8 particularly got me. All he’s trying to do is play with these toys
    he’s been given. What exactly does that experiment result in? 🙁

  95. Who would even think of performing surgery on a baby without anesthesia?
    It’s a shame that some of the sickest minds known to mankind are allowed to
    be exposed to people. If there are doctors who would do this…….. no

  96. If I had any pateince for humanity left this ruins it all….. Humans are
    only just dicks, they will do anything for “fun”

  97. The child rearing one wasn’t too bad, I mean, it is definitely not
    preferred, but compared to the some of the other ones on the list, it is
    perfectly fine.

  98. I was successfully procrastinating the next four hours of paperwork I have
    to do until I saw this disgusting video. Granted abuses of power are
    frequently disgusting, but, this pushed my limits and I have to go back to
    being a drone that makes unreasonably vast amounts of paper soaked in ink,
    because paper soaked in ink is worth 3/4 of all of our lifespans ‘just cuz
    money over bitches’ right!? Nah rly tho i’m way overpaid and I’m well
    aware of it, the world’s fucked up lets get real I still got friends that
    owe over 100 grand to schools when i dropped out freshman year and thank
    god i did, the US got some real issues to address

  99. I think what should had been on the Top Spot .. now be that
    fucking Nazi Mengele sewed Twins on their Backs together and crossed their
    Bloodstreams, to see how that would work out, 4 Painful Days later they
    Or he injected chloroform into the Hearts of Children while they were
    Alive… truly horrific, i really hope hell exists and that fuck suffers
    forever for what he did back then.

  100. 3 is a fallacy.
    There had been countless sex changes in similar scenarios beforehand.
    Such sex changes do work if done early enough, because of the gender
    ambiguity of infants (Hence males having nipples)
    The reason it did not work for David Reimer was because the operation was
    performed unusually late in development, due to a late circumcision.

  101. Oh my lord, number 1 was the one got me feeling upset and angry that
    doctors would do such a horrible thing

  102. Liked this video for the information……but my God I can understand the
    dislikes, some of this shit is fucked up! I do also question the truth to
    some of these top 10s also. I really would like for someone to give me a
    source proving this isn’t true, but from the sheer support on these vids,
    it doesn’t seem likely.

  103. I dont care about the children the people who did it will be tortured in
    hell and the kids will have a better life with god

  104. Thank you science I didn’t know if you put a baby by a cliff he will fall
    of who’s the douchbag scientist that came up with that

  105. Okay, the ” visual cliff” wasn’t so bad. The way I heard it, the cliff was
    covered in sturdy plexiglas or the like and was quite safe to bear a baby’s
    weight. But OH MY GOD number 1. How could ANYONE do that to a child? To
    keep working on them, hearing their constant screams of agony… Those
    poor, poor babies. I only hope they didn’t remember the pain after.

  106. #4 The Monster Study is not entirely true… Wendell Johnson did perform
    this experiment however it didn’t go as he expected. Things that were wrong
    about information in the video:
    1. There were actually 4 groups not only 2… Group IA, Group IB, Group
    IIA, Group IIB.
    2. The study did not go the way they planned. The only significant changes
    were to Group IIA. Other groups nothing significant actually happened.
    3. Group IIA didn’t even get a stutter, they just hated talking because
    they were told they have a “stutter” (they actually didn’t), and they were
    told when they talk it was bad.
    4. No one, who had a stutter, got rid of their stuttering through this
    5. No one, who didn’t have a stutter, developed a stutter.
    6. 3 people from the Group IIA filed a law suit and sued the State of Iowa
    and the University of Iowa.
    Conclusion: The experiment failed. The only significant changes were on
    Group IIA. They didn’t even develope a stutter, they only developed a
    anti-social personality.

  107. Check out some of these things and get the facts, this guy doesn’t know
    what he is talking about for most of these. For example, little Albert was
    yes an infant to toddler and he was not given various objects but a
    mouse/rat. They then rang a bell from the rafters at random times when he
    played with the rat randomly. This then led for him to be afraid of rats
    and types of facial hair.

  108. People say child experiment #1 is bad and inhumane, yet abortion is in full
    practice in north america…Hypocrites.

  109. The one with the kids assaulting the clown isnt true. The experiment
    actually has kids in a room with an adult assaulting a doll. In another
    room, there are kids with an adult, and the adult ignores the doll. When
    the kids are dealt with frustration by the experimenter, the kids in the
    room with the adult assaulting the doll showed more aggression than the
    ones that had the adult that ignored the doll.

  110. I had surgery on my eye in 1967 without anesthetic. I was 18 months old. My
    mother told me about it, but I have no memory of it.

  111. I don’t condone any of this but guys these people weren’t all trying to be
    malicious with what they did to these children. These were experiments, not
    attempts to be sadists. If anything else it helped the people of that time
    learn more about how to and not to raise or treat a child.

    Just saying, I truly don’t think these people just wanted to torture
    children, even though it is horrible what happened to them.

  112. Number 2 I could of told you that would have happened. These are not the
    worse ones trust me what about the experiment where young girls would be
    purposely abused so they can develop a split personality.

  113. This is why us humans deserve to rot in he’ll at times. Doing this to
    innocent babies. Bull is what I call. Science? Please.

  114. This is why us humans deserve to rot in he’ll at times. Doing this to
    innocent babies. Bull is what I call. Science? Please.

  115. The ones where they changed them forever was just morbid. How could
    someone teach a baby to be scared of common objects? How could you operate
    on babies without pain killers? HOOW.

  116. The ones where they changed them forever was just morbid. How could
    someone teach a baby to be scared of common objects? How could you operate
    on babies without pain killers? HOOW.

  117. does the rest of you think that num 7 was one of the most…. horrendous
    things you have ever heard of…?

    i am appalled that they would even think of trying that!

  118. You what annoyed me about this video. The people making this video left
    some very important information about some of the experiment. For example:
    Bobo’s doll experiment. No one actually beat up a clown. It was a doll! A
    Bobo doll dressed like a clown not an actual clown! Granted there was
    something wrong with that experiment. The children did not know they were
    in an experiment, that would not be allowed today.

    Another one that annoyed me was with the Robber’s Cave experiment, whilst
    i’m justifying it, they did leave out the end detail. At one point the
    kid’s bus broke down (on purpose) and the fighting factions actually
    united, stopped fighting and fixed the bus. It showed that a good way to
    end conflict is to find a common problem and untie to fix it. I bet they
    left that detail out on purpose just to make this video fell all that more
    sinister. If you ask me that’s kinda dishonest.

    In defence of modern day psychologist can I say: This wouldn’t happen
    today. Those were psychology’s dark days, nowadays the APA and other
    Psychological societies, like the APS, have standards that would prevent
    such thing from happening.

  119. no Josef fucking mengele??? that Nazi experimented on children as a job,
    like injecting them with viruses and diseases to see the affects and he
    also disfigured and conjoined children together to see if both could feel
    pain at the same time… that sick evil bastard deserves #1

  120. The problem with eight (little Albert) was that the psychologists weren’t
    able to ‘uncondition’ him afterwards so he ended up being afraid of fluffy
    objects (similar properties to a white rat) for the rest of his life.
    Experiments like these are why Ethics is a big thing in the psychological
    community. If you want another ethically awful one (on young adults) try
    Zimbardos prison experiment.

  121. It’s horrible to think what was going on in their minds, especially babies
    because they don’t know what’s going on! 🙁

  122. Much worse tests are being done on non-human animals even today, and hardly
    anybody gives a shit. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  123. Most disturbing, this cool, little reggae trumpet music over the top of
    something sinister, you just creeped me out:)

  124. #7 I actually learned about this in Human Development and an infant knows
    when there’s a drop and won’t just keep aimlessly wandering over a
    cliff/table edge/chair.
    And with that I’m going to call misinformation / intentionally vague on the
    rest of these.

  125. holy crap my son just went through heart surgery … I can only imagine how
    much blood would be on my hands once i found out what those doctors did to
    him without anesthesia

  126. Well I guess all the initial crying before the shock wasn’t a good
    indication of all the freaking pain the baby was in. I wish to do open
    heart surgery on all of those doctors sans pain meds. Of course it isn’t
    like they have really changed, They don’t give adequate pain meds for
    circumcision and the baby goes into shock then the nurse tells the parent’s
    he “slept through it”

  127. yeah if you’ve had a bad childhood I don’t recommend watching this or have
    had bad childhood experiences I don’t recommend watching this

  128. I think the cliff one should have been 10 as the others where far worse, at
    least safety was considered in that one.

  129. Wow, I can’t believe the doctors would do that to those infants, it’s quite
    obvious that it would cause them physical pain. Every experience shapes a
    person even if you don’t remember it, it will still effect your outcome.
    That’s about as inhuman as it gets.

  130. These experiments are the result of progressive infiltration into
    government. Notice the dates. These atrocities didn’t start until right
    after the end of WWII and just a few years after everyone ran into Berlin
    and smuggled out every Nazi scientist they could get their hands on. There
    was an explosion of research into human programming being conducted by
    every power of the world. Socialism is evil because the individual’s rights
    are less important that the greater good. Under a constitutional system,
    it’s the opposite. The rights of an individual are protected over the
    impassioned desires of the mob.

  131. These experiments are unethical, I agree, but to call them “disturbing” as
    if they were a part of horror agenda is an overestimation I should say.

  132. These experiments are unethical, I agree, but to call them “disturbing” as
    if they were a part of horror agenda is an overestimation I should say.

  133. I would totally scare the shit out of a baby for science because babies
    totally don’t have feelings or feel pain even though that the doctors were
    baby’s before it makes sense not babies have emotions and can feel pain so
    why not preform heart surgery on it it’s young it won’t feel anything they
    said it won’t go into shock it should be illegal if it still going on and
    making a baby walk off a fucking cliff really

  134. I would totally scare the shit out of a baby for science because babies
    totally don’t have feelings or feel pain even though that the doctors were
    baby’s before it makes sense not babies have emotions and can feel pain so
    why not preform heart surgery on it it’s young it won’t feel anything they
    said it won’t go into shock it should be illegal if it still going on and
    making a baby walk off a fucking cliff really

  135. number 1 was not even a experiment it was just cheap people not wanting to
    waist anistesa so they made babies suffer instead

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    liek tis poster also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. I genuinely can’t understand how anybody could hurt or terrify or
    traumatize an innocent child and not die of guilt.

  138. Omg no.1 is just awful! Those poor babies. Also in no.2, if nowdays kids
    watch shootings and murders on tv..would that mean they grow up having a
    different more open acceptance of it

  139. number 1, even if that was true and babies couldn’t go into shock, why the
    hell would you want a baby to be in agony anyways!!? Cheap motherfuckers. I
    honestly wouldn’t mind cutting there chest open, see how they like it. It
    just makes me so angry when people hurt children. It fucking blows my mind
    that people, especially doctors can be that stupid.

  140. The funniest experiment of all of these is the Sandy Hook experiments where
    tthey demonstrate on how bullet proof kids are.

  141. Holy Curd, I can’t believe adults were that evil and stupid back then, what
    in all levels of Hell made these idiots think that these experiment were a
    good idea?

  142. don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a video and Jeff the Fucking

  143. I don’t care what you religious nutjobs fucking say, after watching this
    video, this is proof that there is no God if he allowed that shit to
    fucking happen to kids and babies.

  144. And yet another video where the comments section is filled with a
    generalized hate for humanity.
    Yes, these acts were atrocious, but that doesn’t mean you should say things
    like “doctors are evil” or “omgz peple r evil!! we shuld die!” Many of you
    don’t even think before you post…and yet it’s the Internet, where you
    have that luxury literally everywhere you go.
    Just remember, that for every ONE miserable atrocity that’s done by
    humanity, there’s millions of miracles that we do.

    Sorry for being so off topic, but it’s now a pet peeve when people
    immediately type in that people should all go to hell for just a few bad
    acts done in history. 🙂

  145. in little albert, he did not smash a hammer against the child’s head. he
    simply made the child touch things, and then after the touch, made them
    touch it again with a banging noise as the child touched it again, to see
    if he was sensitive to sounds. BULLSHIT HE TRIED BANGING HAMMERS AGAINST A

  146. Circumcision itself is a disturbing child experiment done each year to
    thousands of babies in this country, in the name of “God” or “cleanliness”.

  147. I had dental teeth pulled out as kid and I get flashbacks when visit
    dentist as adult. All because it hurt and the blood was all over . I had
    club foot surgery since 8 mths old and I wonder if I was awake and as got
    older the surgery was finder with sleeping aid and one surgery was 8 hrs
    and the irony now is I work in hospitals due to fact half my life was in
    hospitals.. I am going ask my mom if my infant surgical was done awake…
    the horror if it was.

  148. Ik that this is bad (which it is) but you all jump to childrens defences in
    this situation but as soon as you see one on the Internet you tear them
    apart :/

  149. The second experiment didn’t seem to mention that the clown that the adults
    were hitting was a toy. This was a test to see if the kids were naturally
    aggressive, as well as influenced by watching adults. There was a separate
    group in that study where the kids saw adults be gentle with the clown toy,
    and the kids were also gentle with it .

  150. So nothing about Project MKUltra then? You know, where the US government
    took children and trained them to be sex slaves and assassins?

  151. Oh man, a shocking video about horrible people. . .
    Better make a comment like “I hate humanity” “There is no God”


  152. Number 8 was in my 11th grade psychology textbook as a first chapter about
    conditioning. There really isn’t anything wrong with that one.

  153. #7 waiting for why did the experiment “it’s concluded babies should not be
    left by high places” I’m like DUUHH!!!!!!!! FRICKEN IDIOTS!!

  154. It’s funny as a student of Psychology I know the reasoning behind most of
    these experiments (not all I grant you) and while all of them were
    unethical they were thought to be perfectly rational for the time
    especially when there was no ethical code experimenters had to stick too.

  155. Humans are not evil. Many of these experiments were indeed safe. Little
    Albert might have been scared of a newspaper for a little while, but I’m
    sure he was fine in the long run. The one with guilt would have frightened
    the children, but it also gives revolutionary results about how
    impressionable young children are when it comes to guilt (Then again, I
    could have told you that myself. Screw you kindergarten teacher, screw
    you). Sure, many of these were horrible, especially number one, but they
    were done with intentions that were not cruel. When they sent those boys to
    camp they probably thought it would end in little more than injuries they
    could get from falling out of a tree. Number one was a mere misconception,
    they thought the infants could not be harmed, and knew that they could not
    remember the agony (which doesn’t justify anything, but still). There were
    much more horrifying experiments performed on adults.

  156. heres some advice have the child be natural no genital mutilation,
    vaccination, gmo food, anything which is of the mainstream med field
    because for example ur more likely to mass murder on psych meds than on
    weed. This is why it’s inflammatory and traumatizing. Even if the baby
    doesn’t remember the experience, he’ll eventually find out and have an
    extremely painful flashback. To counteract the problems induced in the
    child would be ungodly expensive and difficult. I and many other people for
    example am living with those problems and it’ll be a long road before I’m
    back on my feet. I read up there are huge aggression problems in men of the
    US because theoretically of circumcisions this isn’t made up it’s research.
    If ur curious where I got the information from just ask ill be more than
    happy to educate you guys on the worldly events.

  157. You are over exaggerating the trials. Please look them up. Little Albert
    then didn’t hit him on the head they simply banging a metal rod to make a
    loud noise. You are STUPID

  158. I read about the Bobo Doll Experiment in Psychology class when I was in
    highschool. If I’m not mistaken, I think there’s a doll involved in the
    experiment (hence, the name ‘Bobo DOLL Experiment’). It’s one of those
    bounce-back, inflatable, doll thing. It’s has a weight at the bottom so if
    you punch the inflatable doll, it would bounce back up. Now I forgot if
    whether it was the video that the kids watched that had the doll and the
    kids beat up a real clown in the next room, or vice versa. Anyway, when
    the kids got to the next room, they did beat the clown, but with toys that
    they find lying around.

    My point is, I think you’re making some of these experiments out to be
    worse than it actually is. Either double check your sources or find more
    reliable sources, cos I’d hate for you to misinform people.

    Otherwise, great vid 😀

  159. They missed one: in the Holy Roman Empire, a bunch of babaies were raised
    without any human interaction beyond nursing (no language), to see if they
    would start speaking the ‘divine language’ spoken by Adam and Eve. All of
    them died.

  160. The David Reimer experiment was much worse than presented here. Dr John
    Money took many intersexed children & tried to force one gender or another.
    They did surgery on as many as 70 children at Johns Hopkins. Dr Money has
    been accused of falsifying data because the kids were not happy in a
    randomly assigned gender. Dr Money was trying to prove nurture over nature
    & results were not meeting his expectations so he falsified records. When
    the scandal broke in 1979 the experiment shut down & Hopkins closed all
    associated records so nobody knows for sure the extent of this. David
    Reimer just got the most attention because he was physically perfectly
    healthy (no hormone differentation errors common in intersexed children)
    before the accident & he had a twin. Dr Money wanted to make David female &
    raise the brother as a male. Anyways, this is probably the biggest scandal
    in psychology history & it’s very much swept under the rug to this day. I
    did a term paper on this in grad school.

  161. The “Sex change” one is more tragic than it appears.
    The “Nature vs. nurture” was actually not proven exactly as one would
    think, the psychologist who treated David and his twin brother since they
    were young, made them “act out” sex with each other, with David on the
    bottom every time. Apparently this was supposed to imprint a womans role in
    sex onto David, but it ended up hurting both children. They were also
    forced to take off their clothes and inspect their sex organs to see the
    differences at a young age.

    Davids brother died of an overdose, after developing a mental disorder.
    The entire thing was handled horribly..

  162. The only experiment I know of these is the Bobo doll experiment. It is
    explained completely wrong here. There were 3 groups of children: 1 group
    was shown a video about an adult abusing the ‘Bobo doll’, 1 group was shown
    a vid about an adult playing all nicely with the doll and the 3rd group
    wasn’t shown a video (the controlling group). Then the kids were left in a
    room with toys and also the Bobo doll. Many kids of the 1st group would
    also abuse the doll, kids of the 2nd group would just play with it and kids
    of the 3rd group, well, some played with the doll (nice) and some played
    with other toys in the room.
    This really is no cruel experiment, but it does sound like when you only
    tell half of the story. Then the Marshmallow experiment is also cruel to

  163. What happens if I do this? You don’t know until you try it. Taking babies
    from orphanages is the same as picking up stray pets. The pets overflow the
    streets so scientists use them for experiments. Same with babies. Yes, yes,
    a baby is a human. But would you rather a medical experiment version of The
    Hunger Games? You are chosen at random, instead of that stray cat or that
    abandoned baby.

  164. Wow some of these are horrible, really makes me question scientific
    experiments, it’s great things have improved.

    The visual cliff one I saw in psychology class, was interesting to say the

  165. People always complain about circumcising (spelling check?) but they’re
    quick to forget that in many countries, girls are forced to have their
    clitoris removed ti stop them “being unfaithful” and “feeling pleasure” as
    they’re considered posessions to their husband and he can do as he see’s
    fit with other women. It mostly happens in tribes if I remember correctly
    but it has been known to happen in the UK/USA No kind of genital mutilation
    should be allowed unless it is medically needed.

  166. “Science isn’t about WHY. It’s about WHY NOT. Why is so much of our science
    dangerous? Why not marry safe science if you love it so much. In fact, why
    not invent a special safety door that won’t hit you on the butt on the way
    out, because you are fired.”

    -Cave Johnson (Portal 2)

    … I’m going to get so much hate because of this comment…

  167. these are the dreams of those who hate children so much that they say they
    want to torture them or kill them.

  168. What the f*ck was up with that last one? Man, are all scientists stupider
    than a 2nd grade level? 😛 Gosh I am not even a scientist yet and I know
    this…. ignorant bastards…

  169. #3 pisses the crap out of me. He couldn’t give his opinion nor make a
    change in the project that will change his life.

    I hope the doctor in charge learned his lesson.

  170. why BABIES?!!!! But Babies shouldn’t be EXPERIMENTED ON!!!!!!!! The
    EXPERIMENTERS should be in JAIL!!!!! >:( >:(

  171. Really? so all that to prove that children can be manipulated by adults and
    babies should be watched over properly? What else would they discover next?
    Poison is poisonous to babies?

  172. Who hits a baby on the side of its head with a hammer? Disgusting people.
    How can you do that to your own kind?

  173. Gets a lot worse. The hundreds of Canadian orphans used as lab rats to
    develop now-illegal lobotomy surgeries should probably have featured.

  174. I cried a little at #1, open heart surgery without anesthetic is the most
    gruesome and painful thing that could be done to a baby

  175. If anything, we should be experimenting on humans. It’ll trim down the
    human population, and that’s what we need right now.

  176. How the fuck is Number Eight not as bad as Seven, babies were smashed in
    the heads with hammers yet putting a baby on an ILLUSION of a sheer drop,
    not a REAL sheer drop is somehow worse despite nobody getting hurt and
    actually contributing to something

  177. Older parents: Is it true babies were not given any anesthetic for
    operations?? I find that hard to believe! Can any parent confirm that with
    personal experience? I mean, excluding circumcision.

  178. No I hate animals being tested and killed. Give me a fucking brake we have
    8 billion humans on earth! Were wasteful, harming and plain old stupid! All
    we care about is money nothing about nature or other species.

  179. Doctors couldn’t figure out that babies might need anesthetic until 1985?
    Are you kidding me? Im sure they cried and screamed something fierce and
    they all just stood around and said “hmm he doesn’t feel a thing”

  180. We gots a million rapists and pedophiles in the jails but they gots ta
    experiment on babies?! (Read this in the voice of Angelica from Rugrats)

  181. Many of these doctors were ahead of their time. A lot of the things we know
    about child psychology came from these “sick fucks”.

  182. if it’s ok to do this shit to animals, then it should be ok to test on
    people or it shouldn’t be ok to neither

  183. OK! the little Albert experiment DID NOT go like that. all they would do is
    when he interacted with something, they would hit a hammer against a METAL
    BAR not fuckin his head. that would be illegal dumbass

  184. The number one most disturbing child experiment ever is telling children
    they will burn in hell for eternity if they don’t follow the evil that is
    religion. Now you have idiotic people doing stupid things like killing for
    their nonexistent god and total annihilation of mankind because of it.

  185. If this shocks you then you should be just as shocked at the experiments
    done on animals to this day. People who test on them are disgusting,
    heartless and cruel.

  186. This world keeps getting shittier and shittier. Babies are being
    experimented on? Maybe lets experiment on the experimentors. ._. People are
    being rascist and fuck now white people made Ebola for the black people.
    Nah. But seriously, will the future be: You must have abortion, we are
    stopping sex, kids have to sleep in a sheet full of cow shit, only people
    who have black hair can have a device, when people reach the age of 64 they
    will be hung, kids who have allergies are allowed to be purposly drowned?
    Wholey fuck. I’ll shit on you if you want this future.

    Now piss off and let me eat my pie.

    Good day to you too.

  187. I’m in chock! This is completely violating the children’s rights! Using
    them like objects, traumatizing them, causing their future suicides..!
    Children are people, they feel pain and the infancy will define who we are
    as adults. USA, China, Russia, etc, completely crazy and criminal states.

  188. There’s one I heard of called the ‘Pod Baby’ experiment. My Economics
    teacher brought it up when we were learning about the basic needs of the
    human individual.
    Five babies were abandoned at a hospital. The doctors tried to find the
    parents, but nobody came forth, so they began an experiment. The babies
    were supplied with all the basic needs – food, water, shelter, oxygen and
    warmth – within a sterilized pod that meant no human contact was necessary.
    Without the primal need of affection satiated, all the children died within
    10 days.

  189. #1 was truly messed up. While not being educated in the medical field, I
    can no doubt tell you that if I were a surgeon, I would refuse to operate
    on a baby which was still fully wide awake during an invasive procedure.

  190. It blows my mind how ignorant people of the past could be but it makes me
    wonder if future generations will think the same of us.

  191. Wow, that last one was purely evil; how stupid were we in the 80 to think
    that babies did not feel the same pain that we feel as adults.

  192. The belief that babies didn’t feel pain can be explained by the fact that
    the nervous system take a loooong time to become fully mature.
    Later they also discovered that when a baby feel too much pain (kind of
    pain you feel when your body is cut open), he becomes totally motionless.
    The face muscles are just unable to contract : that’s why they tought it
    wasn’t painful.

  193. Holy mother cow!!! What kind of person made it legit to operate on babies
    without anesthetic??? Well if he is still alive I have 3 words for him:

  194. Are these scientists, psychologists and doctors are sick or what? I
    couldn’t bear to watch this and imagine how these victims must be feeling
    going through this horrifying experiments.

  195. There is a movie made about the Third Wave experiement,
    it is called “Die Welle” (The Wave). It is a German movie but even as a
    non-German I really enjoyet it, it’s freaking great.
    It takes the real experiment events and then takes it a little bit further,
    a kind of “what-if” scenario that’s pretty realistic.
    I highly recommend it.

  196. Bandura wasn’t nearly as unethical as the others on this list. For starters
    they didn’t punch a real clown it was a inflatable doll. And the long term
    effects were little to none compared to the previous entries it was hardly
    unethical. Apart from the issue that the children themselves couldn’t give
    consent so it was obtained from parents there isn’t very many ethical
    guidelines broken.

  197. Government has been turning our youth into sheepish, compliant, sissies
    for years now. In the US anyway. The strong, intelligent young man is a
    rare thing these days.

  198. It looks like idiots are trusted to come up with experiments, considering
    common sense bears out when the results come in. And Doctors must have been
    heartless to operate on babies that felt every single pain…very sad.

  199. Well, most of these are disturbing, but the one with the illusion of the
    cliff was perfectly safe. I doubt the babies even realized that it looked
    like anything but a pattern on the floor… what would be disturbing is if
    there was any kind of actual drop

  200. hold on, some of these experiments are misrepresented by this video. im a
    psych student and more than half of these are misrepresented. i am
    reporting this video, this is garbage, do your fucking research before you
    start making accusations about things such as this.

  201. No.1 ‘experiment’ conclusion being Psychologists have to be VERY closely
    regulated,especially now they mostly belong to the ‘Elite’ Money Monsters!

  202. Number 1 is fucked up as hell.. I’v been through a bunch of surgeries in my
    life, and i can easily say.. Without Anesthesia my mind would be completely
    fucked up.
    I can’t even imagine a baby having to go through open heart surgery without
    anesthesia… Its too much to even imagine..

  203. This is pretty messed up but, do we really need to experiment to come to
    the conclusion that babies should not be near high edges? At least it
    wasn’t a real cliff O_O

  204. Hang on, what’s wrong with #5? I don’t expect the students were doing
    anything harmful to the infants, seems fairly pedestrian and decidedly

  205. The stutter incident is incorrect. The children with the stutter were given
    positive reinforcement, while the ones without the stutter were given
    negative reinforcement. It was so bad for them some of the children
    developed a stutter, while other children never spoke again fearing they
    too would develop a stutter. I do not know if any other information on the
    video is incorrect, but I learned about that particular case and that is
    why I am commenting. Really need to fact check thoroughly before making a

  206. I think the davids reimers one was so sad. Freakin psychologist. Just to
    prove nurture vs nature. Did the parents even agree with it.

  207. If I was one of them kids that got hit with a hemmer when I grew up I
    would’ve went to one of the scientists who had the sick idea and beat the
    shit out of him with a hammer

  208. I so agree with and respect your claim because it makes sense, but how ever
    we are talking about our own humanity. It’s a bit of a difference.

  209. Holy crap!!!!! #3 was REALLY messed up!!!! Why does that doctor think
    BURNING off a you know what is showing nurture over nature or what ever!!!!

  210. My grandma was involved in the project where you could “test” the baby and
    bring it home. She brought a baby home and took care of her, so that baby
    is now my aunt Madeline… It’s a nice story and all but my auntie Madeline
    is… Kinda crazy.

  211. Odd how they didn’t mention the many tests done on Japanese child victims
    of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or Project MKUltra.

  212. On #2, the children did not assault a real clown. The clown they attacked
    was a fake, life-sized stuffed plushy. You made it seem like the kids beat
    up an actual human.

  213. the cliff experiment is not disturbing. AND where is Nikolai Krasnogorsky?
    He did Pavlov’s Dog Experiment on orphans.

  214. A lot of these studies have been taken out of context or misrepresented –
    some of them aren’t actually that bad. For example, in Bandura, Ross and
    Ross’ “Bobo doll” experiment, they showed clips of adults hitting an
    inflatable clown doll – not a real clown! Or in the Little albert
    experiment, you failed to mention that they did de-condition him afterwards
    so that he was no longer afraid of the objects. Also, the aim of
    the robber’s cave experiment wasn’t to see how hostile they would become,
    it was to observe group behaviour and it didn’t “end in arson”etc. – it
    ended with tasks that relied on team work skills that reunited the boys
    involved in the study – leaving many of them friends with the people they
    had disliked earlier in the experiment.

  215. I knew of half of these already and none of them really shocked me. Humans
    will be humans after all.
    Great sometimes. Fucked up other times.

  216. Child experimentation is happening right now. The U.S. government is
    testing what happens when you brainwash children from the start to become
    socialists/liberals and shut out all other ideologies. A nice death spiral
    is occurring 🙂

  217. Little albert was actually conditioned to fear the color white. Smh…
    learned that in psych. They never reconditioned him so he was petrified for
    his intire life.

  218. I’m not condoning these experiments, but some weren’t explained correctly
    like Little Albert or the Visual Cliff. The Stanford Prison Experiment was
    another cruel experiment. I’m surprised it wasn’t shown.

  219. But it would be such a NiCe place for rapists, pedophiles, etc, gv em an
    acre, do ur experiments, they can all drink wine n be happy on themselves.
    Meantime, kids CAN finally walk that block to school without problems.

  220. Half of these are false, and misguided. They really need to check their
    I am a psych student and the David Reimer one, the bobo doll, the robbers
    cave and the little albert one were not fully explained and had mostly
    false facts.

  221. This video is trash. And so are most (not all) the viewers. This video was
    based upon child experiments,and, some of you are saying that it’s okay for
    them to do it because they do it on animals? I disagree with animal/human
    experiments. But, if a doctor or scientist wants to do a human experiment,
    go to a prison. There is over hundreds of rapist and sex offenders there. I
    don’t care if you disagree with me or not. This is my personal opinion.
    Comment what you think.

  222. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Testing harmful experiments on
    Helpless Animals & babies….smh..

  223. I heard a different story about the man whose penis was burnt off as a
    baby. He rejected the identity and became happily married to a woman, they
    even cut off his test scales as well because they wanted him to be female.
    Anyway, it ended up being his brother who was healthy committing suicide.
    That’s the story my grandmother told me anyway that she read somewhere.

  224. I wouldn’t consider the “Visual Cliff” experiment to be disturbing because
    the babies were not harmed in any way, and it actually contributed to
    knowledge that could ensure greater safety during child care.

  225. A lot of these experiments were spun to look bad but were in fact
    completely harmless. The “ledge” was a small table that appeared to slope
    downward but was covered in glass. The babies couldn’t fall; it was just
    like the depth perception tests we have today. Also, in the bobo doll
    experiment, it was exactly that: a doll. The “clown” that they “assaulted”
    was just a doll that they kicked after seeing an adult do so. Some of
    these were legitimately horrifying, but others just seemed to only be there
    to fill the list up to ten.

  226. I don’t see how the toy one was bad. I feel bad for the kids, yeah, but how
    the hell would that traumatize them? I broke stuff all the time as a kid, I
    felt bad, but my mother didn’t care so it was fine. And from the sound of
    it, it doesn’t sound like the examiner put the child down, just acted
    surprised… I guess some kids just have a complex at an early date.

  227. All these people are sociopaths and need to rot in the deepest fiery pits
    of hell for what they did to those poor kids.Especially the psychologist
    moron who suggested a sex change for the kid.

  228. Wait a minute! The Robber’s Cave Experiment happened in 1954? That’s the
    same year Lord of the Flies happened.

  229. OMG if I saw I mother want to get there baby thrown off a cliff I would
    throw her off then probably cry then cry then cry and so on

  230. They do this every day black to white to both them doing it to mixed race
    it is done in street schools and work and even to those in Africa rubbish
    dump and poor they never stop abuse there abuse addicts

  231. Most of these are just duh situations, I found these things out just from
    being with little kids. Great minds? Pathetic

  232. At least nowadays child experiments are no longer happening as I know, but
    animal experiments are still happening, not normal experiments but ruthless
    ones without any pity on dogs, monkeys, cats…ect and people just don’t
    give a shit about them but when it comes to humans it’s considered evil and
    horrible…how comes??!!

  233. I’m familiar with the visual cliff, little albert and the sex change
    (Money’s) one…
    The visual cliff experiment was to test if perception was innate or
    learned; the Little Albert was used on a child who had full consent from
    the mother (she shouldn’t have given it, obviously), and the child was
    given therapy and was unconditioned from the phobia and Money’s one is
    pretty accurate… except David grew up to be like 40 odd and had a wife
    and kids etc. not quite as blunt as the video puts it

  234. The accidentally-neutered kid one is brought up a lot in gender issues;
    less mentioned is the psychologist’s abusive methods. Even if it had been
    conducted on more than one child, the only conclusion drawn would be “don’t
    make children do fucked up things”.

  235. Just imo medical experimentation is worse than murder and pedophilia
    combined. Especially the pills. At least with the other crimes the
    aggressors weren’t the ones you thought were supposed to help you.

  236. #1 was the one that made me cry so much… do these tests on the murderers,
    rapists and pedophiles in prison.

  237. some of these experiments were totally misrepresented, one of them being
    the cliff experiment. as stated in the video, babies were allowed to crawl
    on top of a platform which was partially covered with glass, creating a
    visual cliff. the goal of the experiment was to discover at what age
    babies develop depth perception. modified forms of the experiment include
    mothers on the other side of the “cliff” enticing the baby to crawl over
    the glass, to see if maternal influence would affect the baby’s decision or
    not. this experiment has also been tested on baby animals such as kittens
    and lambs and they all show anxiety when placed in front of the visual
    cliff, indicating that they too, develop depth perception at a certain age.
    There is absolutely nothing disturbing about this experiment -_-

  238. Why was the Bobo Doll experiment worded like they were assaulting a live
    clown? It was called that because they placed them in the room with a big
    doll of a clown, called a bobo doll. It wasn’t really disturbing or
    anything like that, it merely showed the interaction between role
    modelling, and outcome.

    Another point, Little Albert was conditioned to be afraid of, specifically,
    a white rat. Not objects. He was thus conditioned to be afraid of white
    rat, and furred things in general. The disturbing point was that the
    experimental effects were not “removed”; Albert was never exposed to a
    process called “extinguishing”, which would remove the connection between
    the banging sound, and the rat, thus removing the fear.

  239. Why is it that doctors are so cruel to babies? Not only did doctors operate
    on babies without anestetics, it’s the doctors that perform abortions. I
    thought doctors were supposed to do no harm!

  240. I think it’s okay that people make these kind of experiments on kids they
    dont have a conscious on that age anyway

  241. #7 the conclusion is wrong in the video. What source was used because
    Gibson was studying depth perception in humans. She concluded that humans
    develop depth perception at an early age

  242. Let me make something clear. Humans >>>>>>>>>>>> animals. I can’t believe
    how many comments there are about animal experiments.

  243. I actually burst into tears, they shouldn’t fucking do that to babies, it’s
    FUCKING WRONG! I don’t mean to sound mean but I’d rather them do it to
    animals! Just leave the fucking babies alone!!!!! They didn’t d anything
    fucking wrong!!! Anyone who experiments on a baby I will fuck them up!

  244. Okay, seriously, the one about Baby Albert is so overdone. Really. And the
    one with the babies over a “cliff” is them crawling from an opaque side of
    a table to a transparent side, and see their reaction… It’s just not that
    bad. At all.

  245. If you actually watch the video footage of the Little Albert experiment,
    you’ll find that the wording in this video is deliberately made so it is
    interpreted in a shocking way. The hammer was banged against a metal gong,
    and the child became scared of white rats. That is all.

  246. #4 was wrong, it was positive to the stutterers and negative to the non
    stutterers. where at the end the non stutterers were traumatized.

  247. Whoever would do that to an infint or child is a monster that shouldn’t be
    born if anyone is doing that today I’m coming for u I’ll send whoever does
    that to the after life u would wish u wouldn’t have been born

  248. Actually the Bobo doll experiment isn’t that disturbing. The experiment was
    conducted by Albert Bandura.

    Some children were shown a video of an adult hitting a clown DOLL, hence
    bobo doll. And other children were shown a video of adults being nice to
    the clown doll.

    Children who were shown the violent video tended also be violent to the
    clown doll when presented with it. Children shown the nice video tended to
    treat the doll nicely when presented with the doll.

    I know this because I studied this experiment in my Child Life and
    Development class.

  249. lol these fucking idiots saying that we shouldve experimented on pedophiles
    and fucking not animals or babies. holy shit. thanks puritan culture for
    making people retarded. its a psychological experiment, the data would be
    irrelevant if they used an adult or animal, its to measure affects on
    development, fucking idiots. holy shet. also, pedophiles are people, just
    have a different sexual preference, i bet there are more that dont act on
    it then do, being born with such an anomaly and resisting it, despite it
    being from the most basic urge, to reproduce. seriously

  250. the one where they burned off the boy’s penis and decided oh hey lets make
    him a girl, was really fucked up.
    like wtf dude, you could have done some sort of skin transplant and
    reconstruct his penis. Poor thing.

  251. Don’t forget attachment therapy. It’s a legal therapy that is still being
    done today. Search it up. Also this therapy has killed some children,
    search for Candace Newmaker.

  252. It’s funny because david reimer was the experiment that set off what we
    know today as “transexuality”.so basicly trans people are crazy,if you
    consider the fact that most of them are suicidal believing that it’s the
    fact that people don’t accept them. Sorry mate but even if they did accept
    you still wouldn’t be happy. You need therapy.

  253. My personal opinion. Doesn’t mean you have to agree you know…
    but the comments section is filled with people saying “oh, how could they
    be so cruel to babies?” It’s not like the doctors knew any better. They
    were taught that babies could not feel pain. So, they operated without
    anesthetics. They wanted to learn more about human behavior, so they
    operated on the ones that could not fight against the operation. Orphaned
    babies. Yeah, I do think it is wrong to hurt the infants in such a way, but
    that’s modern thinking. Back then, there was a huge portion of human
    interactions that were in the unknown. Hypothetically, what if vaccines
    actually caused immense pain to a patient and you have never heard of or
    had a vaccine? Medical schools teach you that vaccines inject a weaker form
    of a disease so the patient would resist it. You wouldn’t know it hurt. You
    would have to operate using it though. Because it s what you were taught.

  254. +Alltime10s hey You forgot “The Immortal Childrens” Experiment from WW2
    just watch Kagome Kagome-Hatsune miku

  255. Why would they do this?!?! When is this going to end, it’s not right! Just
    because they’re babies doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain! :’-(

  256. Not mentioned on #3, David Reimer had a brother that was raised with David
    thinking he was his sister that he eventually also committed suicide. That
    quack doctor killed two people trying to prove his theory.

  257. I understand that, while experimenting on animals is a bittersweet
    alternative to experimentation on children, it is justified. Animals feel
    and have sentience to a certain degree, however, if not animals, then what
    do we do to experiment, and further our own knowledge? Relatively few
    people would VOLUNTEER for these kind of experiments. We would not use
    death row inmates, at least for areas where the death penalty is banned. If
    we are to show how humane we are by banning the death penalty, then we
    would be as equally humane to ban experiments on inmates. No matter how
    awful it is that rats or other animals are subjected to medical tests,
    would it not be worse to live in a world of ignorance?

  258. I’ve got an experiment for babies, put them in a house carefully crafted
    and rigged by some magician who can pretend to exhibit telekinesis on a
    daily basis in everyday situations. Like opening doors or moving a coffee
    mug towards him and see if the baby will eventually through copying develop
    real telekinesis as he or she is raised by a magician couple.

  259. #1: What the hell!! They aren’t dolls, they are indeed living humans and
    they bleed and scream they same way an adult would.

  260. Every All time 10 video comment section will always have some top comment
    bashing the US. “America does this all the time” “America is corrupt”
    “Christianity is stupid, like America hur hur hur.” Is that all people do?
    Are they incapable of going beyond that point and talk about something
    different? Or are they bound to making the same argument over and over and
    over again?

  261. 1.) Forcing some kids to listen to Justin Beiber music to see how long it
    would take for their ears to bleed.

    It was concluded in 1.6 seconds, but studies show that the bleeding started
    less than .00000001 seconds after the noise was started.

  262. 2:06 I remember hearing this (I think from +Rob Dyke , but due to the lack
    of info, I fail to remember/understand how the children who didn’t stutter
    and got positive reinforcement stuttered. I swear it was the other way

  263. Honestly I think that anyone who experiments on anything living ( unless
    the subject is fine with it )
    Is sick.

  264. Actually the Bobo doll experiment is one of the more ethical experiments
    performed in psychology.
    It was observing human nature with role models and sociality by having two
    groups of children who would be in a room with an adult with the bobo doll.

    In group 1 the adults would beat up the doll. The children were then left
    in the room alone with the doll, results showing more than 50% of the
    children started to beat up the doll and even copied some of the things the
    adult did.
    In group 2 the adults played with the doll nicely. The children were then
    left in the room alone with the doll ans they then started to play with the
    doll nicely.

    Hey, be happy they weren’t told to shock a guy to a point it would kill
    him. This actually happened :p An experiment had people believe they
    shocked someone to a voltage it would kill someone but the guy was an
    actor, faking screams.
    Oh and making a baby monkey cry because of a robotic death machine.
    And removing the salivary glands out of a dog to observe classical
    And don’t even get me started on the prison experiment!

  265. I remember reading a small article in my psychology textbook about an
    experiment with a little boy and a mouse (or at least I think it was).
    Basically at the start of the experiment, the little boy liked the mouse
    and wasn’t scared at all from. Then after hearing loud sounds which
    frightened the little while playing with the mouse, the boy was terrified
    of them.

  266. why test on civilians and stuff. test these types of experiments on
    prisoners with consecutive life sentences because they are not getting out
    of that prison alive so might as well help the human kind learn by
    volunteering for these experiments.

  267. The first experiment wasnt disturbing, they were living the fucking life.
    Eating, pillaging and fighting as they pleased… .-.

  268. The David Reimer case is quite interesting to think about thanks to its
    implications in regards to issues on gender and transgenderism.

  269. WARNING very disturbing content

    Unbelievable what these kids went through all in the name of science…
    Talk about a Cover up…..

  270. I’ve actually seen the ‘cliff’ study done. That shit is fucked up. I hated
    every second of it. Mothers would be pissed in seconds. And that last
    one…haunts me to my foundation. That was super fucked up. Gosh that’s

  271. thats what they get those children are annoying and the only way to stop it
    is to kill it and when i see a baby or child die in agony i would be so
    happy to see them die and say yay the baby is killed lets party

  272. Wasnt there one where they deprived newborns of any human contact other
    than having basic needs met, such as food, bath, and diapering? The babies
    did not thrive, but died?

  273. I would also add the Atomic Energy Commission’s radiation experiments on
    children in the 1940’s and 50’s…

  274. that no anesthetic thing is freaking CRUEL AND
    INHUMANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE LIVING BEINGS TOO!

  275. *Baby jokes ahead, be warned*

    How many babies do you need to paint a house?
    – Depends on how hard you throw.

    What’s the most difficult thing to do when walking across a dead baby?
    – Hiding my boner.

    What’s the difference between a Ferrari and a trash can full of dead babies?
    – I don’t have a Ferrari in my garage.

    What’s funnier than burying a baby up to his neck?
    – Mowing the lawn afterwards.

    What’s the difference between a truck full of sand, and a truck full of
    – You can’t relocate sand with a digging fork.

  276. There is science that i love and science that I hate. This one is the hate.
    What kinda people do u have to be to screw up a human’s life in the name of
    science? And the people who applause them for their ‘discovery’……

  277. The USA also had many of Josef Mengeles. Well, they are also the native
    country of the real Nazis, right?
    At least the idea of the Nazism comes from the USA.

  278. the monster study did NOT cause the children to stutter it caused those who
    believed they would stutter to become deathly afraid of stuttering.

  279. No. 1 is not an experiment, leaving ‘the 9 most disturbing child
    experiments’. Yet, you fail to even mention any of the disgusting
    experiments carried out on children (particularly twins) by the Nazi
    Doctor, Josef Mengele!

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