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Sms Racing

Via ▶ Sms Racing.

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  1. there should be an update for this game that the player has to keep a
    certain speed on a road with other cars because being too fast or slow on
    the road is dangerous in traffic

  2. tried playing this game, didn’t crash a single time, just as i got to the
    finish line the game crashed… i think someone was texting while

  3. I’m the dumbass because I when I drive I only pay attention to the road? I
    wait until I stop driving to talk to people. You aren’t a good driver and I
    just hope you’re incredible stupidity and arrogance doesn’t injure someone
    else you selfish peice of human filth.

  4. Texting and driving is dangerous and illegal. Cops drive and use radio,
    laptop, speed radar gun, and mobile devices while talking. Hmm…

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