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Chinese Dinosaur Prank

Via Japanese Dinosaur Prank.

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  1. Ah, Japanese reality TV… you deliver unto me so much happiness. … giant
    dinosaur plushie costumes… how do you come up with this stuff?!

  2. *Everyone worries about the zombie apocalypse because it is more likely
    than any other horror monster possibility. Me, I worry about Velociraptors
    and Clowns.*

    This poor guy.

    일본 공룡몰카 2


  3. This Velociraptor Chasing A Japanese Office Worker Is The Most Terrifying
    Office Prank Ever

    via: +Angélica Garcia-Boiteux

  4. Yea right … 😛 He just failed to notice the 2 extra legs under the
    “raptor” 😉
    Poke +George Takei 😉

  5. Japanese #Dinosaur Prank
    #Japan what the hell
    ….. I’m amazed at how good that dino looks

  6. As I’m slowly learning Japanese..this video still reiterates two things.

    #1 Why I want to move to Japan…they get me and my humor.

    #2 And why Japan doesn’t allow people to have guns..and for good
    reason…not necessarily because that’s good thing to be defenseless..but
    in this case..I could see the need.. ;p

  7. its sooo fake, at first there is no camera man folowing dinosaur and at the
    replay you can see how some random camera recor both dinosaur and this guy
    and moving so it is fake

  8. Yeah, really. the guy I replied to claimed Dinosaurs never existed. I was
    like, “are you kidding? They never existed??? Oh, PLEASE tell me MORE about
    how the science community has made up fossels as a conspiracy.” I was
    mocking the guy for being a hardcore bible thumper. >_<

  9. He’s acting in this. When he first tried to get up after tripping, you
    could see he noticeably kept purposely tripping himself a few times. Also
    the camera man was right there in the hallway with him at 0:28. Also all
    the dinosaur sound effects were clearly added in editing. You guys
    seriously can’t be buying this.

  10. i think the man running beside the Rapto holding a giant video camera would
    have been more obvious that the legs of the costume

  11. yes the guy is acting look at the camera angle when the dinosaur comes in
    the door to chase their is a cut and the camera looks back at them where
    the camera guy should be there isnt anyone, meaning their was a cut and it
    was staged baisically

  12. I guess they figured if the person stopped and thought long enough to
    notice details like that then they’d also remember other things
    like…oh…maybe that Velociraptors and T-Rexes are both extinct! And if
    they did that, then the prank wouldn’t work anyway.

  13. I am a Korean, the video is a TV in Japan. Why did you upload this video,
    we’ll let you know the splendor and joy of Japanese performing arts.
    Japanese culture, entertainment is particularly fond of. It is the highest
    TV of Japan.

  14. Even though this probably is fake…For people commenting about seeing the
    legs of the dinosaur:
    You wouldn’t be paying attention to the legs of a predator that’s after
    you. You’d be paying attention to the face/teeth.

  15. If you don’t think it’s fake you’re dumb, even if you were stupid enough to
    think the dinosaurs had come back who’d look back that many times and fall
    over like that, c’mon guys hahaha

  16. This is fake because the angles change and there is no camera man at the
    other side meaning it was multiple takes.

  17. Розыгрыш пипец!!!))))))) правда так можно от инфаркта умереть!

  18. lol obv fake fgt how did teh velociraptor move and how did the cameras
    capture it? if it was real, you would see a cameraman behind the
    velociraptor and behind the man. ur all 2 stoopid to realise tht m8

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