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The Ball

Via The Ball.

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  1. is an amazing magic trick followed by a complete explanation of it, and
    then some funny outtakes. You can watch it without the sound, and it’s safe
    for work.

  2. Looking at the out takes and the fact that’s it’s nearly impossible to see
    the person behind you leaves me wondering… how long did that take you to
    get right?

  3. You can do this for live audience. On the camera it is better to do it with
    stop motion effect. Why all that effort

  4. the black hankerchief-thing is partially see through. if you look closely,
    you can see that he reaches behind his back to get the balloon

  5. “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not
    going all the way, and not starting.“ -Buddha. If you are a truth seeker,
    check out *The Present* at TruthContest ) com.

  6. I saw the person between the legs of your pants. Don’t think it’s wrong, it
    took me a while to find a hint.

  7. I like how everyone acts as if they knew the ninja was there after they
    found out the secret and looked really closely to see if they could spot

  8. SIR! there is a nin… there’s a ninja behind your… there’s a ninja
    behind your back! … right there behind… the ninja sir! … is behind
    your ….. watch out for that yellow ball!!!!!

  9. at 8 seconds, you can see the red squishy ball in his right hand when he
    goes to pick up the cloth

  10. At 0:07 you can see the small red ball in his hand and at 0:11 and 0:38 you
    can see her behind his legs!

  11. Gotta say i’m proud of myself I caught the thing before the revealing. I
    knew from the start when he strafed right to left that there would be
    someone behind him.

  12. You can see the ninja! Good trick fooled me the first time….. I suppose
    this is whey a magician never performs a trick twice….

  13. 0:12 and 0:31 ! I see a black thing already and 0:12 i saw a stick…. (I
    don’t wanna know the trick I’ve figured it out….)

  14. Cool isalation of intrest perspective views bending light invisbility
    quantum stealth tesalas antigravity ufos cloaking aircraft force shield
    force field

  15. I knew it something was going on,I noticed the space between his left arm
    and his body went black at 0:13 but never assumed it would be a black

  16. Ha ha ha.. ah where are you getting these things from 😀 uh uh Ooooo you oo
    sneaky I am watching that part now lol wow very cool.

    O_O Well played sir well played. 🙂

  17. Stop the video at 22 seconds at carefully look at the painting behind
    Richard you will see the top right corner of the Orange ball

  18. Watch closely in the hole between his two legs. The hole is located in
    between the penis and the two knees. You will see a black object move as he
    bites the cloth.

  19. After watching how its done i wanted to find a spilt second were i acutally
    see this. So i went back at 0:12 0:13 the timing is not perfect so you can
    see a foot right between his legs.Also from 0:33 to 0:35 the leg goes on
    the red carpet then when the person falls back the red carpet between his
    legs is seen [inches]. No this is not a prono. What els can i say? he used
    a black sheet of “paper“ matching the persons dress so you wont notice
    it. Good job on the trick

  20. why in the first video the red ball didn’t jump on the chair but on the
    backstage video, it jumps… when he throw it to the right side.
    I just noticed.

  21. took me a while to figure out where did the ball go. at the first camera
    angle it looked like it disapeared. then i saw it bounced off the chair

  22. In the first video, he just held out the ball with his hands, in the second
    video, he holds the ball and his other hand too..

  23. …Maybe I’m just oblivious or focusing on the ninja a little too much, but
    I can’t seem to figure out where the little red ball came from.

  24. You can see him biting the black cloth at 0:31 probably blowing up the
    balloon with a hidden bloom blower. No wonder there’s no music. Nice try,
    but fail.

  25. This guy is a fraud i have watched many of his videos he’s a fraud anyways,
    pay attention to when he throws the little red ball at first it doesn’t hit
    the chair but second time it does, Fake.

  26. Lol, I thought the solution was one of those „fake reveals“ that would
    normally be a joke because of the ninja.

  27. to anyone looking for hints on how he did this, there is someone hidden
    behind him in a black jumper holding the ball on a stick

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