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Close Call Elevator Dog Incident (Puh)

Via Чудесное спасение собаки зафиксировала камера наружного наблюдения.

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  1. Дай, Бог, здоровья этому мужчине!!! Долгие ему лета!!! Прекрасная

  2. あの、、この動画さ。

  3. 男性いなかったら首ちょん切れてたな。 そしたらまた違う犬買うのでしょうね。

  4. 飼い主さんは、大きくないので、抱いて、乗るべきだと思います。 側に、いた青年が、とっさに、判断しなければ、惨事になっていました。
    もっと、大切に、扱って欲しい、自分の飼い犬なら。 わんちゃんは、言葉話せないのだから。

  5. I dont think many of you have been in an elevator before. There are 2 sets
    of doors. The floor doors and the car doors. Even if she let go of the
    leash, it most definitely had a loop that got caught between the car doors,
    which is why you see it going up through the floor doors. I actually give
    her credit because she starts to pull the dog in and when she realizes he
    will get crushed by the doors, she give him slack allowing him to stay
    outside the doors. Split seconds, u can only do so much

  6. Damn, he shold have a fast thinking of the day award. Why wont the lady use
    the STOP button in the elevator or lose the leash?

  7. Oh wow! This dog almost bought the farm…
    Чудесное спасение собаки зафиксировала камера наружного наблюдения

  8. 애견과 엘리베이터 탈때 조심해야하는 이유 ㄷㄷㄷ

    Why you should be careful when using dogs and elevator !!!!

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