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I Don’t Even Know

Via I Don't Even Know.

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  1. Here’s some absolutely useless video that will make you scratch your head
    and go WTF, but it might somehow cheer you up. 🙂

  2. This has got to be the most WTF vid I’ve ever seen. That says something,
    considering the things I’ve seen on the internet.

    Still, can’t stop laughing, tho.

    I don’t even know

  3. video:who who who who me:pissing his pants video:going on trampoline who
    who whoooo who whoo me:im just done its just to much

  4. This is what most of the Harry Potter movies were like for me. You could
    barely tell what was going on, since it was really inaccurate to the books,
    and the only thing you could do was laugh to how bad they were.

  5. Holy shit i just watched this again after seeing it like months ago. I
    don’t know y but its just as funny as the first time i saw it. Damn my
    sense of humour

  6. qlimax its not fucking real he would have to have super powers or something
    to actually fly like that dumbass its edited its fake but its still funyn
    so stfu noob

  7. Ner vode, you have to watch this funny osik… +Lord Mand’alor Halcyon Storm
    +Anakin Skyobiliviator +Sith Bastila Shan +Darman Skirata +Grace – 093 +Lieutenant

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