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10 Common Myths About Weed

Via 10 Common Myths About Weed.

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  1. I do. The only time I ever stick to the speed limits is when I’m smashed. I
    focus hardcore like a motherfucker. When I’m not smashed, I’m fucking
    about, changing the stereo, doing anything but giving the road anywhere
    near the attention I do when I’m high. I’m more patient too. Risks just
    aren’t taken. I suggest you are an expert on fuck-all.

  2. It really isn’t. Alcohol is more easily accessible to minors. Hell, you
    could even say that nicotine is a gateway drug. Anything that requires you
    to be dependant on it, really.

  3. Well here in Holland youll be fined for openly carrying around weed or
    smoking it. I dont see why in Canada there isnt a law that tells people to
    not smoke in public. Especially considering its such a huge country with
    plenty of places for people to hang out. And even if people would be
    allowed I dont see us Dutch openly talking about it either. Its just weird

  4. I really hope you are joking… Cannabis is the real name for weed. It’s
    the name of the plant that you grow and harvest the buds off of that we
    call weed.

  5. There have been other studies that confirmed this as well as reducing
    tumors. Big pharma stands to lose billions unless they can somehow extract
    change and patent it. Known since the 70’s and suppressed ever since.

  6. Proof read your statements and then you will not look like a stupid stoner.
    Then you can look like a smart stoner and not make the rest of us look so
    bad. MJ is a plant and a drug, everything you put into your body becomes a
    chemical (drug) or electricity. Coffee is a plant and drug, and tea, and
    chocolate and opium and sugar(beets, cane, palm, etc. . .) and food. It all
    affects your body either + or -. Put here, if you believe that. And smoking
    is only one of so many uses.

  7. are you retarded? ive been smoking weed a lot longer than cigarettes and
    could easily go without it for a good 3 months or more, cigarettes im lucky
    if i go a day without one, also i didn’t have what they call a “smokers
    cough” until awhile after i started cigarettes, don’t fucking sit there and
    spread fucking bullshit about things you obviously have never tried and
    felt the effects yourself instead you buy into propaganda bullshit, also
    “less worse” wtf? the correct term would be less harmful

  8. Well from what I know, Marijuana contains less tar than cigarettes. It can
    also act as bronchodilator and is less addictive. And can u tell me how
    many cases of lung carcinoma or any malignant disease has been reported due
    to Marijuana?

  9. People think Weed is a gateway drug. What they fail to realise it that
    drinking alcohol is more of a gateway drug then anything else.

  10. I think they are missing some valuable scientific data…some of it is true
    but some is completely false…#1 driving, #2 lung damage

  11. To get any REAL toxicity from marijuana, and I’m talking a tiny bit of
    toxicity, you’d need to smoke 15,000 joints in one day. hahaha I’d invite
    anyone to try that :p

  12. I find it so funny people are pissy about this video calling it lies. It’s
    because your not hearing what you want to hear. Lmao.

  13. generalizing and applying judgements to groups of us, as this video does,
    is always inaccurate. we are all unique and every breathe and choice is a
    unique expression.

  14. The biggest hate I have with MJ is how it keeps you from being motivated.
    I’ve had friends that just stayed at home smoking. We’d all make a plan to
    go out on the town and the guys would pack a bong then another and another
    smoker would come over and then I’d be left to go on my own. Years later
    While I’d be working saving up a deposit for a home. They’d be all still
    unemployed and smoking the. So that would be my pev with the stuff. But I
    have heard that some people can work all day and do everything and have a
    couple of joints in the evening.

  15. That’s what alot of people don’t understand. You may be impaired, but you
    drive more cautiously. Also, I don’t believe it is addictive. It’s people
    with no self control that have the problem, which sadly is most of America.
    That’s where they get the gateway drug shit. “More More More” people don’t
    have any control and this country influences that behavior.

  16. THERE is no substance in marijuana that makes it addictive. Fact. Look up
    the chemical composition of marijuana if you don’t believe me. It’s only
    addictive in the fact you might love it and you don’t wanna stop doing what
    you love. Shit CAFFINE is proven to be addictive. Food is, why do you think
    theres 400 pound people around. Bottom line marijuana addiction is not
    proven by study or science and the ones in rehab were forced there by
    court. Proven

  17. Should be banned and users should be exterminated. I don’t care if it’s
    addictive, if it causes damage to the body… All I care is that it makes
    people behave like idiots and it supports the drug dealing, the violence in
    countries that produce this shit to be sold in richer countries, the
    violence everywhere is 99% related to drug dealing, drug abuse and
    drug-related things.
    I say hang all the pot heads because hanging is free and bullets aren’t.

  18. If you think that alcohol should stay legal then you should also believe
    (by reason) that weed should be legal as well.

    Weed is better than alcohol in so many ways. Sure maybe both are bad if you
    abuse but weed also provides health benefits. It is like the best plant in
    the world for with what uses it has. I wonder if it is the only one that
    provides so much benefits.

    Some studies show that smoking weed improves lung capacity …maybe this is
    only through a bong with water filtering… not sure but even so, just bake
    if you are that worried.

    If you think that alcohol should be banned again (like prohibition) then
    there is no point arguing with you.

    Work hard, live life, enjoy it, and be happy.

  19. some of these are good, some are bullshit, like the one about your lungs.
    If smoked about once a week, it won’t do any damage to your lungs, i know
    star athletes with incredible stamina that smoke

  20. I don’t even care about these “facts”. The FACT that marijuana is illegal
    to smoke for 98% of the world still should be a heinous crime in itself.
    Live and let live. We all make our own choices in life there should be no
    difference between poppin’ open a cold one and lighting up a spliff.

  21. cannabis is not a gateway drug, the DRUG DEALER is a gateway for DRUG you
    stupid morons! people who smoke pot tend to meet with the man lot, and the
    man usually suggests their customer with more addictive, more profitable,
    stronger drugs starting with meth, crack, cocaine, and heroin or any
    opioids. And yes, they have very solid power to destroy your life in a
    moment of time.

  22. Addiction is subjective. There is psychological addiction, in which the
    user believes they need a substance (and with real negative affects) and
    physical addiction where the person will actually become ill without the
    substance eg heroin, alcohol. While marijuana can by habit forming
    (psychological) I have yet to see any studies that show that it is
    physically addictive.

  23. It’s the people you hang around that can get you addicted to harder drugs.
    Exercise helps with your lungs and getting THC out of your system.
    Taking breaks will help your school scores a lot.

  24. Myth: smoking pot makes Pauly Shore funny
    truth: Nothing can make Pauly Shore funny
    Myth: Pot makes you crave Jack n the box
    truth: Pot makes you hungry for any fast food joint around
    Myth: Pot makes you a better actor in a stoner movie
    truth: Pot makes the audience think you’re a good actor in a stoner movie
    (unless you’re Pauly Shore)

  25. 0:32 that doesn’t make any sense because my friend smokes pot and ever
    since he started he’s become a moron. forgetting shit all the time

  26. Funny they say Myth: Does not impair driving ability,” then go on to state
    how cannabis users drive more cautiously.
    Also, IQ scores are negligibly reduced, temporarily, in some cases.
    I scored a 32 on my ACT as a junior, high as hell. Took it as a senior,
    cannabis free, and scored a 28. Of course, I an individual.

  27. Also, if you Vaporize, or ingest the cannabis, cilia slowing (which is what
    smoking cannabis does to the lungs, not cause cancer) in the lung is
    reduced to negligible amounts.

  28. gateway drug…bullshit…i started smokin cigerettes before i started
    smokin weed so surely ciggerettes are also gateway drugs…hang on
    …wait…before smoking ciggerettes i drank coffee …so coffee is a
    gateway drug?? no coffee cant be… when i was a child i used to love fruit
    juice…which contains….sugar…spent hours bouncing off the walls on
    that shit….gateway drug????? bollocks is it…the only “gateway (to
    other) drugs” is an opportunity to buy and curiosity to try…..

  29. Stop saying it’s addictive, people. It’s habit-forming, sure. But will
    you get physically ill, and suffer withdrawals from a lack of marijuana?

    Even a lack of caffeine has physical side-effects, such as drowsiness,
    headaches, and nausea. Marijuana on the other hand, actually helps
    alleviate headaches, body pain, and nausea. It might not help with the
    drowsiness though. 😛

  30. If you don’t understand the thing about the money and the government, let
    me explain:

    Money controls everything in this world so more money means more power and
    more influence over the people, if you are wise and cunning you make more
    money and in time become greedy, that’s the case with the US govenrment
    that thinks they are the enforcers of justice in the world and that’s why
    many people hate america ( and the money).

    sorry if I hurt anybody’s fellings about the USA but this is the truth!

  31. I believe that it being illegal makes a lot of people (especially youth)
    want to try it or smoke it more, it’s the whole rebellion side of things.
    Doing something bad, that the older generation don’t approve of. Kids love
    rebellion, they’re fucking mad on it.

    People have gotta stop all the scaremongering man, stop looking down on
    those who smoke and stop making ridiculous excuses. Just legalize it, there
    are no negative effects of legalization and if there are i’d like to hear
    them :). Peace, love and harmony my friends!

  32. you can’t OD by smoking pot but 1 mg of THC injected into your blood will
    kill you

    yeah, tell me it’s safe, hopheads

  33. fvkin hate drugs and will never do it, but just saying, my health teachers
    wrong bc she said it’s a gateway drug…i learn more on +Alltime10s than in
    school….thank you alltime10s!!!

  34. Weed is a gateway drug! I know this from experience. You want to try
    something harder, more of a kick and more dangerous. I’m happy to say I
    haven’t touched illegal drugs in over a year.

    Who do you know that does Class A’s, that didn’t start off with smoking

  35. Weed is a gateway drug! I know this from experience. You want to try
    something harder, more of a kick and more dangerous. I’m happy to say I
    haven’t touched illegal drugs in over a year.

    Who do you know that does Class A’s, that didn’t start off with smoking

  36. I think it does cause memory loss.. after i got high … the next day i was
    at school .. then the day after that i kept forgetting shit that happened
    the day before.. and i forget shit quick nd easy now..

  37. I smoked weed once just for the hell of the tricks because the smoke is
    really dense. I didn’t exactly feel any sort of buzz, but when I inhaled it
    the first time, it was a lot smoother than a cigarette, and a cigarette
    tastes awful for me, but weed tasted sort of sweet. I’m not even a smoker.
    I used to smoke shisha, but then I just stopped because of the nicotine.
    Weed made me laugh and feel hungry. My mom prefers that I drink, but I felt
    a lot better with weed, and had a lot more fun. I used to smoke a LOT of
    shisha. About 3-4 sessions a day, and never felt any sort of dependence or
    habit. I guess weed won’t be addictive to me if I just smoke it once in a
    while, or when I’m going to play guitar or something.

  38. i never tried any thing other then weed, thanks to God, i hope i had never
    tried alcohol. For God’s sake legalize weed all over the world so peace can
    prevail. specially give weed to soldiers so they could find some peace.

  39. This comment isn’t hating weed but the fact made about it.
    “Marijuana Doesn’t Impair Driving Ability”
    “Those under the influence *will* have a reduced driving ability. To
    compensate for this they drive more cautiously”
    What the fuck? Is that a joke? XD
    That’s like saying “Drunk drivers have reduced driving ability, but drive
    cautiously to compensate for it,” in which case, we wouldn’t have 10,000
    people plus dying a year in England from crashes caused by drunk

  40. I just love watching potheads get so defensive about this, like if there is
    any negative side effect from Marijuana, it’s immediately wrong.

  41. i lyk this dude hes straight upp but marijuan has no substance in it tha
    lead to the user depending on it so it its not adictive

  42. Actually, ever since i’ve smoked pot, i just think shooting up on heroine
    and snorting a fat back of coke is so sensible, you know?

  43. Marijuana *isn’t* bad for your lungs. And it isn’t physically addictive at
    all. Everything can be mentally addictive, that also counts for cannabis,
    obviously. It goes to show you can’t trust alltime10’s either. But we could
    already figure that out by noticing that pro-Israeli/pro-American agenda of
    theirs anyway.

  44. Does it cause schizophrenia? I felt unreal like i was in a dream for the
    past 8 months lol but im feeling much better now

  45. marijuana is not bad for your lungs. but the tabaco is. after 2 times
    having a lung collaps i quit “smocking”. i still occasionally enjoy

    Greets from the Netherlands ,\m/

  46. Hey Guys, I’m a 15 year old boy, and considering trying marijuana. Anything
    I should know/ re-consider? Tips? Suggestions?

  47. Marijuana is less harmful and addictive than both alcohol and cigarettes
    and should be treated as such. If marijuana were to become legalized then
    the government should put the legal age to buy cannabis at the age of 18,
    not 21 like alcohol.

  48. hahaha they mentioned NOTHING about anxiety disorders or depressive
    disorders. i’ve met so many people that have developed some sort of anxiety
    disorder from smoking after so many years. i, myself, developed major
    depressive disorder coupled with generalized anxiety disorder because of
    this shit. i still think it should be legalized, but highly regulated.
    people need to check their family mental health background to make sure
    there are no mood disorders or mental illness in their family. its my fault
    that i fucked up on that one. i KNOW its the cannabis, because when i do
    shrooms(which causes major anxiety in even the most mentally stable of
    people) i feel great. they’re even reducing my day to day anxiety after
    each use of about 4 dried grams of psilocybin cubensis(California gold caps
    are what come this way mostly). i can’t believe how overlooked anxiety
    disorders are with the connection to cannabis. especially sativas.. and if
    you’re thinking “Now wait a minute. This faggot doesn’t know what he’s
    talking about because certain strains are made to treat anxiety!” WRONG.
    Indica strains and some sativas/hybrids can help people with normal levels
    of anxiety and maybe MILD anxiety disorders, but only one strain has been
    proven to help with moderate anxiety disorders(Strawberry Cough). NO strain
    can help with severe anxiety disorders. NOT ONE. the person then has to
    resort to the use of certain hallucinogenic entheogens to “reset” their
    brain. fuckin crazy

  49. What a moronic video. Uses MSM for proof. That’s hilarious. So what do you
    say to physicist’s, doctors, lawyers, engineers and many others who use
    pot. Are you saying there stupid? The only stupid one here is the complete
    idiot who made this video. Next time show some scientific evidence not
    conjecture. Wait a minute, there is no scientific evidence. When you just
    through out propaganda you make yourself look like a fool.

  50. I do myself think that smoking weed doesn’t feel bad in the lungs at all
    after, say, ten minutes after smoking, as the cough sets off. Smoking a
    cigarette on the other hand just feels awful in your lungs, throat and
    mouth for hours.

  51. i smoked about 4 or 5 joints a day for 6 months or so,unrelated,i had a
    motorcycle crash (wasn’t high) and spend 1 month in the hospital and am now
    at home mostly in bed since i can’t really walk,all this time since my
    crash i’ve been without smoking and i don’t feel the need to,but i wanna
    smoke as soon as i recover and get back to my normal life,this go to show
    that it is indeed quite difficult to be adiccted

  52. ill never use marijuana, it smells like shit, it fucks with me too much,
    just awful. dont know how my generation can stand that shit.

  53. Weed Was used before fucking alcohole and tobac/in china first. but then
    India started to abuse it and starting of make it illegal. Legalise it,
    atleast for the humans rigth

    Yes, Marijuana can kill you…. so can everything else. If you need this
    shit to enjoy life then by all means smoke your self silly. It’s your body.
    Just try not to forget to lobby congress to legalize it so we stop making
    thugs and murders rich men. Also we can tax it and there’s not a doubt in
    my mind we can pay a trillion dollars a year from our deficit every year
    in Marijuana tourism.

    Yes, Marijuana can kill you…. so can everything else. If you need this
    shit to enjoy life then by all means smoke your self silly. It’s your body.
    Just try not to forget to lobby congress to legalize it so we stop making
    thugs and murders rich men. Also we can tax it and there’s not a doubt in
    my mind we can pay a trillion dollars a year from our deficit every year
    in Marijuana tourism.

  56. lung damage my fucking butthole , lies lies I am living proof come to me
    and smoke me out and I can show you lol , I swim much better when high , I
    realized this when I set my schools 100m breaststroke record from 60 years
    ago , I guess they just had that swag to smoke on back then lol .

  57. I get headaches and cough quite often after smoking weed. I mostly smoke
    pure weed (no tobacco). Does weed cause headaches and cough or am I smoking
    some messed up stash?

  58. Way to many stupid comments like weed doesnt affect ur lungs which is does
    just look at ur pipe filled with resin now imagine ur lungs that shit isnt
    just filtered out u fucking idiots n of course injecting thc into ur blood
    will do harm just about anything in ur blood is bad u can inject air into
    ur blood n it will give u a heart attack n being stoned makes lots of
    people stupid temporarily

  59. 7 isn’t true.. If your a bad driver your a bad driver. Smoking and
    driving… done it for years, have more km;s on a car then i bet half the
    people who have posted on this combined.. never been in a accident.. or
    even close… You do need to pay attention a bit more

    5 is also not true…. shit anything can cause lung dmg… the air we
    breath due to toxic elements is bad for you. There is no direct evident
    linked to lung cancer caused by only smoking joints.. if your worried smoke
    a vap

    3 is also not true… weed is not addictive.. i smoke every day…. why
    beucase i enjoy the high.. I take 420 breaks… 4 days off 20 days on.. can
    people who are addicted do that?? and i have been smoking since i was 16..
    i am 35 now..

    1 is also not true.. weed very much is a gateway drug… a gateway to the
    munchies 😀

    Some of this is true… really weed is a great way to relax after a long
    day at work and unwind…

    However just like anything else in life.. it can ruin you or help make you
    successful… depends on you…

  60. Does anyone know these are myths?
    Did you know that Weed can make you see things that others around you don’t
    For example, you would probably notice cops as clowns, giant spiders, maybe
    even, the devil?!

  61. id like to know where you idiots get your facts from your putting out a lot
    of false information id sat your probably with the pigs

  62. The only one I will dispute is #1. The only reason why is because people I
    know and myself have known people that smoked marajuana, and soon moved on
    to other more potent drugs. Other than that, I’d assume it’s all correct.

  63. It can be addictive mentally, but so does food too (for a lot)! With that,
    in Holland there is no decline to hard drug use, in fact, in Holland many
    people use hard drugs!

  64. i have been daily smoker long time. i love marijuana and want it to be
    legalized. however, the true is that it IS addictive drug. it is said as i
    agree aswell that it doesnt give you physical addiction.but the mental
    addiction can be tough, which can gives you high physically withdrawal. it
    is possible, but of course depending of person . and it IS bad for your
    lungs. it doesnt have to be proved. even idiot knows that it isnt good for
    lungs. i love marijuana as much as everyone else, but the fact is that you
    dont have to defend the drug saying that it isnt unhealthy. every drug has
    its negative sides. but true is that it doesnt destroy your brain or make
    you stupid. many smokers are intelligent and go to work everyday, and live
    like everyone else. but too much is too much. just like alcohol. someone
    gets addicted, someone not. but its funny that all the smokers tells its
    ‘healthy’. im welcoming all rejecting comments. marijuana<3

  65. what is it with potheads not taking criticism properly like a mature human
    being? look anything can be addicting, even chocolate, so weed is no
    exception, yes smoking pot will cause lung damage because you’re breathing
    smoke to begin with. However I do see a medicinal use for it because
    everything natural has a purpose. A message to those pot users, just admit
    you want it legalized for whatever reason and stop trying to be so
    defensive, we all have opinions, also although I never used once in my
    life, I think it should be legalized because not only will drug dealers be
    unable to make money off of it and the fact that it causes close to same
    harm as any other drug that is legal as well as it could be properly
    regulated as like alcohol or tobacco
    here are are examples of regulation
    1. you must be at least 21 to smoke the substance
    2. you cannot grow this stuff yourself (this will help prevent overly
    strong strains from being grown, and have a single well regulated strain)
    3. this substance can only be distributed at a pharmacy for medical grade
    or a tobacco store for non-medical grade

  66. In regards to the “myth” about the affects of cannabis on the lungs,
    anti-pot people should read this medical study:

  67. While marijuana may cause the same type of damage as tobacco, the way THC
    acts on the tissue actually regenerates the tissue. The only way to
    actually cause damage to lungs via inhaling smoked marijuana is if you were
    to smoke no less than 2 grams every hour.

    There have been studies on this, please do your homework before posting.

  68. The source for most of these is Askmen. What the shit kind of information
    gathering is that? Why would you go to a damned men’s fashion and living
    site for scientific information on weed? Jesus, I can’t tell if this is
    total bias or if it’s incompetence.

  69. Marijuana can be bad for your lungs. Especially if you have asthma. I’ve
    known people with asthma who would have coughing fits almost every time
    they took a toke.

  70. You can only get addicted to chronic but nothing else so look your shit up
    the same person thats gets addicted to weed would probably be addicted to
    soda and dick….True FACT WEED is the number one cause of peace love great
    music and inspiration example:Doors JFK Switzerland

  71. And yes weed does damage your lungs but cannot give you cancer and if you
    eat there is no damage to your body. …True Fact WEED CAN save our forest
    and save mankind and prevent gayness. ….2 of those three are true

  72. O and number 8 is some bullshit when the fuck has American media been
    reliable to comment on anything important. ..True Fact all U.S. media are
    owned by corporations that destroy our forest and pollut pur world

  73. Majority of the people commenting havnt even tried marijuana,so why the
    fukk is it that it looks like most of them commented first. I would say
    that rwally they r closet smokers.smmh

  74. Marijuana is one of the safest drugs, but its not 100% safe where nothing
    is wrong with it. Weed isn’t that bad if you use it responsibly. But I
    regret smoking heavily back in high school because no positive aspect came
    out of it, just negative ones.

  75. they are correct about all of this, i’m surprised.
    especially the ‘to compensate they drive more cautiously’ part.
    i drive more idiotically when i’m sober lol

  76. Finally some real facts. Not anti-weed or pro-weed. I know many people who
    suffer from depression, passivity and anxiety because of daily use of weed,
    and it’s pretty obvious inhaling smoke damages your brains. But when used
    moderately, and even by making green dragon or using a vaporizer, it hardly
    has any negative health effects.

  77. my sisters ex boyfriend said he was addicted to pot she gave him 150 bucks
    he spent it on pot wtf only people with weak mind power get addicted then
    he said he should go to rehab give me fuckin break man, hi I am addicted to
    a plant I need help come on you cant be addicted to pot think about it. I
    have done it and the last time I smoked up was 3 months ago.

  78. I got to smoke it while on vacation in Amsterdam, before American started
    making it legal.
    Now that we all know that the government has been lying to all of
    it’s citizens and the world for years. And trying to force it’s bullshit
    onto every other country.
    The government needs to just drop it. And legalize it.

  79. I smoke weed and like it a lot. But some myth’s are exually right.

    10. Myth: you can overdose on cannabis just like any other drugs.
    It is up to 10.000 times harder to overdose on cannabis than alcohol….
    Sooo how is this a myth when you can overdose? It’s like saying you can’t
    kill a person by hitting him/her many times with a spoon but you can kill a
    person by hitting him/her with a spoon only 10.000 times more then hitting
    him/her with a steel pipe. You can overdose anything, even with the
    vitamines in fruit. Hard doesn’t mean impossible.

    1. Myth; Marijuana is a gateway drug.
    This is not a myth. It stimulated me and many others to test some other
    drugs because just weed becomes a little bit boring at a time and you can
    get curious how other drugs feel. I don’t want to promote it that much but
    I also use XTC (extasy) now and then and it’s a blast. People start
    experiment with marijuana or just regular smoking and sometimes they want
    to take it a little step further.
    If you step over to harddrugs please be careful with what you use. I know
    from xtc that it is not that dangerous but it can damage your brain on long
    term and test it before you use it. it’s legal to let it get tested and
    only cost a few buck’s. Your life is worth it.
    Sorry if my english is bad I’m from Holland (Legal weed everywhere in
    Holland XD)

  80. AND the best thing in Marijuana is that sex gets 10 times better when u are
    stoned. Marijuana, sex and food. perfect end of the hard day. ))) LEGALIZE
    IT. i smoke 5-7 times in a month and i dont drink, i dont smoke anything
    else. i will never get a drug. I am peaceful and calm. not like a drunk
    assholes fighting like assholes and insulting people.

  81. i love the way bud smells! back when i lived in japan i found out that weed
    can get you the same jail time as crack coke and meth. im so glad i moved
    to america you guys are so much more relaxed

  82. There’s a lot of conflicting information about this because so many groups
    either strongly oppose marijuana or strongly support marijuana. They
    orchestrate studies that will support their published positions. The fact
    is that no one has ever died from smoking marijuana… unlike cigarettes.

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  84. Smoke some dabs, thats gets you feeling really good. And if you haven’t
    smoke weed before don’t try to comment in this like you know what dabs are,
    and say it’s bad, because I don’t think you would even have an idea of what
    Happenes to you when you do it. I went 30/2/6 as riven in league

  85. Weed is a good thing it doesn’t hurt your lungs. Just to stay I don’t smoke
    it but anyways it is actually not addictive and promotes brain cell growth.
    You can’t overdose and its stupid to be illegal. Just saying I don’t smoke
    it again but it’s better than alcohol and much safer than it. Alcohol is
    addictive causes many health problems like diseases and can kill your brain
    cells if your and alcoholic, Alcohol can kill you! Weed will make you relax
    yet alcohol is legal but weed isn’t! People are idiots! (Still saying I
    don’t smoke it, just so retards doesn’t reply saying “Stoopid stoners
    saying weed is goood but its not!” Or “Stoopid hippies!” Just saying’)

  86. Actually in men under the age of 23 marijuana can cause damage by slowing
    down the processes of mylenation and synaptic refinement in the brain.
    Although fine if after 23… it can technically do damage

  87. What they fail to mention about lung damage is that while smoking anything
    can lead to emphysema, there are no conclusive studies to link cannabis
    with lung cancer except in people who also smoke tobacco. And, even with
    tobacco, it’s not the plant itself that is the primary carcinogen, but in
    fact the radioactive phosphorus that is used ubiquitously throughout the
    industry as a fertilizer. You don’t just get the phosphorus, you also get
    other elements and isotopes along with it, such as radium, polonium-210,
    and lead-210. The EPA, National Institutes of Health, and many other
    authorities can confirm this.

  88. Marijuana: Smoking out of a water pipe (hookah) filters out over half of
    the particulates; and, hey at least most of them are natural and not added
    by someone :). Lethal dose is possible via injection (ridiculous, read
    further) and impossible beyond what most people are capable of
    consuming/smoking. It can cause headaches and rarely nausea if overused by
    SOME people (especially when combined with other drugs). Aside, once you
    have smoked a large amount, smoking more at that time doesn’t make you feel
    any higher now does it. Addiction is purely mental, it’s like trying to
    quit biting your finger nails. Hangovers are rare, and usually takes the
    form of mental and/or physical lethargy. It takes 2-3 days to metabolize it
    out of your system, but since it’s stored in fat cells, daily users can
    take 3-6 months to be rid of it. Driving was never a problem for me; it
    does not suppress your central nervous system (reaction time), but the
    ability to perceive hazards and focus can be an issue. Potency is affected
    by what part of the plant you smoke; overall potency has gone up since the
    1970’s (Amsterdam has good stats on potency). Government statistics are
    unreliable because they know the truth; it is more safe than most legal
    drugs, recreational or pharmaceutical.

  89. Ever try to play a simple game of catch with someone that is high on pot?
    Just like stopping at a stop sign, and trying to judge an on coming cars
    speed, when you are high on pot, your timing is off and you miss judge on
    when the object will be close to you. Hence, you are much more liking to
    get in a wreck, or have that ball hit you in the face.


  91. All time 10 this is fucking stupid as hell, and all you fuckers are dumb as
    hell for creating this shit ass video.

  92. When scientists were researching about marijuana, they put gaz masks on
    monkeys and inserted marijuana smoke in the gaz masks. 10 minutes after,
    the monkeys had lost lots of brain cells. And you know why? Because they
    hadn’t let oxygen come along with the marijuana smoke. And what happens
    when your brain doesn’t get oxygen? That’s right, brain cells die! That’s
    why everyone thinks marijuana kills brain cells. And well, it doesn’t…

  93. Haha honestly ? 5 % is the average thc content momentarily in american
    plants ? Are u fucking kidding me ? its at least between 12-22/23 %…..and
    to those people who say that if it is 25 % it must be cocaine laced or
    something … you know sometimes its better to shut up before if u dont
    have a fucking idea what u talking aboit …do some research

  94. lol such ignorant bullshit on some of the myths like brain damage umm it
    100% does not cause and lung damage XD bullshit such bullshit if they
    accually knew about TCH and CBD’s they would not make bullshit vid like

  95. +Alltime10s Memory does not return to normal. It improves once you quit but
    it never even comes close to returning to normal. I am living proof.

  96. All the better if hash ain’t as bad as people say it is. It’s what you need
    when life becomes shit. #lifeisshit #smokeweedeveryday

  97. The subtitles moving a lil to fast for someone who just to a bong rip.
    Should have made it’s slower that’s all I’m sayin

    And if the thc level is 5 you hot some Reggie my dude



    WEED DOES MAKE U A BETTER DRIVER….I’ve gotten in 2 accidents ONE WHILE

    STILL HERE?!?!



    BREAK OUT ANYMORE!!! I took her 2 the doctor and EVERYBODY WAS AMAZED HOW

  99. how reliable are these facts? the drug has no recorded evidence that it
    effects your lungs; when you inhale it into your lungs, how does it not
    damage them… don’t tell me you guys are that gullible. at least research
    more into the study -.\\

  100. You are literally a retard aren’t you?
    Like…..seriously, if you think you know what you are talking about, you
    have some serious brain deficiency, lay of the meth.

  101. I support marijuana legalization, but I am not biased towards saying that
    marijuana is good or bad for you, I mean, I treat marijuana like it is
    Coffee other than the fact that Caffiene is more addictive than Marijuana
    and you can overdose on Caffiene unlike Marijuana and I am a Coffee drink
    myself and I am not addicted to it whatsoever and I am able to control my
    intake and they both are good in moderation, but in excess, it could be bad
    for you. I like how this video is unbiased towards being pro-marijuana or
    anti-marijuana, I agree with pretty much everything said, however the only
    thing I almost disagree is with is that it causes lung damage overall,
    sure, all smoke is bad for you, but you don’t smoke weed in the same
    process as you smoke a cigarette, it could be possible to have some harm
    from marijuana if you smoke it way too much and the lungs would return back
    to it’s original state in a few days or weeks unlike cigarettes that will
    take 20-30 years to do so, but Marijuana used in moderation, it won’t cause
    any damage to the lungs and it does not cause lung cancer and if it did,
    people would most likely die from it and 0 people died from Marijuana
    compared to 400,000 deaths from Tobacco, 85,000 from Alcohol, 250,000 from
    all hard drugs combined (Cocaine,Heroin Meth and other Amphetamines),
    10,000 from all prescription drug brands and Painkillers combined, 280,000
    from Obesity/Diabetes, and 5,000 from Caffeine. Marijuana can also be more
    beneficial than any prescription drug could ever do. All in all, everything
    in this world has downsides and upsides, anything in moderation or used
    responsibly is fine unless if it something very bad like hard drugs and
    cigarettes and everything in this world is a drug no matter how good or bad
    for you it is, there is no such thing as drug free, not everything is
    physically addictive and Marijuana is not one of them, but everything is
    mentally addictive, nothing is not mentally addictive so that means
    anything can be addicting or not depending on the person.

  102. I hate when people measure how much weed is smoked by saying “joints” or
    “blunts.” Like for real, that’s so inaccurate. You trying to tell me you
    can smoke a .5 gram joint or a 10 gram joint but the fact that they are
    joints make them the same? Like WTF?

  103. Smoking anything damages the lungs. Do a bit of research and you’ll see
    inhaling smoke of any kind does inflict a small amount of damage. Being a
    smoker, I’m aware of this fact.

  104. there is nothing wrong with the flower marry jay. You cant over dose on it.
    And no. it dose not make u crazy

  105. 1. Tabbaco can be a gateway drug. But mostly household chemicals are the
    worst offenders
    2. Not a single death from cannabis. Its illegal because of how many uses
    it has

  106. How does being high on weed not make you an impaired driver? Every person I
    have seen high on weed have slow reaction time, meaning you have slower
    reaction time while driving.

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