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Retro Game Of The Week – Castlevania


In Retro Game of The Week we dive into our game library and pick out a classic to see if it still holds up today. Lets grab a controller and play some retro, retro, retro games Intro music youtube This week were playing Castlevania on the NES This classic dates all the way back to 1986. Castlevania is a typical platform game of the 8-bit era with only six levels and no save or password system. It makes completing the game a downright daunting task. Graphically Castlevania definitely shows its age but the epic, catchy, and atmospheric music still holds up today. Just listen to these awesome tunes… The gameplay however hasnt stood the test of time. You can only jump straight up, left, or right. The lack of midair control makes jumping a pain in the ass. The knock back you get after getting hit by enemies only adds to the frustration. Attacking enemies is also really difficult. The angle in which you can crack your whip doesnt always line up with enemy movement patterns. This is especially noticeable during boss battles. Luckily there are also projectile based weapons you can pick up. This way you can stay at safe distance and still do damage. By now you should get the picture. Playing Castlevania can be kind of a chore thanks to the limited controls and high difficulty level. Not being able to move the way you want is ridiculously frustrating. The music and atmosphere of this game are still amazing however. Patient gamers who like a challenge will enjoy ltbgt…ltbgt

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