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Top 10 Nes Games


The NES was the console that made gaming. Yes the Atari was a big start, but the Nintendo Entertainment System was the console that made gaming popular. Without the NES, gaming would have probably died with the 1983. The NES has a HUGE library of games and picking 10 is very difficult but also a lot of fun. Its awesome to think about those fantastic games and playing them again for the first time in ages. Some games I played again were terrible, unlike I remember when I was only 5 years old… Others are still fantastic today and those are the games on this list. Remember, this is my personal list so please dont get upset that I left out some of your favorites or ranked them lower then you think they should be. Everyones list is probably different because the NES is so awesome. If you want to voice your opinion, why not make a video response or comment on this video If you liked this video please check out my others, rate, comment, and subscribe. I will make many more videos in the future. This is my second video, check out my channel for more information on my future videos. Sorry for the poor quality voice-over. My mic. is pretty bad. Thanks so much everyone. Please comment and rate honestly If you enjoyed it, please subscribe Thanks

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  1. Oh hey, I’m not the only one who thinks LoZ is the best NES game. I do think Mega Man 2 and SMB3 should be switched though.

  2. You should get Super mario bros. 3, Rad racer, Castlevania, kirbys adventures, commando, battletoads, and the list goes on

  3. rygar, faxanadu, metroid, kid ikarus, the battle of olympus, adventure island, punch out, ninja gaiden, double dragon, river city ransom, world cup, ghost and goblins and ikari warriors theres a lot of awesome games for nes

  4. Metroid would of had save profiles if the cartridge could handle it, but since it was originally a disc game in japan with the for the famicom disc add on, they were not able to do so. 🙁

  5. another really great game to look for if you want to ever play a truly challenging action RPG is called Crystallis it’s setting is post apocalypse mixed with sorcery

  6. hands down favorite NES games … Jaws , nightmare on elm street , friday the 13th , the 3 stooges … super mario 2 and 3…. any and all megaman…

  7. My top 10
    10 mario 3
    9 metroid
    8 castlevania 3
    7 mario 1
    6 castlevania 2
    5 galaga
    4 megaman 4
    3 legond of zelda
    2 ninja gaiden
    1 contra!!!!!!!!

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