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Classic Game Room – Sega Game Gear Review


Classic Game Room HD reviews the SEGA GAME GEAR which was originally released in North America in the year 1990 Handheld gaming has never been less portable but more exciting. The Sega Game Gear eats six AA batteries in two hours but delivers Sega quality video games on a full color screen. Take that black and white Nintendo Game Boy Color Even if you need to plug it in to play games lasting more than 2 hours… The Game Gear may show its age with a dim LCD screen and washed out colors, common with older handhelds these days. But an awesome library of collectable games await you for an affordable price. Perhaps you just want to rebuild your collection and relive your youth Were you playing Game Gear in the hallway while making smart-assed comments as kids with their sad black and white game boys walked by Did your Game Gear accidentally beat up a rivals Atari Lynx Yeah, you know it. The Game Gear may not be the handheld of choice now but it was a terrific addition to the Sega hardware catalog and was built to last as well as it could. This CGR review shows a Sega Game Gear in the video game review and features Game Gear games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat II. The Sega Gamegear review shows the Sega Game Gear screen, battery compartments and buttons up close.

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  1. I rocked the rechargeable battery pack with mine. That beast made the system half again as large and made other portable systems tremble with fear.

  2. Don’t feel bad, so did I but my infant cousin at the time took it outside and left it there I had no idea where it was for about 8 hours meanwhile it was getting rained on.

  3. I just bought another Game Gear because my other one didn’t work. It’s being delivered tomorrow….we will see if it works…

  4. i also have the gamegear now,HOWEVER,the screen is not only blurry in motion and unsharp in static moments but also i can’t see anything on it when i look straight to it, until i turn the handheld a 45 dagree,i don’t know if the screen is faded with age or were there issues during the production of it,does somebody else has the same problem?,also the d pad feels lossy,so even with a power adaptor copnnected to it,it’s not fine to play with it only for a while.

  5. Do an internet search for "game gear capacitor problems." If you know which version of the game gear you have, you can take it apart and replace each capacitor one at a time (if you know how to solder and un-solder) until the screen works. Mine had the same problem. I don’t know what to do about the d-pad though. Good luck!

  6. i would look to add that my original brick game boy was dark green v. light green, rather than black and white

  7. @deptymaddog5 Yes, but it WAS the Majesco Rerelease. The seller never told me that….,at least I get a longer battery life w/ the rerelease.

  8. the reason why most gamegear lcd screens and/or speakers are faded with age is because, sega used cheap capacitors inside their systems to reduce costs,but sadly soon or later they will fade off your system slowly,you need to replace those capacitators with high quality ones,to restore it,and to last a life time!!!

  9. Hmmmm i remember i having this when i was 3 or 4 after years came by why did i have a game boy with no color ?

    also what happend with virtual boy ?

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