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Maru Greatest Hits V1


TURN ON ANNOTATIONS! For the impatient and in humble homage to the wonderful and delightful Maru, some highlights of Marus antics.

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  1. 箱にダイブした時に後ろ足を伸ばす所が可愛い!

  2. Super funny and Super cute, with that paper bag covering his head and face (i know his owner do have a hole opening cut on top of the paper bag for Maru boy breathing), he can still walk around the house without knocking or bumping into anything at all like nobody business!!! Love this funny little guy so much.

  3. This cat is a youtube veteran. [2:54] I love the cat’s face as if saying „So, did we get the shot right? Can I get out of here?“

  4. its incredible to see a cat that can do loads of stuff when mine only sleeps…wish he could take some tips from maru..haha

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