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How To Introduce 2 Cats To Each Other


A 12-step program for introducing a new cat to your existing cat. Results may vary. (For Shorty & Kodi, they became friends in 1 week.) Music is Shogun from iMovie 11

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  1. I’ll be getting a second cat myself in two days. This video has helped put my mind at ease about how to handle that.

  2. Wow! Kodi has grown so much! He was such a cute little guy! His coloring is magificient! And you can never go wrong with a black beauty! I’ve always had black cats, and their beauty never disappoints!

  3. Strangly in our house if ou family accepts an animal even if its stray our pets immediatly accepts them as part of the family

  4. we have two cats, one orange and one black/white… the black/white one is always calm and loving and has never bitten or hurt anyone… the orange one is more agressive but he only bites if you do something he doesnt like, like rub his belly lol. So the thing is they are always fighting.. its usually the orange one who is the attacker and the other is more defensive… they used to be friends but now they can’t stand looking at eachother. Once we got a kitten but the orange tried to kill it—-

  5. Viol3tcat…in my case, growth of the cats had to do with who was king…the one outgrowing the other would become king then if another had a growth spurt, becoming the larger, he was it. This would cause malice and envy among them…but they were still friends yet had sibling style rivalry.

  6. Please help! Our Siamese kitten just flew in (6 months). We have 1 one-year old cats, a Balinese & Ragdoll. Bali & Ragdoll are very laid back & docile. Last Xmas, they arrived & initially Bali hissed, but after both got a bath/smelled similar, they became best friend immediately. So, we didn’t go through all this. BUT new kitten is totally different. KITTEN is attacking, rejecting, & hissing at the resident cats who wanted to be friends/groom her!! Bali is now hissing at BFF Ragdoll :/ PLS HELP!

  7. Wow! You’re REALLY lucky! I never had any luck introducing a new cat into an established cat household. You did something VERY right! Congrats! Great videos!

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