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LRV On The Moon – Apollo 16 – HD Video Stabilized

Using a HD transfer of the original Apollo 16 moon rover video footage from original 16mm film. Additionally it was cleaned up and stabilized. It’s almost like you’re right there, except with less real moon dust.

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  1. Also, it’s pathetic that people still take the gov and their commissions, the TV and medias word for everything. If it’s on TV, it must be true? If a politician, that lies to us daily, tells us something, it must be true? Hired commissions that include gov employees are policing themselves in these events and we have no right to question it? They are bending you over and slamming you hard and you just accept it because they tell you to? Now that is pathetic and very unentertaining AND sad.

  2. Oswald, an avg shooter uses a crappy rifle and fires at a speed and accuracy that most could never do, even snipers. Cops knew it was him just a few minutes after the event? With all the confusion of where shots came from, how many, but Oswald was fingered just minutes later? Just like the TV said it was Bin Ladin on 9/11 just minutes after the 1st plane struck? Are you seeing a pattern? We are being lied to in most major events, why would the moon be any different?

  3. You must realize how much deception we, as people, are under, worldwide. 9/11 is obviously not what the gov anbd media tell us. Even a few hrs of research will bring you to that conclusion. The Osama bin ladin murder was obviously staged, they dump him at sea with no pics or vid? The most wanted man in the world and they say they dumped him at sea out of respect? Really? Oswald gets murdered on TV from a mobster who just casually walks up to him and shoots in a secure area? Really?

  4. Oh and you base that on what?
    The things that the evil green man that crawls out of your bellybutton at midnight and sings “What a wonderful world” says?

  5. Yes but if the moon isn’t in shot, there is no light being reflected from the sun into the camera, and there is no ambient light because there are no particles in the vacuum to reflect them. Ambient light would be a problem on earth where atmosphere reflects and diffuses the sunlight, not on the moon where such a medium doesn’t exist. If the camera was pointed at the sky with the moon surface, sun, and other light sources out of shot, then you could set the exposure to pick up stars.

  6. On what facts do You base such an assumption about the buggy and dust? You know, for example, not with what force the dust is thrown up.
    And, in what “pattern” should the dust have flown according to You,and why?
    Are You quite sure You can determine this better than all the scientists around the world, who have studied these videos for 40 years?

  7. Um..excuse me mr. dumbass. This is Apollo 16. This was even after the Soviets had landed a rover on the moon. Why would we fake 2 moon landings, let alone? The funny thing I’ve noticed about conspiracy theorists is that they don’t believe in just one radical conspiracy..ie the moon landing being faked… They believe them all: Moon landing, 9-11 supposedly an inside job, JFK murder conspiracy, sasquatch, the loch ness monster, and Roswell aliens. It’s pathetic and not entertaining.but sad.

  8. Too little atmosphere. A paperplane will follow the trajectory of a rock. Remember the hammer and feather experiment?

  9. Hey! Imagine this. Lower gravity, a little bit of atmosphere…. Paper airplanes will fly forever 😀

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