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America’s Worst Tattoos – Episode 1

Haha, finally a series on TLC about silly and dumb Tattoos.

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  1. Nice post. I became reviewing regularly this site that i’m satisfied! Extremely helpful information and facts especially the very last portion 🙂 My partner and i manage such information lots. I’m seeking this kind of information and facts for the really prolonged occasion. Thanks and best connected with good luck.

  2. You’re a fucking idiot. You can’t even spell juicy pussy for fucks sake. Seriously, just go kill yourself.

  3. I think I’d want a woman that is good looking to do a tattoo because I’d be able to handle the pain a bit better, acting all manly.

  4. A fucking transformer tattoo is not a significant upgrade from that stupid ICP tattoo. See you again in 12 years retard.

  5. Okay that star is legit terrible but the clown tattoo is a dime a dozen.There are thousands of guys walking around with those type of tattoos…certainly not “ the worst in the world“

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