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Scary Real Alien Caught On Tape | Ufo And Aliens Sightings Videos 2012


Scary real alien caught on tape in California. More videos: www.youtube.com The scariest and most mysterious things from all around the world. Please subscribe to our channel to get notified when we upload any new videos or compilation about: – abnormal and paranormal facts – real ghosts caught on tape – haunted houses – best scary ghosts videos – weird creatures – poltergeist activity – most shocking videos in the world – rare and strange videos about illuminati – alien and extraterrestrial life on mars – ufo sightings 2012 – Strange and weird creatures – bigfoot chupacabra leprechaun mermaids monsters Original video uploaded by: www.youtube.com ************************************************************************************** We do not claim ownership in materials users submit to www.paranormalcamera.com, however, by submitting materials to us, they grant paranormalcamera.com a perpetual license to modify and reproduce the materials in any manner. If a video to which you hold the rights has been uploaded on this channel without your permission, please write to support@dailycompilation.com and we assure you that our staff is available to solve any kind of problem. Thanks for your cooperation. **************************************************************************************

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