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Cute Lori Having Happy Meal


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  1. Great, you can’t spell rats. I think I learned that in 2nd grade. Educate yourself about the real life of a Loris then make a comment.

  2. Without animals there will be no humans. Domesticated animals are not like this. Dogs and cats bite people but do they get the teeth pulled??? Neutering is done under anesthesia. These teeth are just yanked and clipped. A better life would be eating the proper diet high in the trees. All living creatures die. Why not let them die naturally, and preserve what little beautiful wildlife we have for our kids to learn about. Or would you prefer us to all be dinosaurs??? Ignorance is not bliss.

  3. Listen up. That animal had a great home in the top of a rain forrest! These animals require a special diet that no man can give them. They have the fangs removed without pain relief. It will die soon then you think thats good?? Do some research and then make a educated decision.

  4. People always got something negative to say, as long as you provide a good home for the lil thing your doing something good. Cool looking lil creature good luck with it

  5. Actually they aren’t that slow. When these animals are eating their natural diet, they can attack very quickly. They would starve being slow all the time. They are carnivores and must be very slow until the last second. Pow! then they strike. Check Animal Planet for a the best inshight into who they live.

  6. Ok bitch if you want to get nasty lets do it. Yeah they probably do have jobs, but the money they have can’t purchase the proper diet to keep this animal alive very long. Go ahead and buy one you stupid cunt. By the way no PETA for me. I hunt, I eat meat, I fish. I know proper animal care is housing and diet. That animal has nothing proper. It’s a nocturnal animal for christ sake. Get your head out of YouTube and do a little research you ignorant bag of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oh fuck you, these people actually care about their pets, and some people actually have a job to bring these animals back to good health…get your head out of your ass…stupid PETA douche…

  8. Help save the Slow Loris by removing all videos from Youtube which helps to drive the illegal trade in these helpless ENDANGERED animals. A true animal lover would never own one or post video.

  9. I wanna cuddle and give that creature the world right now. :O Her eyes are adorable.

    (Yes, I know they are endangered and shouldn’t be bought. It’s a wild creature through and through. End Disclaimer.)

  10. poor little animals, you evil human , ending with every single new species found. dont you get it , the world is mostly theirs than ours..
    you should be ashamed

  11. „To reduce the danger of biting, captive slow lorises typically have their teeth removed with pliers or fingernail clippers, without the use of an anesthetic. The capture and transportation of lorises also results in high levels of mortality. Once in captivity, lorises are rarely provided with the diverse diet they need to thrive.“

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