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Portal On A Ti Calculator! New Video


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  1. Very cool man, I cannot imagine what the coding for this looks like. I made one of those fall down racing games once, that took forever. That was back in 1999. My sophomore year of high school. Jesus Christ. I’m old now.

  2. Yeah when I started calc programming in 2001, the most sophisticated looking game for the TI-83+ was Lotus Turbo Challenge. Back then though assembly was very poorly documented and Axe language (which produces near-ASM-speed code, although a bit larger) was not available. Today almost every new calc project use grayscale.

  3. This is amazing. I downloaded it earlier today, and I’m really impressed by the playability and enjoyability of it. The controls actually work very well.

    Only problem is if the calculator’s auto-shutoff triggers, restarting the game results in a corrupted level that requires exiting to the main menu. It appears that not every button press resets the auto-shutoff timer; during the elevator breaking dialog, it shut off even though it had only been like 10 seconds since I had pressed enter.

  4. Wow, 350000 views. And am I wrong, or did this bring your subscribers up a 100 more?
    What’s sad though, is that Builderboy doesn’t get all the fame he deserves. Too bad he doesn’t have a YouTube channel.

  5. Woah at this Youtube redesign. Glad I paid attention because I clicked the drop down and almost deleted your comment by mistake. Yeah my subscriber count went up a lot from this vid it seems. Builder has a Youtube channel but I don’t think he ever used it for calc stuff and he didn’t seem to want to make a vid for that channel in particular.

  6. Hmm. First nDoom, the FruitNinja, now Portal Prelude. I wonder is this keeps up how long it will be until some professional developer starts looking into make a game for the calc 😛

  7. Sigh…I remember wasting many an hour in high school writing programs on my casio 9850 and ti-83. Never could do shit with assembler though. Guess I figured that was just too much effort for a friggin calculator, lol.

  8. I built a working version of Mancala once on a really old Casio Graphing calculator with only 512 bytes of memory. Code optimization was key and I ended up using all of the memory. I had to redraw the entire screen every move and the calculator wasn’t really that fast, but it was quite playable and the redraw usually only took a second or two. It entertained my brothers and sisters on a 3 hour drive across the mountains. If I had the memory this cacluator has? I would have been in heaven!

  9. Was it the FX-7000G? I got one of those and it dates back in 1985. It had really limited RAM and to be able to use all of it, you had to disable the A-Z memory variables.

  10. That would be it! I actually used part of the A-Z memory variables in a few programs, and I had my own bit shifting algorithm in one program as the bit shifting in the long run let me gain just enough room to finish my program and store all the variables.

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