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He-Man – Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa


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    This is art.

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  11. Day#1
    Today I felt the sudden urge to hear this master piece of a song, and came to find a rather interesting top comment. For the last 8 minutes I clicked the show and show comments button until I got to the comment that said day 1. Then, for the next 28 minutes I repeated the process of reading the comment, clicking the like and not spam buttons until I arrived back at day 71. Form this day forward, Swear to comment, like, and, if necessary, click the not spam buttons on this chain.

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  14. If you really watch this, with your hearts and livers, it shows the great sense of friendship and comradeship between He-Man and his loving friends. It’s a touching tale of how they sometimes long for their homes, but use their bond to suppress the homesickness.

  15. I noticed the top comment ‚DAY#70
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  17. DAY #82 part 2
    wow two fucktards just felt the need to destroy that glorious diary of Broareumad10.

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  18. Actually both spelling and grammar were incorrect in said post. I don’t think it’s really that important, though, I could still understand what he wrote. Still though, you didn’t have to call him a „Dumb fuck,“ lol.

  19. I love this song too, but I wouldn’t really consider either Justin Bieber’s music or „Gangnam Style“ to be trash. I dislike Justin Bieber’s music, but a lot of people enjoy it, so I can’t call it „trash.“

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