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Pyscho Inmate On A Come Down


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  1. Does it? Does every single case of drug abuse really have nothing to do with free will? Free will is what compels SOME people to use drugs. Free will is what drives SOME people BACK to drugs, even after they’ve gotten clean. I’m not talking about the ones that are in jail, I’m talking about the ones that are out. Yes, we can help some to get clean, but some people will NOT be helped. You cannot save someone from themselves.

  2. That’s like saying you can’t „save“ a mentally challenged person „from themself.“
    You are approaching the concept at skewed perspective. Addiction is a genetic disposition that lies in the brain. I understand that some people are just stupid people and will make poor choices, but it seems you also have admitted that. But you seem rather harsh and unforgiving when judging a person on drugs. (On a side note, what gives you a right to judge someone in a situation like that to begin with?)

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t know where either one of us has gotten confused. My point was that some people (the stupid ones, that you just mentioned) cannot be helped because they do not want to be helped. This is why I said some people, because not all are like that. I know what addiction is, and yes, we can help, and I know jail is no place for them, I just wanted to point out that, no matter what we do, there are some who will fall back into their old ways. I’ve seen it happen before.

  4. Smoke is always harmful to lungs, but based on the recent clinical study that was done I’d have to say that the evidence points towards healthier lungs if consistently smoking marijuana. So I guess there’s more beneficial chemicals in the smoke than carcinogens.

  5. uh this is a typical reaction to a guy on meth.
    and that was a typical foolish statement from a person who never used a drug in their life. im sorry, but coming down off meth doesnt make you act like that. theres obviously something else wrong with him. what a dumb bitch. cops lock people up every day for assuming they are under the influence of drugs, when actually they have physical/mental medical conditions.
    this world makes me sick.

  6. Well, drinking doesn’t make you a fuckin‘ hippie while smoking a ton of weed does. So I’ll stick to intoxicating myself with alcohol rather than the risk of being mistaken for a goddamn hippie

  7. I don’t believe your interpretation of the clinical trial results. Please prove me wrong; What is the title/author(s)/researcher(s) of the report you speak of? Do you have a link to said clinical trial report? Thanks.

  8. urs means yours, i short it to urs because the u sounds like you, i get that its hard for a stoner to understand

    i wasnt talking about the spelling, “ I live in Holland so I think I have knowledge about weed“, just cus you smoke weed every day doesnt mean you know anything about its bad effects, noone is more naive towords that than a stoner

    „and its proven that weed is less destroing than booz“ maybe but you dont fuckin drink boze 2-3 times a day moron (as he claims he does)

  9. When has weed made someone that fuckin stupid? Weed doesnt stimulate you like that. It might make you so happy you get excited like ive seen before but it won’t make you crazy. The worst it will do is put you in a nightmare mode from being too high but still. You are misinformed.

  10. I find it interesting that some of you guys are saying bad things about the cop. That guy is nothing but garbage. A meth using, low life piece of trash who will contribute nothing to society and consume tax payer money to treat and „attempt“ to rehabilitate. It is sad, yes, but the American justice system is not equipped to handle this type of person. Honestly he would be better over dosing and ending his constant struggle. The cop is not the bad person, that low life is.

  11. how in anyway did she bring on the humiliation? The dude is high on meth and acting like a damn fool. Every methhead, crackhead, pillhead, and heroin addict should be poked and laughed at. For the simple fact that theyre dumbasses for ever wanting to delve into that lifestyle. Im not a cop fan either but id pass a law to put a bullet in the head of people like this just to rid them of the misery to themselves and others theyre causing.

  12. i didn’t say she did. and i totally agree that an addict in any form should be poked and laughed at, but lets not leave out people addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, prescription meds (including anti-depressants) and caffeine. any form of addiction to chemical substances will cause health problems and when these health problems arise we should always berate the recipient for doing this to themselves.

    on their death bed we should be content in reminding them they did it to themselves.

  13. @formusicplaylist1 I hope you die from aids soon or get run over by a fat man on anti depressants drunk trying to sober up drinking coffee smoking a cigaret  high on smack crack dope. That would be justis in my eyes for your sad comments

  14. in a little locked room all by himself,cant sleep not that theres a bed,and how does that bitch know what hes on.he might be tripping.get them a doctor.
    I hate pigs they ar all on a power trip.all of them
    I wonder what she like when a camera isnt on her
    and the guy probably didnt do anything other than take a drug.

  15. its easy to be some punk on a computer having a liberal attitude about how someone does their job. Lets see what your attitude would be if you were the person we all relied on to bring these drug junkie savages in day after day; risking your life cuz some asshole desperate to get high is out smashing car windshields for loose change. is being sweeter towards felons going to increase, or decrease the odds of getting killed on the job?

  16. Very true with all powerful stimulants. I got hooked on prescription amphetamines and now have what approximates to severe bipolar, even years after getting clean. Lets just say that if weed leads to reggae and sitting all day in your sweatpants, meth leads to Slayer and driving 110 mph in a 35 zone. Just saying that this stuff makes cocaine look like aspirin.

    That’s without even the fact that whatever you get on the street is PROBABLY cut with sketchy chinese designer chemicals like MDPV.

  17. People are going to get high if they are so inclined. All good advice…but „Life is a sad cunt if you aren’t fun without bud.“ –fixed.

    I’d be overjoyed if pot was medical. Not just because *I’d* be toking, but because half of heroin/crack users I’ve talked to say that weed kills their cravings enough to not go score that day. I know it makes my depression lift like magic while antidepressants don’t. Lots of prescriptions can make you „high“ but that’s why we have PRESCRIPTIONS for them…

  18. Yeah, basically if you can cook it into a needle it does NOT need to enter your body. And I have problems handling beer/liquor but none with pot…in terms of tax on your brain it’s probably about as bad as what, maybe coffee? A.k.a. a habit but one that doesn’t need a detox program to quit…

  19. wow i want METH now. thanx people this goes to show on how n y u shouldn’t even do this shit. i mean weed doesn’t do this too uuu i mean only to stupid morons that love being statistics for the law, but hey u can function driving prolly more then sober, but still meth come on man. U like looking like shit like that n plus u look fuking out there n crazy im sure the ladies love that. ahhhhh model citizen i love it. i love society just crumbling down on itself.

  20. wow meth leads to slayer huh…. see child… and u are a child after reading THAT comment. i burn tree allll dayyyy. oh n guess what? i listen to death metal. 🙂 and rap (uh oh hes a thuuuug).and trance and r and b and house and ambient and alicia goddamn keys and motherfucking seal and goddamn if it isnt sting im jammin to some ur bullshit comment about meth leading to slayer KINDA offends me.just a lil. oh and i love my i roc. n i DO go 130 in a 35 cause its fun 🙂 but never did meth

  21. You’re just ignorant to what you’re talking about. Show me the documents that prove weed leading to mental illness. Go ahead, give me the link. Also for you to say drugs are for the weak is a joke. Caffeine is a drug. So everyone who drinks coffee or soda pop is weak? lol.. You are stupid, ignorant, and lack knowledge and experience in life.

  22. Your metaphors a weak mate. Go smoke your bong. You poor weak thing. Life is so tough, you need weed and drugs. The real question is, what the fuck are you gonna do about it? You can’t do anything. Sit behind your little keyboard and defend drugs all your life, I do not care, considering you are another one of those people who are a waste of space and you are consuming air, that should be saved for good people like me. I’m done now. I won’t read any of your messages.

  23. Like I said the very first time. I dont partake in smoking. Sad you couldnt remember me saying that. Your memory is as piss poor as a pot heads hahah you might as well be smoking, I dont think you can get any dumber. Can’t debate with me so you run away… You failed to answer my question because you know I am right and you are to much of a coward to admit it…. So I give you a chance to man up, I will ask again. (Caffeine is a drug) So is everyone who drinks coffee and drinks soda pop weak?

  24. y do u bother talking to him if u claim he is not functioning right? do u like having conversations like this? if not y do u continue talking with him? who is the half way decent person here?do u only take bad notes? when are u going to freedom?

  25. I get what you’re sayin‘ dude, really, I do, but as a weed smoker myself I have to say, don’t be encouraging kids to be doing it. The best addiction to have is success, period.

  26. lmfao you know nothing about me yet you call me a coward/pussy , ive smoked bud, took Ecstasy, popped molly and smoked it, snorted cocaine and more and ive got to say smoking bud is ..well its just a great feeling theres no way to overdose theres no come downs, you dont its not a hallucinogen even tho i like taking shrooms lol everything is amazing high, doesnt harm your body psychically nor has there been proof that it harms internaly and you cant get addicted xD what more can you ask of .

  27. I’ve never drank alcohol, nor done MDMA or coke, but I have smoked weed and popped pills(DXM) for years. Hate on me and call me a liar if you want, but I feel the same as I always have, just a tad bit more enlightened. If anything, I’d say it’s probably the coke, alcohol, and XTC that does your brain in, at least from a psychology major’s view.

  28. interesting theory.. I’ve smoked weed every day for 15 years (I’m 30 now) and I have a great life. I do what I love for a living, I live in Hawaii, and I’m extremely intelligent. Saying pot is worse than coke is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

  29. huh? huh? could you please repeat? going over to the notes meth guy: What u doin what that fucking noteblock!? police: It is for taking bad notes. Meth guy: *PUT HIS HAND OVER HE’S MOUTH IN SKOCK* 😛 hahah lmfao

  30. I’m saying personally for me, pot has the worst effect on my mental state. If you notice i did say ‚for me‘, I didn’t state that pot was worse than coke. Good for you.

  31. Yeah dude, I use to smoke but it raises my anxiety levels so I had to stop. Like I tell other people, I’m ok with weed, but you gotta know if its right for the person who’s smokin it. I’ve been around people who can smoke 3 to 4 grams in a session and not even seem high. I smoke half a joint and I freak out and have trouble breathing…weird how that works.

  32. Depression is a medical condition, so if it helps him with it then he is treating himself. Smoking and quite a few other drugs are harmless to nonusers and are no different then drinking. You say drug addict as if it’s something to be ashamed of, you clearly have a very childish opinion and grasp on the subject. Some people get roped into it and then can’t get out, some people are able to control the addiction and still function properly. Live your own life and let others lead theirs.

  33. Agreed. Fully. It’s funny..I know this guy, he’s very successful, really clean-cut, healthy and fit..takes care of people, etc. But he smokes weed. So does that change him being a good person? No. He accomplishes more everyday than most people who’ve never smoked weed accomplish their whole lives. + I hate when people are all like „Ew Druggie!“ but then they turn around and get piss drunk every weekend..hmm just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean it magically stops being a drug also.

  34. Oh my god. you fucking sheep! He needs help 🙂 not PRISON. if he sells them to kids. he needs prison. but a user SHOULD NEVER go to jail for any drug related issues. So you mean people who smoke pot deserves to go to jail? even heavy heroin users deserves jail? go drink your fucking beer and munch on your pills. Retard.

  35. and how many times are criminals on drugs even if you consider coffee or tobacco a drug, when a gun is used… try to use half of your brain when commenting on a drug video if you are supporting legalization of chaos >.>

  36. If they legalized drugs do you honestly think the US would plunge into chaos? People who don’t do drugs don’t abstain from them because they are illegal, they don’t do them because they aren’t retards and have a will to live. It’s been proven over and over the getting rid of any kind of prohibition actually results in the decline of use. We need to give people back their right to NOT live if they so choose.

  37. Youre such a MORON man .. all youre life you heard at school drugs are bad! on tv, drugs are bad and gangsters use it to make money,bad,bad,bad! So you cant even see further then that its kinda sad…i mean how about John Lennon? the beattles they all did drugs and? is pink floyd the most violent thing you ever listened to?people that wanna do drugs are gonna do it even its illegal so wtf i mean..legalization of chaos? who are you to tell them whats good or bad? aren’t we a free country?

  38. you need to question whether the laws are functioning in the way that makes sense, and whether or not these laws create „victimless crimes.“ Don’t just assume that drugs are morally wrong.
    he’s right, anyone addicted and suffering needs treatment not incarceration

  39. Well rather pay him for treatment than jail. where he just will get more criminal…

    And your so selfish you dont want to help people who done a mistake?

    Nice society we are living in.

  40. Let others live there own life? You are the ones sending me messages you tool. Depression is a medical condition and People with it should seek help immediately, not just look for a solution through drug use. Weed will not cure depression, it only masks it. Any Doctor would agree that there are better solutions to your problems than just sitting on your couch and smoking weed all day. You are actually a bit silly to condone such actions.

  41. Thats why the government are warning about drugs such as this.

    They would like to leave you all to it, but it ends up costing the system. Would you feel ok to leave your daughter walking home from school or whatever in the knoledge that a guy like this is roaming the streets ?
    No, we have to pay to get him out of harms way for both himself and the public. Aka, wiping his arse.

  42. By commenting how in any way, shape, or form am I encroaching on your life? Not to mention that you also commented, stating your opinion; however I guess you are immune from being in the wrong.
    I did not say weed was an end all to depression. Some people think playing sports makes them happy but should that too be off limits as treatment simply because it wasn’t prescribed by a doctor? When it comes to it you simply are against using weed and want other people to live by your lifestyle. How cute

  43. Weed is a depressant, it doesn’t work for solving depression, it makes it worse in the long run. As opposed to playing sports, physical exercise release endorphins into your brain, and also empowers people because they have achieved something, most psychiatrists would recommend physical exercise over smoking weed. I am just stating a fact and I am not condemning your life choice, if you think it makes you happy, well more power to you 🙂

  44. I don’t smoke weed because I’m depressed that other guy who I was defending said he did. But I never said it worked the same way as a say an anti-depressant pill. It’s an activity, at least some people look at it that way, and my point was that if people like to smoke because they find it fun then, like sports, that can make them happy and something to look forward too. I’m well aware that weed can actually increase depression.

  45. Sorry my man, was just waking up when I read your comment so I didn’t read it right! My apologies! Personally on my behalf, I used to smoke it allot, then I found myself getting increasingly more and more depressed, then I stopped, and after awhile my moods cleared up. Anyway thanks for not dicking out man! Have a good day!

  46. This is not what you’re like on meth lol this guys just insane. C.meth doesn’t change your actions much, you just become a lot more confident and productive till the come down.

  47. I don’t understand why people get into that shit, I mean, is getting high for a while really worth killing your body and loosing all your money and getting involved with bad people?

  48. Does anybody know what he said when she asked him when is he going to freedom? Anyway this guy should be a Hollywood actor. His mannerisms are inimitable.

  49. I use vyvanse now. It’s like an extremely clean version of Adderall, it’s extended-release dexamphetamine with an N-lysinyl substutuent. Though I’d still like to try IR dexamphetamine, it’s apparently the best stim you can get short of frying your brain on meth.


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    Name any one prophecy in your bible which meets these criteria

  53. Yeah people use their pipes now to smoke it, no one snorts anymore, Smoking is better. But yeah man people over react what you’re like under the effects of meth like crazy lol you don’t even hallucinate unless you have a large dose, then it’s just stuff like smoke coming out of everything.

  54. i hope you die a very slow and painful death for that last sentence! And by the way youre welcome for your freedom to say shit like that and not get fucking slaughtered in the street for your opinions. you obviously have never seen the insides of war and im betting youre a little teenage virgin who thinks hes the shit… grow up douchebag. have some respect for people that are willing to die for this country (and unfortunately people like you)

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  59. because clearly you’re parents did the same thing to you that this guys parents did to him when he was a baby, DONT SHAKE BABIES, OR DROP THEM ON THEIR HEAD, THEY TURN OUT LIKE YOU AND THIS GUY.

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