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Rave Party 1997 – WTF Those Days


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  1. E onda je i roba valjala nesto,kad je žeton bio 100 kuna pa si molio boga nakon 6 sati pranja da te mola a ne ovo danas od 15 kuna sto gutaju!! bolje te pukne 505 sa crtom

  2. Compare 90’s dubstep whit 2012 dubstep and notice the quality change. also the few good electro guys were scooter basshunter and other well known people witch as progressed in the 2000’s now making higher quality music whit a higher variation of frequenzes.

  3. 10 BPM? Sorry mate, you must be very confused.

    Just remember you never know who you are talking to, you might be talking to a music producer and you embarrass yourself.

    Listen to this track: „Shadowlands Terrorists – More Bazz“
    this is gonna wake you up for sure 🙂

  4. anybody on this clip have something in their mouth, have anyone answer what they have in their mouth?
    i know my english is sux, but I hope you understand what i’m asking for

  5. Is not that… I dont care, because we are Balkan, not east Europe, different culture….
    I travel a lot in this countries, but today is not so poor than westernern people think…

  6. me miself has ben went to on of this with mi chew gum one man says chew tis gum and u will fun but i chew and police come and ask what chew i say chew chew gum but they say no and arresting my

  7. OHHHHH This music is terrible! You should at least be able to dance to EDM. I formally call this music SDM- Seizure Dance Music, because that’s what everyone looks like their having lol

  8. 0:08 is that drug that makes him to clench teeth ?
    0:50 A rave wizard casting spells with a pacifier as an amulet o_O
    01:41 this guy remind me of a fish opening his mouth to breathe

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