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Highway Scare Prank On Wife


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  1. 0:16 – Amor acorda que tem um caminhão na nossa freeennttteeeeeeeeee!!!
    0:24 – Foi mal, mas foi engraçado, tchau caminhão!!!
    0:28 – Isso foi demais!!!
    huauhauhahuahu ÉPICO TROLL MASTERRR

  2. dude you re not the boss of him plus if your here saying this is stupid then why the hell would you watch a video saying highway scare prank on wife RETARD!

  3. @piddleclodfelter Sorry I don’t feel the same as you, I wasn’t raped like you probably where when you where young. Maybe that’s why you feel the need to try to reach out to people like me on the internet who have a field day with idiots like you.

  4. Господа не стоит устраивать срач, лучше показать мерзким пиндосам лучшую сторону русского народа) 

  5. Wow are we ever nice. Scaring a person like that is nothing less than emotional abuse, the same level as bullying, hurling insults like you, and making fun of people, none of which is funny, but rather sad. I have nothing against playing practical jokes on people providing they deem it funny as well and can laugh at it. This clearly wasn’t the case. And emotional abuse is illegal, and charges can be laid.

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