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Three Point Landing – Compilation


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  1. needs to be longer. thusly, the song needs a longer remix. or something i can loop for hours.
    on a sidenote, i’ve recognised most of the scenes, woo or boo?

  2. Great video. The editing was flawless.

    The music was great also. I checked out Joel Robsons music. It wasn’t what I was expecting. X9 was somber but catchy.

  3. ebertchicago’s twit brought me here thusly „Why do superheroes always make three-point landings? A nifty video that took a lot of work.“

    roger’s blog at suntimes journal continues..

    /** There must be a reason why. Not a physical reason, but one involving style or artistry. It creates a more compact character shape, implying tension. … This nifty video was edited by Duncan Robson, with music by Joel Robson. It was first shown at ROFLCon III … **/

  4. This will be the new Wilhelm Scream. From now on whenever this happens in a movie I will yell „THREE POINT LANDING“ God help us all if this ever happens at the SAME TIME as a Wilhelm Scream…

  5. I thought they did this to help spread the force of landing more evenly through their bodies? Besides, every time I land on two feet I fall on my butt.

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