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Schticky Commercial – Lol


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  1. Ok so you see pennies on the floor, then you think gee what’s the best way to pick this up, I know let’s use a giant lint roller on a stick. So you collect your loot with your roller and now you’re feeling pretty damn good about yourself. But wait the job is not finished yet. You still have to pick the pennies out of the roller. No problem you turn on the TV, sit down and start picking off those pennies. In less than 4 minutes you’ll have all the pennies successfully removed from the roller!!!!!

  2. Within the next 20 minutes of what? Within the next 20 minutes of me watching this video? How do you know I watched it within the last 20 minutes? Are you watching me? Is Schticky staffed by psychics?

  3. SPECIAL REPORT: VINCE OFFER SHAMWOW GUY AT IT AGAIN. NEW COMMERCIAL OUT NOW! The Schticky Lint Roller, product created by Lindsey Brooks CEO Boardwalk Brand and Ingo Von Stein CEO of Euroshine INC. Lindsey and Ingo sought the hired gun, Vince “Shamwow” Offer to help promote their product. Lindsey and Ingo knew Vince would be a good fit for the item and upon a meeting at the Miami Homeshow in March 2011 the deal was made. Hiring, Vince to sell the Schticky, with all his “unforgettable moments” and his “interesting” reputation, was a strong marketing move the two say. Vince’ comedy coupled with his showmanship is what really makes this item fun.

    Schticky Facts:
    This is a cool new reusable lint roller set that is able to not only remove hair, dirt, dust and lint from clothing, but also from furniture, car interiors and your favorite black pants. Its secret is the silicone and rubber that it is made from; that causes the material to be sticky, so sticky that it will pick anything up that is loose and dry. When the roller gets full of lint and debris you just simply run it under the tap or dunk it into a bucket of warm soapy water and the roller is sticky again and again and again.
    If you take advantage of the internet offer you will receive a Schticky, a little Schticky and the Big Schticky all for just 19.95. Don’t get stuck without your Schticky!

    Log onto our website to purchase or follow us on Facebook Schticky Lint Roller and Twitter @Schticky1.

  4. „You’re gonna get the Big Schticky absolutely free.“

    Most honest summary of prison life I’ve ever heard.

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