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Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe’Out Track


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  1. Has anyone ever researched the connection between the pineal gland and quantum mechanics. Sound waves can heal and awaken the body check out my videos and you may try and see for yourself.

  2. I think it would cost too much to make this into a reality. We would have to tear up our old road systems and find enough superconductors as well as produce enough liquid nitrogen for everyone to use. It is possible, but expense would get in our way. We also need to consider how manipulating the earth’s magnetic field would affect our bodies and the natural balance of our ecosystem.

  3. You guys know this is a hoax created by some animator a in Montreal, right? They were also responsible for the eagle/toddler video

  4. Its „easy“ to do it with something like „feather“ weight but when it comes to real cars… its a progress but wont changes to much from we know now.

  5. I cannot understand why is there 1500 people disliking it?!? what’s wrong with this video? i is it harmful or bad quality or what??? or just they are in bad mood and come dislike a random video on youtube?

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