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Philosoraptor Song


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  1. @thenashus4
    GRAB these quick! new ceo of apple is crazy, shipping out ipads/iphones on Tuesday January 3

    Not a lie. It’s happening right now at   see for yourself

  2. 9gag. Also, I like how the author made the video start right on the song and put commentary before it that you only see if you go back. More people should do this, so we can see it after the song if we’re interested.

  3. @spaghettitoaster I’m not trying to advertise /b/, fuck no. I’m just saying 9gag owes it’s existence to /b/. Anyway, /b/ is the foster parents of anonymous, which I fully support as part of a political movement. 9gag is the foster parents of the typical facebook moron and turns shitty facebook groups into ‚9gag‘ comics, and turns unfunny youtube celebrities into memes, and draws pictures of derpina-the worst idea for a character ever, and…..Nevermind, though I could continue if I wished.

  4. @MrVillyOdin
    Even though you considder this to be lousy work, ask yourself if you would have the courage to make a song like this even though you are not the greatest singer! (as he says right in the beginning by the way)
    If you can do it better, well just do it and if you don’t like how he uses otherones memes, well just use your own ones…
    I really liked the song and clicked the thumbs up button! 😀

  5. I dont know what the big deal is with 4chan and 9gag. i browse both, and i love both, they are completely different pages, none of them will ever die if people still use it. 4chan is a monster and so is 9gag, that „fight“ its just dumb.

  6. Actually, if my english was better, I would give you quite satisfactory* answers for more of these questions. By now i can only try, and can’t assure you that you will understand me 😀

    *I don’t even know if it is the right word -.- I ment an answer which will make you think „ah, yes, that is quite right“.

  7. If when you have a disease they say you’re suffering from it,
    does that mean if you learn to enjoy it, you are cured?

  8. @FightingFoodinsFan occurs that’s why laughter is the best cure but does that mean not even the best cure could get rid of aids

  9. It’s called Final Fantasy because the main devolper(whos name I’m sure you know and I won’t write because it will be over 9000 levels of wrong) last chance to make a rpg he was in the crapper if Final Fantasy didn’t do well he would of had to leave the game idustry and lose all the friends he made working there so for him it was his Final Fantasy. And I think I speak for us all when I say thank Raptor Jesus it was good, but that grateness ran out near VIII.

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