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Time Twister – Awesome LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock Is Slooooow


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  1. Rofl that sucks, why did you make it turn all the squares repetitively all you had to have done is get the rotation of each peice and set it to an array for each number, when that number is called just use that array to rotate the blocks just once or each row

  2. -„What time is it?“
    -„hold on, let me check“
    -„quarter past nine“

    Anyway, awesome work, it must have been pretty annoying trying to figurr out how to display 0-9 on those cubes

  3. its like your waiting for 10:00 to go and thats the time you go to work then by the time it does go 10:00 you just see it carry on moving then its 10:01

  4. quite a cool idea and looks great but it takes like 40 seconds to update, only 20 seconds of rest time, though saying that, it might lose some of it’s charm if it was quicker.

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