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The Atomic Cannon Devastation!


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  1. @quangluu96 2 ways it can be detonated. gun triggered or implosion triggered.
    Gun Triggered. A sphere of U-235 is made around the neutron generator and a small bullet of U-235 is removed. The bullet is placed at the one end of a long tube with explosives behind it, while the sphere is placed at the other end. A barometric-pressure sensor determines the appropriate altitude for detonation and triggers. GUN TRIGGERED

  2. @quangluu96 IMPLOSION TRIGGERED (Fat MAN, nagasaki)
    The explosives fired, creating a shock wave.The shock wave compressed the core.The fission reaction began. The bomb explodes.

  3. @sammytav built/designed by german, american and british scientists, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi and many others. mostly german scientists who defected to the allies after the germans were defeated.

  4. Good luck stuffing yourself into a box, besides, it probably would be swept away, and your insides would be giggled to death by the G forces of tumbling…

  5. I make no suggestion about a box for a shelter. I’m simply explaining that it is much easier in engineering terms to build a tough small box than an equally tough large box. Practically speaking, its easy to build a box to protect a camera, much harder to build one to protect people. In engineering terms, it called the square-cubed law.

    Jones wasn’t an engineer. Fortunately, he had Hollywood on his side. That makes all the difference.

  6. What are those streaks next to the nuke’s mushroom???? I have seen them dozens of times and have no clue what they are!

  7. Thanks for telling me that. I was really freaked out at first, because my mind just couldn’t comprehend it at all.

  8. Lots of concrete, lots of high-temperature glass. You might notice a lot of the cameras are facing backwards from the blast – they’re embedded in bunkers. Some of the cameras facing the blast are knocked out of action when the shockwave reaches them, but the film itself is well protected and can be recovered.

  9. By shielding them. Nukes kill you with heat, radiation and/or blast wave. It’s reasonably easy to protect something like camera from all three and bolt it in place where human would die or get hurt really bad.

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