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Trippy 16bit – Dinosaurs (Official Video)


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  1. Hello, I am a 13 year old dubstep producer, and I started just this September. I released my first album today and am working on my second now. If you would please visit the first song of my old album it would be much appreciated. The link is: /watch?v=x5Av8Fg8gYU
    Long live dubstep!

  2. What kind of drug was UKF on? Seems pretty deadly.
    And i see it makes you high and makes you think about dinosaurs steping on other creatures.
    Meth? Weed? Pills? Coke? WHAT!

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  4. If you new the complexity & difficulty it would take to make something like this, in time with the music, you would more likely think he wasn’t on any drug of the sort whilst actually making this video. Drugs are good to get the ideas, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of actually putting this together, it was probably nothing more than a few energy drinks

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  6. i dont get it! it dosent have a story like ‚hold me‘ which is a story about a girl who flips out and digs up her beloved red cat that she lost when it got hit i said its an it cause u cant really tell if its a male or female

  7. This is terrifying whilst on any psychedelic.Believe me. Just watch the music scene. Its honestly amazing. You will understand the story more if you watch while on doses of pure happiness. Mushrooms turned my life around

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