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Barack Obama 1991 TBS Black History Minute


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  1. TBS Tax and Business Service American Express fraud is the inside story dissolving US. I am lamenting about the crooked attorney in the WH. Hired actor too.

  2. Obama is an actor!!! TBS Tax and Business Service fraud of the main man controlling the global debt.

  3. The automobile is not an American invention. The first working automobile was invented by the Chinese and ran on steam. The French and British also started working on and successfully making automobiles before Americans did so.

  4. Oh, really? Is that why the day after the democratic convention 366,000 people in one month stopped looking for work? Why would they stop looking for work IF THERE ARE JOBS? Why are companies saying they ARENT expanding and ARENT hiring? Do you know what the CPI is? The PMI is? Both are DOWN, you idiot. How can the economy recover if we spend 40% more than we take in EVERY DAY? Im not even including the stimulus!

  5. This video is in my it’s personal playlist. 3 comments posted on this today. Freedom of speech please YT. Day 820 Thursday September 27th/2012 in We The People Against Corruption Campaign to Remove and Indict Obama, DHS Janet, Cook crook et al. They are engaged in Federal Reserve Bank FRAUD against me. My marriage to the main man in 1980 with Hollywood SPG Funds and attempted murder against me with my knowledge of 911 will save the USA and certainly the world. I am not DEAD. Honey Siegal/Stober

  6. @Serpo71 Woah, you don’t even know my political affiliations. I agree, that I’m not a huge fan of Obama, but I’m not ready to rule him out as horrible. It’s too quick of an assumption.

    Besides, I’m a proud socialist ;). If you ask me, President Obama isn’t left enough. We need another Jimmy Carter.

  7. @GarciaCornbread But you liberals werent willing to give President Bush the same benefit of the doubt. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Oh, and Obamacare will be killed before it is fully implemented. Obama is a horrible President, its like we dont even really have a President right now.

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