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Hip Hop Dressage


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  1. Ich bin kein großer Fan von Dressur. Aber das ist schon bewunderswert. Echt toll… Stehe trotzdem eher auf GangreitenxD

  2. comedy gold. both the video and also the comments from those viewers who believe that this was the song used in the original routine.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this purely because of the way this horse’s moves are in sync with this song. Not a dressage fan but I fucking love it!

  4. well ears forward, intersted horse.. when their ears are forward that mean they are interested…

    But you are right

  5. -light our species‘ selfish attitude towards other species on this planet. We do not value the life of anything to the life of a human, even though humans are technically just another species of animal.

  6. Looking up Horse Mating Dance Ritual turns up no evidence to support your claim. But you did trick me into looking up pictures of horses mating. For that, I curse you Nancy Liedel. And you misconstrue my comment on enslaving animals, and instead bring up abused animals. Which is teeechnically relevant, as humans are undoubtedly responsible for any animal unhappiness through our upsetting of their natural way due to our advancements and growth as a species, but I meant my question to bring to-

  7. These days anything is abuse. You might even be petting your horse the wrong way.
    *sigh* the world has changed. And youtube even more. Everyone is and expert all of the sudden and knows what the horses history is. And know how it is treated… yeah sure. If you don’t know how and what, don’t bother judging ‚cause you don’t know.

  8. Natural movements, actually. Seriously, there are whales that need saving, NOW, before they are extinct. It’s where I put my money and time. This is not cruel to death. Only older horses have this finesse and are capable of the work as a team. They tend to live longer. What are you doing to stop real cruelty, rather than posting on YT?

  9. You’re talking to walls with no ears. Honestly, people that think this is cruelty, have never witnessed real cruelty towards an animal. People who have their minds made up and are against everything, instead of what is truly hateful and harmful don’t care what thinking people know. We are not part of their agenda. Which can lead to horrible mistakes and real animal cruelty. You’re right and it’s not black and white.

  10. Actually, all movements are based on what horses in the wild do. The Passage is part of the mating ritual. It’s fine to care for animals, but the really abused ones, the ones who are desperate for warmth and shelter…What have you done to reduce the instances of unwanted cats and dogs? To free pigs in horrible environments? There are so many places that need first responders. People willing to help desperate animals.This is not one of them. Ears forward, happy horse.

  11. It’s not cruel based on how the horse feels, it’s technically cruel in that this horse knows nothing else. If it were a free horse, it would never prance or dressage or whatever the fuck it’s doing in the wild. Who are we we to control and basically enslave another species of animal when that’s all we are as well?

  12. Guys , stop arguing , u can clearly see its ears are forward so it’s paying attention and its alert so middle finger to u

  13. I never said that it meant she was happy, just that she wasn’t unhappy.

    Ears forward: Alert/paying attention to something
    Ears back: Angry/annoyed, focused on its rider, or concentrating on a difficult move.Depends on how far back its ears are.
    Ears flopped sideways: Relaxed/content or not feeling well.

  14. I have been riding for 11 years and yes it doesnt mean it is happy, It means it is interested in what ever it is doing. It is not angry or unhappy, it is just interested..

  15. People this is not animal cruelty. I have been riding for 11 years and i can tell you, it ain’t cruelty! They both love doing it. The horse’s ears are never pinned down and always straight which means he is not sad/angry/unhappy etc. what part is cruelty?

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