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Samuel L Jackson – Wants You To Put Down The Gun!


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  1. People will only put down their guns when the menaces to society put down their guns… And that will never happen. Why? Because people are either too prideful, cowardly or angry to settle for getting their ass whupped. You can die in a fight, but I’m sure it’s less likely compared to getting shot a gun.

  2. @proffezur No.. The difference.. I live in a town where I can go outside my school right now and point out 15 cars that will have a rifle or a pistol. I know for a fact even though I’ve only lived here 6 months. That not a single person who owns that gun will kill someone else, or even aim it at someone else threateningly.

    Look at what he’s saying “blame yourself”. Not “oh because you have that gun you create violence.”
    Yes Guns create “Gun Violence” But getting rid of guns still leave violence

  3. @BroskeGames The only reason those 15 cars will have a gun in them is for the intention to kill or seriously wound a man. Are they just pieces of furniture sitting in the car? Violence.

  4. @Pingvinmus People own guns for different reasons. If you HAVE to own a gun for protection you need to move. I’ve grown up around guns and several communities that are very fire-arm friendly. It just depends on the outlook. The only course to stop gun violence is stopping violence all together. You can live in a violence-free world and still have fire-arms.

    Someone mentioned earlier hunting is violent.. You must not be aware how awful they treat animals in slaughterhouses across the country.

  5. @Caminacels There are aprox. 20,000 gun laws already in effect, they have not stemmed, or stopped the illegal possession of guns by criminals. Criminals get them by theft, or via already illegal straw purchases. Control of the legal manufacture and sale of guns will NOT stop the illegal trade in guns. By the same logic we would need to severely restrict the sale of alcohol so minors wouldn’t drink anymore. Controlling what is legal doesn not translate to controlling what is ILLEGAL.

  6. @BrainChild1984
    Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m tired of people always wanting other people to either solve all their problems, or blaming other people for their own decisions. It’s weak and pathetic. You do wrong, own up to it.

  7. @Caminacels Actually, the crime rate in the US is at an all time low. It’s been dropping for over 15 years, and shows no sign of leveling off any time soon. And this in spite of the fact that more Americans own firearms than ever before. 38 states have “shall issue” right-to-carry, and in those states the crime rates have either declined or shown no significant change. So, yes, we can’t use correlation as causation. What we CAN do, however, is see that any fears expressed about how dangerous

  8. @Caminacels We can safely say that any fear that guns automatically lead to higher crime rates is not true either. When Florida became the first state to start “shall issue” in 1988, there were pundits and “experts” who said there would be “blood running in the streets”, and “gun fights over parking spots”. Here we are 23 years later, and NONE of that happened. In fact, those of us who carry are far more likely to obey the law, and stay out of trouble than the rest of the general population.

  9. @LetsSeeHowStupidUR If you think that’s logic, I think you should stay away from debates. If your stats are true, that means there’s about 200 million non-gun owners that are also not in jail for committing a crime. To prove the claim, you need evidence that directly shows that gun owners are less likely than non-owners to commit a crime, not “Oh well there’s a lot of gun owners not in jail”. Let @SkivMarine do the debating, as he’s clearly more intelligent than you and trying to deal in facts.

  10. @smoky281 Lmao! Texan? that explains a lot why you like guns. Hey hillbilly, my address is 16 Hamptons Drive, North Vancouver L4S 6Y3, Canada. I dare you to show up and point your shit at me, redneck.

  11. @AeonXero im Hispanic dumbass and why would i want to kill you? i mean i would love to go to vancouver and bs for yall bud lol but other than that i have no reason to come i have guns to protect myself and my family

    why is it so bad to have a gun i dont understand that, why do u want to infringe my rights

  12. If S.L.J. appears on PhilyD’s (sxephil) video, i might not dare to watch it till the end D: (till the end here having the meaning of after 1st second of the vid).

    And please people, put down your guns, I feel guilty when I never even owned a weapon or assaulted anyone physically after watching Samuel yell at me D:

  13. Herp derp moron you totally missed derp target audience i am derp derp derp. Whats stupid is believing that this isn’t a propaganda piece. The writing is really vauge and open for people to say what they want about it. The fact is that it isn’t specific enough to really go into stopping mass murderers. Bedsides do you really think that the columbine shooters would have listened to this? fuck no. The only thing this video does is support anti gun bullshit just like jackson has been known for

  14. Never said that i wanted to make everything in this country about guns. All i said is that they are very important and that this ad is fucking bullshit because it would not stop violence in any way. why don’t you put more words into my mouth like every other anti-gun fuck face on earth.

  15. We blame you Samuel for the violent movies you make Pulp fiction for one BLAME yourself uncle tom Blame the violent movie formula 51 oooohhhhhh.You see people like you want to blame a gun an object that it needs a human hand to pick it up it needs a human hand to load it and then a hand to fire it.But we know where you are coming from you are SCUMBAMA boy and would love nothing more then black man to be a dictator in this country and only way that can happen is if all people give up their guns

  16. wow, i always come back here to read some redneck idiocy.
    Yeah, cuz having a gun will make you able to stop him from becoming a dictator.

  17. Just what we need another rich hollywood celebrity who lives in secluded wealthy neighborhoods and have 24 hour body guards. Telling us normal folk not to protect our selves from attackers.

  18. I prefer the over-emotional children in that new black & white advert who tell me to blame an inanimate object rather than the perpetrator.

  19. Wow this should hit people hard now after the murders of the 27 people in the school R.I.P the children and teachers in that school

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