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Flyin With An Eagle


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  1. That is absolutely incredible. You can’t get much closer to nature then that, you and your friend, including the birds are beautiful. I love nature, as you can see on
    some of my videos on YouTube under sonomaphotos. Thanks so much for this
    amazing piece of video. Larry Flagg

  2. @erinlassley ….I tried to use Shazaam to identify the song, but it doesn’t recognize it. It must be a stock song that comes with video editing software.

  3. About the music. Everyone has been asking about it. So we’re going to make it available. It’s going to take some time to set up. Give us a week and check back. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Great video! I really want to do falconry but is is illegal in Australia 🙁 but I understand why. I am making a video right now to show people that birds are a magnificent animals and try show people that they shouldn’t be breeding over 5000 pheasants each year for the sole reason of game shooting them!

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  6. How could anyone not like this video?? It’s fantastic! Those of us sitting at our computers watching it are jealous. Don’t get why 35 people disliked it – they must just look for something to put down, but this is a great video and no way, no how can they put it down. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Animal lovers should like the peaceful interaction and requisite love between the bird and his handler….there’s no figuring out anyone who would dislike this inspiring video.

  8. Those that disliked this video are of the same mentality as the idiots that shoot up schools and theaters. They hate life, beauty and innocence

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