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3000 Soins Stacked Upon A Single Dime


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  1. you are telling me that 600 quarters equals $15,000?

    A quarter, that is worth .25 of a dollar, somehow you have 600 of them and have $15,000?

    What you have if you have 600 quarters is $150.
    Add in 501 dimes ($50.10)
    313 nickles ($15.65)
    1699 Pennies ($16.99)
    Therefore he would have $232.74

  2. lol, no he has 600 quarters=15,000…501 dimes=5,010…313 nickels=1,565….1699 pennies, and 5 other coins…so he has over 23,274 by my calculations

  3. ::Walks up. Looks at the coins, looks at you, looks at the coins for 30 seconds. SLAPS THE COINS OFF THE TABLE!!!. looks at you. Walks away::

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