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The Worst Stripper You Will Ever See


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  1. They are not strippers.
    They are „dancers“, bitchs, but dancers.
    The name of this is „whipping by ass“
    They are named „Tequileiras“, same as „Tequilers“ in english.

  2. music name is SURRA DE BUNDA….wich means beating with the butt, something like a brazilian FUNK most popular in RIO DE JANEIRO…
    some people in Brazil hate because the music doesnt have lyrics at all , only bad words…talking about sex, pussy, dick drugs, ass… but some ppl love because of the dancers and the way they dance….

  3. Working in the stripn buissness, now that is some creative shit n I know men woulda paid god money to have that done to them during the shower show…

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