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Judge William Adams Beats Daughter For Using The Internet


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  1. Nope. You probably drive a hummer with ball bearings that look like someone’s balls, you know, to make up for your own.

  2. Yep, repeatedly cursing at your daughter including „I’m going to beat your fucking face,“ „I’m going to fucking beat you into submission,“ and „bend over the fucking bed“ and striking your daughter with all your might nearly 20 times is completely normal (sarcasm). You are sick fuck and like Adams.

  3. Corporal punishment in the home is already forbidden in 24 countries, mostly forward orientated first world countries. In other countries like Canada it is heavily regulated as of age (2-12yo) and administration (only with the open palm). Sweden was the first country who completly abolished coproral punishment in 1979! (and their society is not falling apart, in contrary *eg*)
    Nobody wants to receive surgery as done 2000 years ago but some people claim whe should raise our children as back then?

  4. you’re a little bitch who probably got raped by your own daddy that’s why you’re getting all worked up over a little spanking.

  5. No, he had no reason to do it. And he was using her as a punching bag, that much is obvious. We can determine that he was trying to relieve his own frustration. If you can’t see that, there’s something wrong with you.

    And here’s all about my personality that you need to know: Child abusers deserve violence. People who verbally support child abuse (like you) deserve verbal abuse. That is why I have called you a cretin and a connard, because those terms apply to you.

  6. There is always rules even for the punitions : For the Law there is the Penal Code.
    For beating his childrens this is common sense: like not hitting in the face, not using sharp instruments and such.
    We don’t know anything about their lives but this video, so we don’t know if he is „breaking rules every day“.

    In both Law and most people minds, beating their children following common sense is acceptable,and so he is not breaking any rules in this video.
    And she was stealing on his own PC=justif

  7. Sigh, the more this conversation goes on the more we see your true personality…

    Anyway, he had a reason to do it, so it’s considered as a punition. But to know if he was consciously using her as a „punching bag“, we would have to be in his mind. Things that I can’t do at the moment.

  8. both parents are evil. There’s no need to beat her so much. Thank God she had a camera in the room. He thinks he big and tough hitting his daughter. Believe, if i was his daughter i would walk don’t to the police station with the tape in my hand pressing charges on the ‚man‘. (he aint no man)

  9. I am unsure as to what he should be referred to , as he in no way is entitled to be called a man. The word „Judge“ should never…ever…ever precede his name. He is less than an animal. It was clear he couldn’t get enough of what he was doing to his daughter. Look at how many opportunities he had to come to what should have been, his senses, and walk away. It was as though he was looking for just one more justification in his sick mind to approach his daughter yet again and continue inflicting

  10. So, the child needs rules, but the Judge Adams doesn’t need rules?

    The notion that he is some kind of positive enforcer of rules (by beating and hateful cursing) is just nonsense.

    He breaks rules every day and he doesn’t get beat. He broke a rule by beating his daughter both the law and the most basic rules of decency.

    This „child“ for one thing was not really a child but a young adult. She did nothing even remotely justifying what the judge did.

  11. I’m just saying that childs need to have rules before living by their own in society.
    Rules mean that when you don’t respect them, you got punish in order to make child understand that they can’t do that.
    There is a lot of punishement methods, I’m just saying that a old ass whoopin‘ is one of them.
    I understand those who wants to raise their childs in other ways, but I’m against those who think beating their child should be forbidden.

  12. I will get the amended copy from the sheriff’s office and post the link to the petition. Ohh, the sheriff is up for re-election so he has to make right in the public’s eye! „loonboy28“ the offer still stands for me to pay for you to get mental help, I’m not joking, I really will pay the for rhw whole thing. So we all know if you don’t then you openly admit your wrong. If you turn down my offer then don’t bother posting because we will all know that your fucked up in the head and are a lier.

  13. @igotaidsinnarnia Rage? Is that what it was? He looks completely in control to me. He is not raging. He is an asshole. He is getting off exacting control over somebody smaller than him. He is getting his little rocks off dominating a little girl. A pitiful excuse for a man. Don’t try to make the victim to blame here. Of course she wants vengeance. Who knows how long this went on. He likely abused her for years. I say, let everybody see him for what he is, maybe she will be able to heal.

  14. Shame on you both,you bad bad fuking mental people,not fucking fit to be parents,haveing 3 beautiful children of my own,i look on you now and want to fucking kill you stone dead…read this and fucking weep,,burn in hell cunts

  15. @starglare59801 I have too. It’s a good thing we learned the exact wrong way to parent so we don’t follow suit. Isn’t it liberating to see this video and know that she exposed him for what he is?

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