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iPad2 Halloween Costume – Hole In Torso


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  1. @Ljungman42 your an idiot hes on face time so its not a reflection on the front ipad he sees what the back ipad is filming and on the back ipad you see what the front ipad is filming creating the illusion of a hole moron

  2. People saying to use a mirror intead jajajajajaja please use ur brains everyone knows that wouldn’t work…..upsss im afraid not everyone…..stupid people this days…

  3. This sounds cool in theory, but it doesn’t work. Like others in the comments have daid, that’s just like using mirrors, except they are extremely expensive mirrors and the effect comes slower… Better luck next time…

  4. @KarmacomaPolice..
    Um the definition of ignorant is- lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular. Do your research before u open ur ignorant mouth!!!

  5. OMG, people….yeah, a mirror would work if you want your costume to be a “big gaping mirrorin your body” if he used mirrors, you’d see yourself when you stand in front of him…not what’s behind him, like if it were a hole. This is brilliant…But yeah, you must achieve baller status to swing this. Personally, I’d probably never get red paint near my iPad, or duct tape for that matter…but if you got it like that, more power to ya.

  6. When a drunk dude tries punching you through your hole and breaks the ipad in the front, at least you’ll still have the spare ipad on your back.

  7. The point is to “see through” not to see a reflection. Unless you think that you’ll see a reflection of yourself on a real hole of someone’s body.

  8. @dzxumci yes i mean it. this is really fantastic. Listen to this, i really ddnt expect that iphone4S and galaxy s3 would get this much cheap in this site. if you wanna try just try now :

  9. jojojo, y yo que tengo 2 ipad ๐Ÿ˜€ pero los tengo haya tirados sin usarlos….., nose que hacer con ellos D: , alguna idea? esque prefiero mi compu jojojo envidienme

  10. @umkuybk yeah thats what everyones been saying also! dude you would probably enjoy this online game =>

  11. I just don’t get it why go through all the trouble instead of opening a real hole!? we do it all the time here in Saudi Arabia. Of course we have to go mourn after the party but it’s worth it.

  12. At least I would put it at the same hight in the front and on the back and maybe turn down the screen light to the lowest, or isn’t this possible on your SO AMAZING iPad

  13. Well you could buy a small monitor and attach a monitor to the back, however that would only woe from one direction… If you have some old iPhone hanging around you might be able to connect them?

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