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Impossible Nail-Through-Wood Trick


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  1. My dad showed me this in the 1960’s, something that is well known for hundreds of years with bentwood woodworkers and has been carried along for a long time yet not too many people realize you can soak wood and squash it then bring it back to normal resoaking it again. I saw it again on Roy Underhill’s program and it brought back being a kid sitting in my dad’s shop.

  2. It’s funny because Pine bends and warps incredibly easy, I’m not surprised that it compacts like this. I once made the mistake of trying to build a small-scale wall frame out of Pine I had cut into wall studs. Moisture + Nail Gun + Pine Wood does not make anything pretty.

  3. Hey read don’t laugh at this!just do it. Start thinking of something you really really want because this is astounding. The person who sent this said their wish came true 10 minutes after they read the mail so I thought what the heck! You have just been visited by Dr. Suess’s cat in the hat, he will grant you one wish make your wish when the countdown is over 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 MAKE A WISH! send this to 10 videos within the hour you read this. If you do your wish will come true

  4. Thanks. Had no idea who wrote the song. But yeah, if they knew Seeger, then they would know that the lyrics of the song were’nt meant to be serious and were parody/satire.

  5. how long was the piece that you used? i have a 6 inch piece that i am trying to make for my dad but can’t get the dimensions right.

  6. I have done two of these one with a masonry nail,(to dispel the bent nail theorists) and one with a pencil,they both baffle and bemuse all who see them!

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