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Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense


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  1. @maikoo25

    „but because it works like a propeller plane standing vertically, it can fly forward using wings, which a helicopter can’t do“

    and the ground rolling part is a bonus.

  2. @ThexHauntedx

    But can an air hog pop the cover off like that? 😛

    BTW, you and everyone else thinking it’s just a heli in a ball is missing some seriously cool tech. See flynnt77’s post a further down.

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  4. bah CIA already has got flying drones lol…. and this wont blent at all like the other robojapanese crap inventions… i dont get why they spent theyre time makin this things instead of creating something usefull for our lives

  5. @tinhoyhu well AR drone got released in September 2010. This came out after an year, of course they will have better features but the concept is the same as AR Parrot drone, they just chose a different design for it. They copied the concept, chose a different design, made it lighter and added more speed to it.

  6. first this will be used by the military, then they will be made into expensive next gen toys for kids, and before you know it they will become „last years thing“ and something more amazing will come along, all in like 4 years lol the 21st century has seen the fastest tech advancements,, and all of then are in the entertainment field tv’s, smartphones, cameras, when the electricity runs out were all fucked lol

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  9. the takeover of this country will affect law enforcement also.they think they are not under attack from the powers that be,they are.everything that they do to the american people can happen to their families to.they need to stand up for freedom.for the love of this country.when they take away from the us,its all over.for everyone

  10. Jesus h. christ, the majority of youtube viewers is a fucking naive gullible bunch. Then again, majority of the world believes in a some sort of make believe god………..

  11. nobody pay attention to the part : „R&D of japonese ministry of defence“ ??
    this is developed to be a weapon… just wait some years, and u will se it with a gun and fully IA automated.

  12. What about the DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droid of Star Wars?? (look at starwars.wikia) The one that was always flying around spying on distant lands and people! Again Life imitates Art!

  13. 1400 dollars wtf. maybe the frame is made from carbon nanotubes or something but theres no way it cost that much. you could make this at home

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