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Multi Focus Camera – The Lytro


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  1. Why aren’t most people freaking out about this? If you are shooting at f/1.8 and you later find out that a few pictures are out of focus on the focus point you intended, it’s like that forever. I’ve had plenty of shots that I thought were in focus because of the small screen on my Canon 30D, but after seeing them on my iMac, they weren’t very sharp. If this technology was put into DSLR’s, anyone could take perfect pictures every time… and that’s scary to me.

  2. Based on this demonstration I guess the mechanism of this camera is just shooting a normal picture, which has a long depth of field(so every object in your picture actually is clear), then the software do the rest of the job. So called „focus an object later on your computer“ is just blurring background of the object you selected, the software works like a Photoshop.

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