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Dirt Bike Driver Lands on Girl


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  1. The dog walking outside of the dirtbike trail seems to have a hole lot more sence and brains than the average woman! And to think that there was 2 of them, that only gives the one dog’s brain a better IQ average over the combined brains of 2 women!

  2. what the fuck was she thinking „i hear a dirt bike getting louder.. i must be safe on the clearly drawn on track hidden behind a jump.“

    what a fucking retard.

  3. Dear stupid girls,
    The sound of an approaching motor is generally a good sign that you should get off the trail or out of the street (and back into the kitchen.)
    ~female trail rider

  4. Well dont really feel sorry for her for two reasons. One why the fuck were you standing in the middle of the dirt bike track in the first place!? Second when you heard the bike coming why the fuck did you stay in the track!?

  5. Like,we had to, like, stand there,
    for it was ,like our job to be, like pretty and to, like stand around and like.
    Oh, you meant Bike!

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