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A Tour of Animoog For IPad


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  1. Totally bro, they should take it one step further and make it so that all you have to do is press one button and BLAM WOBBLE WOBBLE! You’ve made a dubstep song. The buttons should be styled so they look like Skrillex’s glasses and shit. And they should add a knob and called it The Wobbler, where you can adjust Wobble Level, bro.

    And then a big fucking red button in the middle, „OPTIMUS PRIME TAKING A SHIT,“ for that ULTIMATE DUBSTEP SOUND!!! Bro.

  2. Just got it and love it allready!
    I own reason as well, how about making a moog rack extension? New in reason 6.5! Wow!!!!!!!

  3. hey can you guys make a complete dubstep maker. without changing a thing, i mean keep the table as is but make it more yu know… for dubstep. like add more of those preset thingies and shit. call it… animoogstep. dunno… just an idea, but i think you should seriously consider it.

  4. greatest app on my ipad2. I am so thankful to you guys for this. I got it when it was a dollar or two @ release. The Return on Investment is off the charts. I think I’ll go play it via the irig right now!

  5. It’s sounding absolutely great, a true masterpiece! Unfortunately limited by the iPad’s DA output… You can easily hear that when you switch to the HP filter, the iPad does not reproduce very high frequencies. It’s still perfectly usable but it screams for an external souncard, or maybe the iPad 3 with pro quality converters?

  6. Responds to velocity and aftertouch very nicely if you have a iPad midi interface or camera connection kit but no MidiCC mapping or other fancy stuff. 😉

  7. I want this, but I’m not getting an iPad when I have 2 computers. Maybe if it were an AU/VST, or usable on other iOS devices.

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